Capcom Has Announced A New Monster Hunter Game

Capcom announced a new Monster Hunter game. It's called Monster Hunter XX (as in "double cross") and has one rather messy looking logo.

The game is for the 3DS and will be out March 18, 2017 in Japan. No word yet on an international release.


    Another one?!?!

    I haven't even finished MH4U

      Well this is technically an expansion of Generations (the newest one tht is out right now) Just like 4U tht u r playing is an expansion of the original.

        If that's the case, I should just wait to buy the expansion versions instead of the originals.

          From memory, generations is the first time in a long time, if ever that the original was released outside of Japan. Usually we get the version that's at the end of the life cycle with all the expansions and balances in play. Like 4U!

            Yeah, the only time it's happened in America like that that I know of was in the PSP days with Freedom 2/Unite.

    Would be really good to see the franchise get a proper polish.

    Come on Capcom

    I would like to play on a bigger screen.

    This, unfortunately, seems to lower the chances of seeing a Monster Hunter 5 on Nintendo Switch in 2017


    Quit saying the game needs this or that quit. Capcom hates wesetern community because of idiots like yall. live a perfect game as it is. Maybe theyll give us more if we shut up and appreciate the greatness

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