Overwatch Animation Perfectly Captures Pre-Game Ridiculousness

Video: In Overwatch, a bunch of elite superheroes team up to absolutely kick the crap out of arcade cabinets around the world. This animated short comes from Brian Calland, aka Wronchi, an animator whose work we've featured before. It's about as spot-on as Overwatch humour gets, from the sneaky tag warfare to the unfortunate Hanzo-ness of it all.

I hope that somewhere the game is keeping track of how many arcade cabinets I personally have destroyed. I would love to know that number.

[Thanks, Adam]


    Phew, a non-Red Dead post.

    Going to wait it out here until the whole thing blows over.

    That was so accurate. Emotes, voice lines, sprays... good times.

      Oh man, Winston just standing there and then finally changing to Hanzo... so good!

        And then everyone else gradually going... eh ok, all Hanzo it is then.

        Well. Don't have to watch the video now. Good job!


          Here's a bright idea - Don't read the comment section of a video post that you haven't watched yet because, believe it or not, people are probably discussing the video!
          I know, shocking, isn't it?

    I was watching at work with the sound way down, in case of bad words and not to attract attention. That somewhat backfired when I physically laughed out aloud, massively, and everyone looked at me.

    haha that all Hanzo twist. So accurate. Quick play is so derpy

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