Lobo’s Getting His Original Look Back In DC’s New Justice League Of America Series

Lobo’s Getting His Original Look Back In DC’s New Justice League Of America Series

Forget that skinny, supermodel interpretation of the universe’s most ornery bounty hunter who debuted a while back. The beefier, original-recipe design of the Main Man will be back in the DC Universe as part of a new Justice League team early next year.

The full team roster for Justice League of America was announced today in an IGN post, with Batman, Black Canary and Lobo rounding out the ranks.

Remarks from series writer Steve Orlando indicate that this is still the same character as the current supermodel Lobo, and that his change in appearance will be a story point. Orlando says that tensions between Lobo’s kill-happy modus operandi and non-lethal superhero-ing will be part of the team dynamic:

Not to soften him, but to give him more depth because he’s still the hard partying, bullshit calling, bullshit calling especially, it’s what I love about him, but if anyone is there to remind them that they’re taking themselves too seriously to remind people that they’re hypocrites, it’s him. I mean, he’s on a team with Batman, he’s not going to exploding people’s brains all over the place, but that’s not to say that that’s not going to cause conflict and he’s not going to want to.

Batman will be pulling double duty as a member, and this new JLA team is meant to reflect changes in what it means to be a hero:

The places the Justice League of America go will be different because they’re tuned in to the different communities. They’re tuned into people that have never thought that they would see a superhero before, that they never thought they’d be thought of or heard by them. And besides the fact that they have a different face and a different roster, there’s an emotional quality that I think is different. This is about reinvention. It’s about rebuilding and it’s about putting heroism out in this world that matches the needs of the world today. And we’re going to do that on every page as much as we possibly can.

The ongoing Justice League of America series will start in February 2017.


  • So if I understand correctly:
    First there was ripped-Lobo.
    Then thin-Lobo showed up and say “hey, I’m the real Lobo, this guy’s just a fake!”. Then ripped Lobo was killed? Or decapitated, at least. I’m not up to scratch on my Lobo-lore-bo.
    Now thin-Lobo is getting ripped, but still being thin-Lobo.

    but why

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