A Deleted Shazam Scene Could Be Teasing The Arrival Of Black Adam

A Deleted Shazam Scene Could Be Teasing The Arrival Of Black Adam
The <em>Shazam</em> family. (Image: Warner Bros.)

Shazam, a surprisingly delightful movie that has no business being as good as it is, also has a charming mid-credits stinger that introduces a character with the potential to alter the larger landscape of DC’s cinematic universe. But a deleted scene that’s being included with the film’s digital release teases yet another part of Shazam’s mythos that fans have been clamoring to see.


While Shazam is primarily a story about Billy Batson learning to love his new family and becoming a superhero, the film’s third act surprisingly brings Billy’s adoptive siblings into the fold by turning them into magical heroes as well.

By transferring a portion of his energies into his siblings using the wizard Shazam’s staff, Billy’s able to empower them all, and together they’re able to defeat Thaddeus Sivana and his cadre of demons. As the film closes out, the family retires to the Rock of Eternity, which becomes their new base of operations, and Shazam implies that, going forward this is going to be a major part of their lives.

But in the deleted scene (it surfaced earlier today, but has since been deleted from YouTube), Mary (Michelle Borth) points out that while there are six heroes, the Rock has thrones for seven people to sit on, suggesting that their team’s not yet complete.

Darla (Meagan Good) confidently insists that whoever the seventh person is, she’s going to love them.

Black Adam’s name is never spoken during Shazam, but the character’s impending arrival to the big screen and his canonical connection to Shazam suggest that he’s the character the movie’s pointing to, which gives Darla’s statement a bit of a spin.

Sure, she’ll probably try to make friends with Black Adam when she, her sister, and her brothers meet him in the future – but chances are more than likely that their meeting won’t end well.

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