Battlefield 1 Players Are Trying To Solve A Mysterious Morse Code

Battlefield 1 Players Are Trying To Solve A Mysterious Morse Code

The search for answers is on as Battlefield 1 players have found strange headphones across various maps and odd Morse code messages relayed from special locations. Originally discovered by Reddit user RHabib, collectable headphones were located across many multiplayer maps. Only one player could collect them per match. Initially, no one was really clear on what purpose they had. The Battlefield series contains some impressive Easter eggs. An extremely complicated process could allow players to access a special developer camouflage in Battlefield 4.

Intrepid Easter egg hunters have started to organise their efforts and catalogue the headphone locations as well as Morse code that can be found at certain military communication stations located throughout the multiplayer. Players who have the headphones can hear the Morse code messages. jackfrags explains in a recent video:

At the moment, none of the messages see to offer anything coherent. For instance, Morse code found on the Fao Fortress map seemingly translates to the phrase: "PSVE KOU7BNI MAKAH ZHTI." The community is now trying to translate and decipher these messages.

One theory relates to an odd image found on a painting in the Ballroom Blitz map found by a player named Daskatus. The image might be a pigpen cipher. Pigpen ciphers are a substitution ciphers where letters are replaced with symbols or characters from a designated grid.

Battlefield 1 Players Are Trying To Solve A Mysterious Morse Code

The potential cipher found by Daskatus

The messages all seem to contain numbers as well. Some players are determining if they can form a message by taking the position of the numbers in each message and substituting them with their corresponding letters in the alphabet to see if they form a message. Battlefield 4's own Morse code puzzle translated into a sentence written in Belarusian which led to multiple more codes and riddles to solve. For those interested in all the codes, TheRadGamerDan™ has complied them into one video:

For now, the true meaning behind these messages is unknown but I'm sure the hard work of Battlefield's dedicated code breakers will yield some interesting results. I don't expect the reward to be much more than a gun skin or some other prestigious cosmetic item. I'd love for it to lead players to another mythical creature like the Megalodon.

One thing is for certain though: This is still better than Sombra.


    My money is on "BATTLEFIELD 1 ONESIE".

    Last edited 26/10/16 12:28 pm

    Hoping this is something akin to the Phantom program in BF4. That was an absolute blast to do, and the Phantom Bow ended up being probably my favorite weapon in the game.

      Personally. I hope it's not a weapon. Unique character model or skins or dogtags are fine. But locking a weapon behind a gate that, required coordination of 4 people just seemed silly.

        To be fair, it's not like the bow was a good weapon locked behind a challenge. More of just a cool novelty.

        I can see the argument from both sides. Destiny recently had a quest for a unique Exotic weapon locked behind some very specific requirements in terms of groups and the like. It annoyed me to no end, but I ended up finding some players who were also stuck on LFG. They ended up being super cool dudes. I got my weapon, and made a couple of new friends as well that I still game with.

          I dunno, man. It was a guaranteed one shot kill (on hardcore, at least), and once you got good with it you could do quite well. Against anything that takes more than one shot to kill you, as long as you hit the first arrow, they're dead. Required you to play a different way, but it ended up being one of my most used weapons by the end, and got quite a few kills with it.

          I didn't use the explosive heads or the lower damage/further travelling heads - the broadheads were more than sufficient.

          Also the fact that anyone you shot with it always made various squawking/screaming noises made it all the funnier.

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