Target's Sale On 2016's Best Video Games Is Unreal

Titanfall 2: $36.

Dishonored 2: $45.

Uncharted 4: $39.

Goddamn, this is quite the video game sale.

Usually video game sales feature older games, stores trying to clear stock. Target's latest sale is different. This sale features pretty much every blockbuster game released in the last 12 months. And the prices are amazing.

- Fifa 17 is $52

- Titanfall 2 is $36

- Battlefield 1 is $51

- Dishonored 2 is $45

- Watchdogs 2 is $52

- Destiny Collection is $59

- Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is $52

- Skyrim Special Edition is $45

- No Mans Sky is $39

- Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is $35

- Uncharted 4 is $39

- Rise of the Tomb Raider is $49

That right there is a powerful list of video games.

Target's also selling the PlayStation 4 for an awesome price: the 500GB PS4 will be available for $309.

This is a limited sale. It starts November 25 and finishes three days later on November 28. I'm guessing it's working as a loss leader for smart folks doing their early Christmas shopping. Either way — this a great chance to get some brilliant video games for an amazing price.


    No PC games babyrage

      Don't worry, the steam sale is coming.

        I don't think dishonored 2 will get that cheap on steam. I refunded mine on steam (issues) so that price is hard to ignore for ps4

          Only time will tell, eh. But yeah, that's a great price for Dishonored, especially considering that EB are trying to sell it for 100 bucks.

 has Dishonered 2 for PC at a standard price of 50 bucks with all the day 1 dlc, that's the Steam version and a legit copy, not a russian vpn one or anything. It'll only get cheaper as the weeks go by as usual.

          Last edited 21/11/16 11:13 am

      Why would we? Cheap games are great for one and all. Plus this is pretty much standard price for pc games at the right sites.

        Yeah, I just bought a console after probably 5 or so years of not owning one and I'm shocked at the price of games on the thing.

        $110 for a new release? Unbelievable.

        Hence why I own no games for it and probably won't be buying any for the foreseeable future.

          $110 at EB.

          Price match, go to JB/Target or shop online. Most release at $69-$79

          If you went PS, just keep a watch out on the sales on PSN. You can pick up some good bargains. I got Batman: Arkham Knight with season pass a few months ago for $30 and it's crazy the amount of play i've gotten out of it. I'm still playing it a little every day.

          But yes, console games at first release are often a bit painful. Big W and Target usually do some good deals though.

            Buy aren't PC games on steam like 89 at release too? Or does everyone get their new PC games from other sites?

              I haven't paid that much for a game in almost 20yrs, pc or otherwise.


              Are my go-tos for digital pc. For physical media, target and big w usually have good prices at release. $69 is the usual.

    Can't argue with $30+ discounts on games that launched less than a fortnight ago.

      Plus you know, Titanfall 2 DESERVES to be owned by one and goddamn all.

        I was going to be buying it for Xmas anyway - this has just solidified where I'll be getting it!

          I was planning on getting it for PC when it got cheaper but I'm pretty tempted for that price now...

        I think it's time to get Titanfall 2.

    I was gonna wait for Watch Dogs 2 and Skyrim but now I think maybe I won't.

    That's great! Thanks for the heads up Mark. I'll pick up TF2 in this sale at least to run through the campaign.

    Meanwhile on the PSN Store...

    Seriously they could throw us a bone with the price of digital copies, don't have to match these but $100-$120 for new release is a bit obscene...

      Funny enough PSN did kinda throw us a bone. A day before this was leaked, they gave out codes to random (at least I could not find a reason some got it and others did not) discount codes for Titanfall 2 for 53% off.

      I promptly used it and saw this the next day and slightly regretted rushing the purchase (however my Target is always low on stock so I doubted getting a copy)

        If I got that I would have picked up TF2! will wait till later this week and see what bargains appear...if any (sorry little confidence in Sony finding a clue)

      There's a Black Friday sale coming Thursday

    knowing old mate target will prob have very limited stock of their "sale" items.. so your chances of getting stock after day 2 will probably be impossible.

      Especially with how heavily this sale has now been advertised.

      There's a hell of a lot of stock in stores right now, if it sells out by day 2 blame it on the great deal ;)

    Wonder if EB will price match ha ha ha

    Should have gotten Titanfall 2 from EB instead of only getting for 30% off on Origin. There was a code to get a further 20% off but I guess it was for only one day and I missed it. So I got the game for $60 AUD.

    Every time Target has one of these sales, they mysteriously have no stock when the store opens on sale day.

    I paid $79 for BF1 on Friday ffs

    PSN has the start of their black friday sales, even from EU/AU store, in Thursday 11am. So small chance the online store might match these Target prices.

      Niiiiiiice! Gold comment my man. GOLD!

    Just as Halloween is, the holiday traditions of Black Friday are starting to creep across the ocean.

    Bring on Thanksgiving, I love turkey!

    Majority of these are FPS on Console. Ew.

    Last edited 21/11/16 12:29 pm

      It's actually not as bad as you think. Yes mouse is better, but couch is also better, if you dig my meaning.

        >Enter the lapboard.

    So it means that Target will only have 10 copies of each with 5 "disappearing" just before doors open for staff right?

      The stocks out there to sell before the date anyway, if its gone its gone

    I want Witcher 3 GotY

      I grabbed it on PSN for around $50 months and months ago. My god was that value for money!

      And a while after I finished it? I miss being Geralt :(

      But I don't have the time to go back to it. Spent at least 120hrs on the thing.

      it's currently available on PSN store for <$40

    Thanks for telling everyone Mark, sheesh, I thought I had it all to myself...

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