Community Review: Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare

I feel as though the warmongering FPS has undergone quite the revival in the last month or so. Battlefield 1 came out and surprised everyone by having a single player campaign that was both respectful and engaging.

Titanfall 2 surprised everyone by being batshit insane.

How did Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare compare?

I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but reviews have certainly been a little less favourable. I've been keen on Infinite Warfare and was hoping it would be a proper return to form for the Call of Duty series. It takes stick, but I still love the second to second feel of the game.

Also, Conor McGregor is in it.


    It's almost a little too much. I have been switching between Modern Warfare and IW online over the weekend. I played a mission or so in the story - seems like pretty standard COD fare which I'm ok with. I just dont know what i should be playing - MW or IW?!

    Not to mention im still not over RIGS when it comes down to an online competitive shooter, and i feel I wish i just got BF1 instead... Damn you bringing out the Modern Warfare remake! It is amazing and online feels so balanced like it used to!!!

    Have played every cod up till now - Whilst its still using the same formula as Blops3 Someone who enjoyed COD in its MW days I hate IW.

    It feels like the skill barrier encaptured by MW was thrown out the window with the last few iterations of COD and I feel the series as a whole is a complete failure. Game devs need to go back to the drawing board cos this games not fun to play - I feel bad my partner bought it for me as I will be barely touching it. Destiny is still the better multiplayer FPS which is frustrating when as a gamer you want to move forward.

    The mechanics from movement to aiming are pathetic even from Blackops 1/2 MW 1/2/3 how do they keep breaking what was once well designed is sad - This is all from a Frustrated gamer who despises where the industry has taken solid FPS Mechanics and dumped it on a pile of garbage.

    And yet SO MUCH MONEY AND TIME IS WASTED on these releases.

    For clarification:

    Main Hates are movement, lack of precision on most guns they went from feeling like RL weaponry to bullet hoses without consequences of holding your trigger down from the moment you spawn.. There's no sense of progression as the perk set I always have used it the past was all unlocked from the start -TLDR This game just leaves this bad taste in my mouth like I bought a free to play FPS and spent $60 of Microtransactions on it before I started playing. This needs to stop

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    All I can say is thank god for EB's return policy. I actually enjoyed the campaign more than I thought I would but its nothing worth replaying either. Honestly I could only handle about 2 hours of the MP. Just all the same issues I had with Advanced Warfare and to a lesser extent BO3. At least the customization options seemed really good. MWR is MW with nicer graphics. Not even old enough for me to enjoy it out of nostalgia. 5/10 BF1 anyone...? Im a medic that revives!

    I've only played about 2 hours of the campaign and no multiplayer so far so it's hard to judge but from what I've seen... it's a game of hits and misses.

    The gunplay to the most part is the same generic gunplay in every other shooter. There's some interesting new tech but nothing that really adds to the gameplay (Hey, I have a spider mine that hunts down enemies, I can put less effort in now)

    But then there's just so many set moments that had me stopping and saying "Cool". Pieces that just feel amazing, then it's back to the generic gunplay. I'll have to play right through the campaign and put in some multiplayer before I fully judge it but it's not holding my interest much over better games like Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1.

    Also, Kit Harginton shouldn't play a bad guy. Ever. He sounds like he's half asleep while reading his lines. Maybe they should avoid getting GoT actors to voice anything.

    I'm still trying to work out why, despite it running at 90fps (PC), that it feels like it's running at 25 fps. Thoroughly unenjoyable.
    I bought it for the campaign, and I'll get to it eventually if there's a time when I can't get players. Still think BLOPS2 is the best recent addition.
    And, I'm having a ball in Titanfall2 MP, so I may just end up playing that in preference :/

    I would have an opinion, but the game is a stuttery slide fest on Nvidia pascal series cards. Hoping for a patch or a new driver.

    I'm thinking of buying this, but the price of the game and the COD4 remaster us way too expensive at $150 at JB.

    Could anyone please advise if the Zombies mode is included, or was it just a preorder bonus?

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