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I'm kind of stunned that nobody picked up yesterday's ScribbleTaku. So it's back for one last time to torment you all.

As per standard conventions — and yes I know I missed this earlier in the week with Mark's, apologies — here's a hint to help you all out.

You're looking for a PlayStation game. I'll leave it at that!

Best of luck all. And don't forget to email in if you want to have your own scribbles featured. It's good fun!


    If you stand back far enough and squint, it doesn't look anything at all like Suezo from Monster Rancher on the PSX. So that's my guess.

    cool. We're guessing games it's not, so by process of elimination the one game not named must be it! So, it's not Vib-ribbon!

    Last edited 07/10/16 12:25 pm

      Pretty sure it's not Twisted Metal. Or Armageddon.

      And it's definitely not Final Fantasy 7 or Resident Evil.

      Am I doing it right?

        cool by me, but moderator Alex may differ!!

          Wait. I'm lost here. Why are we guessing what it's not again?

            process of elimination Alex. We're just trimming down the PS field!

          I'm also pretty sure it isn't Driver or DeathTrap Dungeon :)

    Some kind of Bomberman game/ spin off/ clones

    Like the Bombing Lands or Bomberman World ??

    Quite possibly, maybe not Tenchu for sure.

    Super Stardust?

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