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    Hey TAY!

    Had a quiet weekend Halloween party with a bunch of drinks. A straight combination of Jack Daniels Fire and maple vodka is actually amazing, and will ruin your day!

    Also finished a pikastick:

    It has a clip on gamepad holder which turns the stick into a wireless mini-cab:

    I won't be again drinking for at least some days.

      That maple vodka is pretty cheap from Dan Murphy's, too.

      Went to a colleague's spoopy party on the weekend and took that Epsilon (sp?) tequila, but the golden one instead of the white tequila. Under $50 and it's not harsh as hell. Would shot repeatedly again. (Or sip, like a civilised human being.)

        Yeah, that maple vodka was a great find! So cheap, and actually incredibly mapley.

        A good tequila is really drinkable, but most people's experience begins and ends with the windex/ashtray blend that is Jose cuervo. I actually have a bottle of the Espolon blanco at home, it has a nice white pepper finish which reminds me of better grappas.

        I'm also big into grappa and shochu. I just brought a bottle of grappa flavoured with artichoke heart back from Sicily. I'm yet to get into it, but soon... Soon.

        Last edited 31/10/16 12:21 pm

          Somehow I missed the mention of maple vodka before. I must investigate this.

      have you tried Fireball Whisky (or any cinnamon whisky really) and Apple Cider? that'll mess you up too. far I've only tried it with ginger beer. And haven't tried it with alcoholic ginger beer.

        Oh man I've still got a couple of winter ciders, they'd be perfect with it. Especially warmed.

          i know you can buy fireball premixed with cider - but its such a sweet sickly flavour - depends on your tastes of course. definitely better to muck around with your own mixing so you get your preferred ratio. if you like hot alcohols look up recipes for Gluhwein. im not a wine drinker, but i havnt met one yet that doesnt like Gluhwein. then, once youve sussed out your preferred Gluhwein mix, you go for a Feuerzangenbowle (Fire Tongs Punch) on top.

    I bought a bunch of instant ginger drink to help with Playstation VR motion sickness and played the most VR I've ever played on the weekend. I'm a convert. I think I can platinum Rez Infinite. The only thing that looks difficult is doing score attack 30 times, and that only because it's tedious.

    Is anyone else terrified they'll be robbed and/or murdered while playing Playstation VR?

      No more than when I go to sleep for the night.

      The nightmare scenario I think is taking the headset off after a long session and finding there's someone standing there just staring at you.

      Having to drug yourself to be able to play VR more makes me pretty sure we're on the darkest timeline and headed right for that Cyberpunk dystopia as well.

    Played a bit of Titanfall 2 and Carmageddon: Max Damage over rhe weekend.

    Good Morning!


      Cue hyperventalating

      What is this "PAX WEEK"? It's PAX MONTH!!! Starting tomorrow. ;)

      Had a look at the panels this morning. Some very interesting ones!

        Have any reccomendations? I have to admit looking through a lot I don't recognise many of the guests and I'm worried I might miss some good stuff because of that.

          Definitely going to the "The Gun Lobby: Combat and Beyond" panel as it's run by a friend 4/5 games at E3 had some form of violent mechanic, and this panel will discuss why. Should be good.

          I also don't recognise many of the guests, but of the panels that I've made a note to get to: "Game Trailers - So Hype or Too Hype?" seems quite topical. "Can't Code, Can't Draw: The Many Creative Jobs in Videogames", "Why is 7/10 a Bad Score?" and "The Medical MythBusters Take On Games!". A few others maybe, but just wandering the halls and trying out some new games at the TAYble (somewhere in the table hall...) will take up the days!

      Have fun at PAX everybody! Wish I could go :o

    G'day lads and ladies. Won our ballgame on the weekend 12-2 or something like that. Knocked a rocket straight back at the pitcher that he barely deflected. Should've worn his brown pants heh heh. Got some gaming and spent a bit of time hanging with my dad-in-law. Good times had by all.

    Got to the gym this morning after putting my son back to bed at 5:30. Pretty happy with myself for that effort.


    Went to Slipknot on Friday, with Lamb of God & In Hearts Wake as support. In Hearts Wake were good, their music isn't something i'm into but it was awesome to see a local band up there supporting one of my all time favourite bands. Also my mate is their bass player so there's that too. Lamb of God were alright, but i've never really been into them, Randy's vocal style bores me, if he did more clean vocals like their new song The Duke i'd be into them more.

    Slipknot were amazing as always was my 4th or 5th time seeing them I think, I honestly can't remember. Even though Clown couldn't be there due to the passing of his father in law which had him fly back to Iowa. They still were great. They played a fair bit off their album Iowa since it's the 15 year anniversary of it. The whole set list was pretty great, I also think it was the first time I experienced some of their songs live like The Shape, Skin Ticket, Left Behind & Killpop. I was kind of hoping they were gonna play I Am Hated off Iowa, but can't win 'em all. Also the VIP entry was well worth it, got a bunch of extra merch cause of it, stuff exclusive to those ticket holders which was cool. I also got double of some of the stuff by random chance, so the extras i'll be sending to my friend in England along with the merch I bought her!

    Slipknots Setlist:
    1. The Negative One
    2. Disasterpiece
    3. Eyeless
    4. Before I Forget
    5. The Shape
    6. Killpop
    7. Dead Memories
    8. The Heretic Anthem
    9. Psychosocial
    10. Left behind
    11. Custer
    12. The Devil In I
    13. Skin Ticket
    14. Wait & Bleed
    15. (sic)
    16. Surfacing
    17. Duality
    18. Spit It Out (with jump the fuck up section)

    Also I stayed at a place on Roma Street across the road from the train station. Good place, I was on the top floor, room was pretty big, it had a kitchenette with a microwave, electric hotplate, fridge (that stayed cold?!), super comfy bed, a balcony (with a lovely view of the Roma Street train yard lol..) for $120 i'd stay there again.

    Only downside is when I got back, there was literally nothing open that sold food after I got back (around 12am), I found a 7-11 a few minutes walk away that had pies & sausage rolls which I reluctantly bought but I was hungry and the sauce for them was free so yay. Next time if I stay there i'm gonna make sure I visit the nearest supermarket and get something to cook for when I get back from a concert lol. There was also a BWS about 3 minutes walk from where I stayed so that was nice.

    Sadly I had to leave early Saturday since I had to get home & vote in our local council election & then go to work :(

    Last edited 31/10/16 10:17 am

      A friend of mine went to Slipknot on Friday, saw a guy get his eyebrow ring torn out in a head clash, the other guy had a broken nose, so I guess it was a pretty good show.

        Ouch. That sounds about normal though, the pit was wild. Loved it, even if i'm still feeling pretty stiff lol.

      We saw the Sydney show on Saturday night. Killer show, we missed IHW and caught the end of LoG because we had to wait 40m in a queue to get a beer, which gave the me absolute shits because I LOVE LoG.

      It was a different experience from the 2-3 previous times I've seen both bands previously, on account of my girlfriend having sprained her foot the night before and being on crutches. So there was no moshing, which was a bit of a bummer, but we got treated all special like and no one barged into us, which was nice.... so I guess we came out even?

        40 minutes just to get a beer?! Wow, that's fucked. I got in through the gates when they opened so I went straight for the merch ($220 later lol..), then got a beer ($8.50 for 150 Lashes poured into a plastic cup heh) then went & got my VIP shit lol.

          Oh man it was awful, people were getting pissed because they were halfway through the line and LoG's set was going full tilt. At least you got 150 lashes... our only full strength beer was Carlton Dry (eugh)

          At least I got to see them play Redneck, so... winning?

          Last edited 01/11/16 12:53 pm

    Tomorrow, a bunch of nags are going to snort, stamp, and whinny, and then some horses will run around a track.

    @alexwalker it seems when you make multiple edits to a post when there is a spoiler tag it keeps adding "view spoiler" in front of the tag & it also adds multiple instances of "last edited @ time" at the bottom in plain text.

    Hi everybody! Played a bunch of Xenoverse 2 over the weekend... Imported my save from Xenoverse 1, so ended up with a short saiyan proudly dressed as Master Roshi - complete with beard, glasses and turtle shell. And she looks surprisingly intimidating at SSj3. Some of the story tweaks are amazing, particularly the Zrgny Pbbyre vagreyhqr qhevat gur Pryy Tnzrf.

    Seems like the end-of-saga boss fights are pretty big difficulty spikes. Vegeta's wasn't so bad but Frieza...

    Holy crap. Only managed to beat it by lucking into Goku keeping Cooler's aggro for the entire fight, and somehow not getting himself killed in the process. Cell's final fight was more annoying than anything - had this annoying habit of kicking me in the face if I teleported behind him. Kid Buu was tricky - he's so fast and absolutely relentless, but lucked into his aggro sticking to Goku, so blasted him from afar. Currently stuck on the Bardock/Mira fight for the same reasons - no breathing room, and have no-one else to take the aggro in this one.

    Still, very much enjoying it, even if it is basically just Xv1 with a few new features/quests/scenarios.

      I only just got and finished the first Xenoverse. Keen to get on the second one, but $50-60 isn't completely affordable at the moment.

        If you played the first, and aren't too concerned about the multiplayer scene, I'd wait until it goes on sale, anyway. It improves a bunch of things, tightens the controls, gives a few new customisation options... but a lot (and I mean a lot) of the parallel quests seem to be lifted straight from the first game.

    Quick thing about PAX Meat: would people be interested in a separate post being done on the site with all the details, or is it something you'd prefer was kept within TAY? Happy to leave if it you'd all prefer. Don't want to ruin or spoil anything.

      I'd want to keep it within TAY, based on personal experience in regards to "invitation to something on the internet"

        Yeah, agree. TAY is pretty self-selecting.

        ...but I'm pretty sure any Kotaku staff/writers who'd like to meet their readers would be welcome to join too.

          The only kind of extra people outside of TAY that I'm fine to allow in would be either:
          - Friends/relatives/spouse of TAYbies
          - Special Guests (Like Kotaku writers, Mark Serrels, Emma Watson, etc.) depending on who expresses interest in coming along.

            Emma Watson now coming? Huh.

            Also, i think people who often post in articles but don't post in tay but seem like nice people

              If she expresses interest... not exactly going to be saying "no" to that :P

                Isn't she busy with humanitarian type things?

                  She is, but still a robot can dream... it is run from an exe file after all.

      I agree with Techie on that, don't think there is that much room at backlot even if it was wanted
      Can you post your paypal detail @tech_knight so I can get some monies out to you

        Hi Tigs and for all who need to know,

        Same details as we did last year, payments via PayPal to sdcdragonman[at]hotmail[dot]com.

          otherwise pay me on the day

      Tell them to come to tay for details =P

        I think that's just as bad an idea, tbh.

        EDIT: Assuming by 'tell them' you meant 'put a post on the main page saying to check TAY'.

        Last edited 01/11/16 5:58 am

          It was a joke, really.

    Spent the whole weekend afk, nose to the grindstone trying to get as much costuming done as possible. And made some awesome progress! Til yesterday when things bogged down on one stupid little thing that took way too long. Gonna skip climbing tonight though, that's five hours I really really need, but it's looking like I should be able to get it all done, even if I have to leave some hand sewing for the train trip down. May need to keep sleep to a minimum :P

    Oh, mad props to @dannyallen and/or co, noticed the mobile site's now got comment counters on the front page, and the comment voting stuff's been made visible without having to click the menu arrow. Much appreciated! (although on my browser the up and down vote buttons are invisible for some reason, but at least I can still click on them and also the vote viewing popup doesn't appear half off screen like it used to so it's readable now). Also think I saw edit timestamps are back too. Only annoyance left is when stories load with the Read More thing cutting half of it off and it takes a few goes for the click to register, otherwise I think that's most of my gripes sorted :P

    Now back to it. Got one last run around to the shops for a couple of things, then it's all bunker.

    Oh shit I still need to do tax >_&lt

    Edit: Looks like the Less Than still gets eaten on hitting Submit :P
    Double edit: Uh. And the old html encode trick isn't working any more.

    Last edited 31/10/16 11:10 am

      I feel like I might not get mine finished in time. I seem to only worry about it when I'm trying to sleep at night.

    Huh. So two edits trigger moderation now, even without URLs.

      Just about anything trips the darn thing now.

      Yet being profane, vulgar and disrespectful gets through without notice.

    PAX North. It's a thing. *moseys away*

      Maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe you could mosey on down to pax south? =P

      You should come to the actual PAX North. Which they call PAX West now for some reason.

      Literally thought of you typing this while trying to see how much a ticket was today haha.

    So...this new Kotaku layout...

      Yup, it's a new layout all right.

        That it most certainly is. It is definitely not old, no siree bob.

    Just managed to nab a belt, shirt, pants and scarf-cum-cummerbund for my outfit, all pretty much perfect and from two nearby stores (and only $11). This is the kind of luck I'm used to :P

      I'm going to be humming the Monkey Island theme all weekend and it's your fault. :)

    This may be a stupid question but is Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 just a fighting game?
    I am not much for multi player games (because I suck) but enjoy a good single player campaign. Plus I used to love Dragon Ball Z back in the day.

    Do people have any suggestions/recommendations? Is it worth picking up in their experience?

      The first one had a solid Single Player component, so I'd imagine the second one to be the same. Apparently the whole game is tighter than the first which is cool. Haven't gotten my hands on it yet though, just heard from the lads in discord about it.

      Did you play Injustice, the DC comics fighting game. Picked it up on a whim and really enjoyed the campaign.

        +1 to this. Really good campaign for Injustice. Keen for the second one.

        Only at my cousins playing in pvp. Never been much into fighting games but it's always because i like the campaign and growth aspects more than anything else.

      I'd hesitate to call it (the single-player component, at least) a fighting game in the traditional sense - in my mind, it's an action rpg with an odd MMO-esque endgame. You progress through the campaign - a string of combat encounters delimited by cutscenes - until you hit a stumbling block; drop out of the campaign into the hub world and grind stats/levels in side-activities until you feel ready to face the next part of the campaign.

      That said, I'm enjoying it for what it is - nostalgia, and a game where I can create a SSj3 Master Roshi lookalike. :P

      Yeah, like what os42, this is more of a RPG than fighting game. I had a lot of trouble initially with the first one because I was treating it more like a fighting game than it is, ignoring the other aspects. But once I accepted what it was, it became much easier(Still challenging though) and enjoyable. I just finished the story mode the other day and it was great, recaps a majority of the important scenes from the anime with a twist. The customisation is fun too, one of my characters is basically a Frieza/Hercule fusion.

    So civ folks can somebody help me out with a couple of things
    How can you see when your city is ready to expand it's borders?
    Is there a way to see how far your religion spreads or how much pressure you are putting / receiving in a city
    Am I right in assuming you can only build 1 district per x number of people, not that specific districts need a certain number?
    How many of each type of great person is there? Is there a way to see how many Great artists are left?
    Is there any happiness (or other) issues with building new cities. Seems besides upkeep it doesn't matter how many cities you have.

      Is there a multiplayer? Play by email or a pitboss server? I'd totally get back into Civ if we could get some games running.

        There's a cool multiplayer time mode where everyone moves at once unless two players are at war with one another, so a war isn't decided by ping and clicking speed.
        I want to play more Civ to learn it, but Stellaris had a major update along with new DLC... have to make sure a horrible choice :(

          @trikeabout Sounds like they also have a better editor so you can setup 'scenario' to keep a full game down to 1-2 hours of play
          So challenge of Medieval era to Renaissance Era with the winner being whoever has the highest religion score.
          If the multiplayer moves thing is set then that could make really good game night

            OK. I'm going to see if JB Hifi have a special on some extra hours in the day. ;)

      The borders thing hurts. I have no idea when or where my cities will expand to, so lord knows how much gold I've wasted on nabbing blocks.

      Bottom left, there should be a religion option for map details, it'll show you where/what religious pressure is being exerted, though it's a bit iffy if you don't have sight on the city, from what I can tell. It's still a little nebulous, but you'll get a rough idea.

      Yep. One of the best engineers lets you build an extra district, which is a lifesaver, but it's mostly population based, and past about 12-14 people population seems to be housing based.

      *shrugs noncommittally*

      I don't know. Civ V scaled the cost of cultural and scientific things based on how many cities you have, but I haven't noticed evidence of that in VI, though I'm sure there must be some effect.

      AFAIK Your city will expand whenever the population increases, but you can expand it faster by buying tiles if you need to. There's a counter for population on the left side of the nameplate for the city saying how many turns it will be until it grows.

      AFAIK You main spread your religion with religious units that you buy using Faith and they have a couple of goes with them, like a builder.

      Yeah number of different districts seems to be based off the population.

      There seems to be enough Great People that it's hard to run out, not sure if there's a list or not. My favourite was Korolev. Drop him on a spaceport that's doing a mission to the moon and he more than halved the amount of turns it took.

      Happiness is per-city rather than per-civ so you can expand fast and there's less penalty for taking over other cities (though even considering going to war basically makes all the AI flip out on you for the rest of the game because the diplomacy is fucking stupid broken).

      Commenting to see future discussions :D
      I played about three hours last week, I really like it!

    Ergh, stupid mygov site is slow as balls. I miss etax, didn't have to faff about resetting a password I can't remember because I haven't had to use it since I last reset it a year ago - which as I recall didn't work and locked me out for 24 hours, but luckily could still slip by with etax then.

    ...I can't tell if it's still loading or if it's frozen.

      "You have reached the maximum number of attempts to answer your secret questions"

      Fuck you I had one single try. This is retarded.

      Oh shit, they got rid of etax this year? I haven't done mine yet but I remember the web-based thing was way too simplistic to use for my tax since I own shares. EDIT: Also I'm super lazy and haven't done my AU Tax yet...

      Last edited 01/11/16 6:08 am

    Howdy all!

    Played in the Dota battle cup last night. We got absolutely hammered game 1, and gg'd out in under 20 minutes. I am low 3k and my friend is around 2k, and everyone else on our team was 1k but apparently we were playing in the 3k bracket... tough times. I also let my 2k friend lead the draft, which was a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idea.

    I know I've asked this before, but who's on Overwatch on PC? I'm guessing @scree? I've been playing ranked recently, and it would be nice to play with some people that aren't an actual sack of potatoes slowly falling out onto a keyboard.

    Finally... bought a Battlefield 1 key off ozgameshop last night, but I still haven't received it, and now I'm worried that it won't come tonight which means I won't get to play battlefield tomorrow and oh god why is this happening to me!?

    Was listening to Dream Theater's Wait for Sleep on the train this morning, and have spent every idle minute today trying to get my head around the time signature changes. Such a beautiful song, but so hard to hum along to... even if it is relatively accessible by DT standards :P

    @alexwalker simple request for the web guys: how about a tooltip over the logout button? I hadn't noticed it up there previously and the icon isn't very descriptive on its own, thought maybe we got accounts back and logged out by accident. :(

    Any idea when we might see notifications come back? How about an RSS with just the AU stories? Actual RSS feed is working again but the old AU one now just gives everything.

    anyone able to tell me whats with the new Kotaku layout? is it a trial? is it liked? who loves it who hates it?

      So far most of the functionality is there (and it works even better from my phone now for the most part), so I don't hate it. Though it's still kinda harsh on the eyes compared to the old one, and wastes a lot of space. Oh though it's still making Firefox crash a lot on my PC, so that's not great. But yeah, I've certainly been through worse site overhauls.

      Lots of wasted space. At least the 'trending articles' now moves up and down so there's not this weird gulf of whitespace to the side. It's very, very white and I find it a bit of a struggle to read because of the lack of structural elements. Seems to run a lot better though, so that's good.

      The biggest issue IMO is the lack of notifications. Not sure why they'd launch a new theme that didn't support that out of the box. Hopefully that functionality isn't too far away.

      It's a bit bright for my taste, and still a lot of wasted space imo, but they seem to be listening to feedback - the header dropdowns seem to have an activation delay now (\o/), and the comment input dialog font is no longer half the size of the comment font (double \o/). and they've resolved whatever font-scaling issue made the cross-bars on capital lambdas 'A's nearly invisible (triple \o/). Not sure if stockholm syndrome or the devs acting on feedback... or both... but I'm getting more used to it, and it's definitely improving. :P

      i definitely like that the pages dont auto load when you scroll to the bottom anymore, that used to frustrate the hell out of me and my browsing style. i can agree on the too white sentiment and lack of borders.
      i also noticed that clicking on a journos name at the top of the article doesnt take you to a place where you can see their profile name for linking purposes.
      i also like the minimalising of the sidebars = not so much cluster fuckedness anymore.

      and can someone please either let us comment on partner content posts, OR not have so many, they annoy the shit out of me. am i the only one?

    Woo! Alter Bridge announced a headline tour for April 2017! Tickets go on sale tomorrow, only gripe I have is they're playing at Eatons Hill in Brisbane. It's one of the few venues I go "ugh" at when it's announced bands are playing there. It's out of the way and no where near the train line x.x

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