In Japan, Pokemon Sun And Moon Didn't Outsell Pokemon X/Y At Launch 

While Nintendo was ready for Pokemon Sun and Moon to hit historic sales figures, the company announced yesterday that its numbers did not surpass Pokemon X and Y's Japanese launch. Don't worry, because Sun and Moon still did crazy good.

[Image: Nintendo]

Famitsu reports that in its first three days on sale, Pokemon Sun And Moon sold 1,905,107 copies at retail (this number doesn't include the download versions).

In Pokemon X and Y's first two days on sale in 2013, the games sold 1,866,570 copies in Japan, but sold another 473,151 copies in its second week for a total of 2,339,721 in its first nine days. (These numbers do not include downloads.)

According to Famitsu, Pokemon Sun and Moon's 1,905,107 units sold didn't beat Pokemon X and Y's 2.096 million units sold during the same period. It's still the second best-selling 3DS game at launch in Japan. Not too shabby!


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