Here's What PlayStation VR Gets Out Of The PS4 Pro

If you've been wondering what kind of oomph the PS4 Pro would give to the PSVR headset, here's a great explainer.

As they do so well, Digital Foundry has done a side-by-side analysis of PSVR games captured from the PS4 versus footage captured from the PS4 Pro. While there's a strong caveat to all this - footage captured from the PSVR is done through the social stream, not directly from the headset - it's pretty easy in certain games to see the benefit.

The general improvement so far seems to be a boost in anti-aliasing, and a slight reduction in the area to the periphery of the headset's screen that is rendered at a lower resolution. The PSVR does that for performance reasons, and the added power of the PS4 Pro means that developers don't have to leverage that technique quite as much.

But if that's all a bit too technical, just watch below. It'll become clear soon enough.

It's interesting to see Robinson to make so much use of the PS4 Pro so far. It'll be interesting to see the comparison between the base console and the 4K-ready Pro in a years' time, and what kind of compromises developers make.


    I wouldn't consider any of the PSVR games to be properly updated for the Pro. Most of them have made slight modifications to their already developed product.

    Looking forward to see how things work out, at the moment, the Pro only gives a slight advantage over the regular PS4, when it comes to VR.

    Would be nice to see further updates and patches to improve this situation though.

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