Mafia III Is Seriously Glitchy

Mafia III Is Seriously Glitchy

I'm still working my way through Mafia III for our review, but I can tell you this much: It's glitchy. Damn glitchy.

Certainly, there are things to like about Mafia III. New Bordeaux is a place I prefer to stroll through, just to take it all in. It's a shame, then, that inconsistent AI and instability that makes a car with hydraulic suspensions look like a damn baby cradle keep pulling me out of it. Let's take a look at just a few examples.

Ti Dunbar shared this clip of a glitch I also encountered. The mission started, but the car wouldn't:

As CreativeCannon demonstrates, guard AI can be comically incompetent. This kind of thing isn't even uncommon, is the worst part:

Beware, the runaway television, courtesy of atakawona:

OK, this one from SicK BuBBleGumZ is actually pretty cool:

Two-and-a-half Donovans? Sure, why not (via AngelLeliel):

Mafia III Is Seriously Glitchy

What janky open-world game would be complete without a random chance that faithful ol' terra firma will slide out from beneath your feet like a wet old rug (via KeyLAN)?

And finally, here's the mother of all Mafia III glitch videos from CrowbCat. It's got a bit of everything: boats wrestling, mirrors revealing twisted alternate dimensions, men getting stabbed through walls, throw animations triggering long after you've thrown people, etc:

Dare I ask what sorts of glitches you've encountered in Mafia III?


    Not really interested in this game, but this will surely become the norm ?

    Is he talking about the PC version? I haven't heard anything of the sort from the early impressions on console.

      I played a couple hours last night on PS4 and didn't find any glitches...maybe i'm just lucky...

    Playing on PS3. The First Time I entered my safehouse there was a possessed chair jumping around the room. I feared it would be a sign of things to come but thankfully haven't had any glitches since then.

    Had the car glitch for me as well - I'd just swapped the driving mode to "simulation", so I thought it might have just been stalling the car. Nope. No idea what "simulation" mode even does, now, but I like how the cars handle, so no real reason to change it back.

    Other than that, I'm nearly 12 hours in and I've seen no real glitches, and one crash to desktop.

    Last edited 11/10/16 10:06 am

      Patch 1.01 got released yesterday:

      You can now set it to 30, 60 or unlimited fps

        Yep, realised that after I posted the performance complaint, so I removed it. :)

    Playing on PS4.
    No serious issues. A few lighting glitches, driving through the bayou at night while it's raining and the trees look hilarious, but no game breaking stuff.
    And there's this one mirror, well, it might be all mirrors in the game, but that was funny. It takes pictures every second or so and that's what it reflects back at you.

    Playing on PS4 and I've yet to see any huge issues. The lighting is a bit odd at times as I believe the sky is a lightbox. As far as playing the game it seems fine. Enemy seems to react well, driving seems good, cars feel like they have weight to them.

    Very glad I stayed away from this one. The original Mafia on PC challenged the assumption that all open-world games involving vehicles could be nothing more than GTA clones. The engine pushed the limits of the genre by introducing better vehicle and pedestrian physics, larger environments, and small details like bullet holes in vehicles, flat tyres, smashed windshields. It wrapped these technological achievements in gripping cinematic story that captivated the player from start to finish. I still recommend it today.

    At RRP, Mafia III looks like a total scam, an uninventive half-baked open world experience that is big on glitches and small on substance. By any other name it would be found at the bottom of a pile of shitty GTA clones that all share one thing in common - profit over passion.

    After hearing bad things about the pc version I purchased on Xbox. Silly me as I had 3 crashes back to desktop on console, not to mention the game bugging out all over the place. Missions where the script would just stop causing me to reload an old save, falling through the map, cars behaving oddly etc. Plus the game looks really bad. I would give it an 8/10 for soundtrack, story, and voice acting. But a solid 3 for everything else. Imo dont buy it till it is a lot cheaper. Not worthy of AAA pricing and was clearly rushed out the door too early. Shame as Mafia 1 and 2 were such great games..

    Ohhh and I totally forgot how bad the AI is. As in you can stealth clear an entire room of enemies even if they are looking at you while doing it..

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