EA Is Having A Really Bad Week On Twitter

Fresh off the Battlefield 1 Twitter snafu, EA is back with another hot dumb tweet just for us.

This morning, the official Titanfall account tweeted this:

That link leads to an IGN review-in-progress of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, a competitor to Titanfall 2. It's a boring tweet that wouldn't be worth noting if not for this follow-up, posted later this morning by the developers of Titanfall 2:

Not a great week for EA's social media team.


    Ah EA. I think you publish good games, but you should stop being so snobbish.

    I looked on Metacritic and COD: Infinite Warfare is taking a pounding on on user scores. Not sure if it's just troll mob mentality or not, though. But Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 have pretty high user ratings.

    I feel sorry for people that put so much stock in reviews and scores.
    Live a little. Trust your natural intuition.

      Buddy if I could afford to, I would.

        If your gut says "Get Titanfall 2 right now, you big dummy," then you should trust it and stop being a big dummy.

        It's really good.

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