Devolver Isn’t Even Trying To Get Genital Jousting Classified In Australia

Genital Jousting. It’s this week’s weirdest game by far. And while it might look like a (literal) blast to play, it’s not available to Australians. And there’s a good reason why.

Early this morning, when the world was waking up to the latest morning glory from Free Lives (who also made Broforce) their publisher left this note on Twitter:

Why not Australia and New Zealand, you might ask. Through their local PR, Devolver sent me this statement:

“We’re proactively saving ourselves time from a likely ban in those territories based on previous games banned for similar content.”

The position is understandable considering the ringer that the Classification Board put Devolver through when they were trying to get Hotline Miami 2 into Australia. They tried challenging the Board’s decision, but lost and the game’s co-creator ended up telling one user just to /”pirate the game”.

“If it ends up not being released in Australia … just pirate it after release,” Hotline Miami’s Jonatan Soderstromm said at the time.

Submitting a game for classification isn’t free. So considering the fact that Genital Jousting is a game that quite literally involves fucking other dicks in the arse, it’s understandable that Devolver don’t want to waste their time. It looks like a great couch co-op title though; good thing VPN’s exist.

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