Batman’s Bat-Themed Equipment Fetish Has Finally Gone Too Far

Batman’s Bat-Themed Equipment Fetish Has Finally Gone Too Far

We all know Batman loves Bat-things. But his latest Bat-thing is just so absurd, even in comparison to Batarangs, the Batmobile and arguably even Shark Repellant Bat-Spray.

DC has released a new preview for tomorrow’s issue of All-Star Batman #3 — by Scott Snyder, John Romita Jr., Declan Shalvey, Danny Miki, Dean White, Jordie Bellaire and Steve Wands — which sees the Dark Knight take on a bloodthirsty KGBeast attempting to hunt down Two-Face. As KGBeast slaughters some police officers with some savage weaponry, Batman deploys a savage weapon of his own.

Bat knuckles. They’re absurdly hilarious — a weapon of such lunacy befitting a series with the name “All-Star Batman” in the title.

It’s like the sort of thing you’d make up as a kid, doodling in the margin of your schoolbooks instead of paying attention in class. “Batman’s got Bat-Knuckle dusters! With spikes! And the spikes have more spikes attached, shaped like bat wings!!

But that’s what makes it so great, too. It’s such a dumb idea, but you can tell Snyder and his team are committed to this sort of OTT-silliness in the best way. They look like they really hurt, too:

Bat-ouch. All-Star Batman #3 is out tomorrow.



  • Why is that a silly idea? The bat sign is a perfect design for blades. The blades are there, you can see them in the art on the ‘wings’ of the bat sign. You’re just being pedantic.

    • Maybe he’s just thinking of poor Alfred. They’d be a pain to get all the blood and skin out.

    • It does seem to contravene his ‘no-kill’ rule, or at least risk breaking it big-time. And it does look stupid. Blades would look cool, but some would say the batarang already fills that role. For my part, I think the bat symbol reached its peak with the Bat Wing.

      • Not really, he uses a lot more lethal weaponry than that, that’s for sure. Any weapon is potentially fatal, right down to his armoured gloves which can crush skulls and cause haemorrhages (1 punch kill anyone?). Something like that is used to drastically incapacitate, as seen in the pic up there where he rips the crap out of the guys arm. Careless, sure, but effective sure. He’s never, ever had a rule against no-maiming, just tends to not kill (he’s also broken it a number of times but that’s a different issue, and doesn’t include the whole 1930’s gun crap).

        Personally, I think the bat symbol reached its peak with his chestpiece and batarangs, at one point his batarangs were the limit of the symbol use and iconic, now they’re ‘just another thing’. The bat plane was cool and all but they’ve since relied on it endlessly. I’d prefer them to get away from it all again to some degree.

      • Probably, but it’s also a comic, which trumps all common logic because “shit looks cool” lol

    • I hope you’re kidding, it’s a really bad choice of shape for a weapon of that size, fine for thugs, but fighting opponents with anysort of armor wings of that size look fragile and could catch on things when retracting his punches

      I do enjoy seeing it in the comic though, it’s stupid great ^_^

  • Nothing, nothing ever can surpass the reality-bending wankery that was the Bat-Credit Card in Batman & Robin.

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