Guy Plays Overwatch’s Genji With Wiimote Sword

Guy Plays Overwatch’s Genji With Wiimote Sword

You’ve never seen Genji like this. Louis, a 24-year-old game developer in Texas, recently rigged up a sword-shaped Wiimote to control Genji’s sword in Overwatch.

Using Bluetooth, Louis connected his Wiimote to his PC. A program called Touchmote lets him use his Wiimote like a PC mouse and, “with a little computer science magic (and extra help from the JoytoKey app),” he says, “I was able to start slashing at my enemies.” It works like this, he told me over email:

Wii-mote A Button + “Stab motion” = shift button (Genji’s Dash)

Wii-mote B button + “Slash motion” = Left Click (makes it feel like you’re really slashing people with your Ultimate)

Wii-mote D-Pad = Camera Movement

Nunchuck = Movement and Jumping

Nunchuck + Wii Motion = E button (Genji’s deflect)

Wii-mote “2” button = Q (Ult)

We’ve already seen someone play Overwatch‘s Winston with a banana controller and Hanzo with a bow. This Genji Wiimote sword-play, may I say, is sharp.

In the past, Louis says he beat Dark Souls 3 using his DDR dance pads. We were unable to corroborate this, but videos of him trying are sick.


  • Honestly, I’m not that impressed. After you see someone beat Dark Souls with a dance mat, all these wild and wacky controllers just seem mundane.

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