Target And Big W Are Having A Sale Fight Over Games Again

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I love a good discount battle.

There's already been plenty of solid offerings in the lead up to Christmas. But Target has gone exceptionally hard this year, more so with games than console bundles.

Fortunately for us, the discount-loving gamer crowd, Big W has followed suit.

Let's start with the bullseye. If a platform isn't listed below, it's for PS4 and Xbox One.


Image: Target Australia

Until December 14, here's a selection of what's available at the Big Red.

  • Star Wars Battlefront: $24
  • No Man's Sky: $44
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: $39
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: $59
  • Titanfall 2: $39
  • Forza Horizon 3: $64
  • World of Final Fantasy: $39
  • Xbox 1TB Bundle with Halo 5 and Halo: Master Chief Collection: $299

Not too bad. We've had a wider selection of deals, but Deus Ex at that price is very solid. And so is Titanfall 2, as we've mentioned many times before.

But what's Big Dubb got going on?

Big W

Image: Getty Images

God I love that image. What's Big W doing this week? Surprisingly, a lot.

  • Minecraft Story Mode (The Complete Adventure): $48
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: $64
  • Gears of War 4 (XBO): $58
  • Dishonored 2: $54
  • Titanfall 2: $38
  • FIFA 17: $54
  • Mafia 3: $48
  • BioShock The Collection: $54
  • GTA 5: $44

Big $1 price cut on Titanfall 2 there. But Mafia 3 under $50 is a nice price, and the $64 for the Xenoverse sequel is not too bad for a game that's also fairly fresh. And if you missed out on Gears, $58 isn't bad either.

So that's the latest tit-for-discount-tat between Target and Big W. Not the most insane offerings we've seen, but then if you're in need of a last minute gaming gift for the Christmas tree you could do a lot worse.


    How's EB games responding?

      By going to Target and Big W, buying all the sale games then taking them back to their own stores to sell as pre-owned with a $50 mark-up.

        Just perfect.

        I once saw an *ex-rental* copy of Dead Space (with a photocopied cover) that was sold by Video Ezy for $25 (the price was still on the box) on sale at eb for $39.

          I actually once saw a pre-owned copy of Twilight Princess on the Wii at EB that was $5 more expensive than the brand new copy sitting literally right on the shelf next to it.

        HAHAHAHA! Only just saw this now. Thanks for making my morning!

      From my experience two weeks ago, I assume they're responding with "We don't price match unless the store is in the same centre."

      Let's just ignore the fact that Big W were all of 5 minutes away... In a shopping centre with another EB store in it.

      Just made me wonder what the other EB store's excuse would have been...

      Last edited 08/12/16 5:03 pm

        I price matched The Last Guardian the other day because the checkout queue at JB was massive. Instead of giving me the nice cardboard sleeve that was on the shelf he went off to the back room and came back with another box without the sleeve. I asked if I could have one with the sleeve and he said no, not with the price match. So yeah, they're basically charging 20 bucks for a cardboard sleeve. I took the price match :P

          What a jerk - I've never had that happen before

        My local shopping centre has a Big W, Target and an EB Games so that excuse isn't going to wash there.

      By selling games at 90% more and presenting it like a they always do.

    I sent a friend around to look for Titanfall last time and they had nothing.... So do they actually have stock this time?

      It will probably be 50% off or so on the PS store early next week:
      Rise of the Tomb Raider
      Fallout 4
      Dishonored II
      The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition
      Battlefield 1
      Uncharted 4
      Titanfall 2
      Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
      FIFA 17
      Grand Theft Auto V
      Watch Dogs 2
      Final Fantasy XV

      The list of sale games has been accurate so far.

        FFXV would be crazy!

          Yeah....if Final Fantasy is 50% off for a digital copy, I'll have to get it.

      You usually get the catalogue before the sale right? Go into the store and hide a copy of what you want somewhere.

      My aunt used to do this at Kmart as they were notorious for only leaving 1 or 2 items on the shelf back in the day (VHS era). She picked up a Disney movie that she had hidden and they tried to claim it wasn't on special until she pulled out the catalogue and pointed at it.

        I'm 800km away from the stores and won't be back until after this sale ends.

        I don't mind asking a friend to swing by and pick something up but at a certain point I'm imposing.

    W knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows when you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake...

    [Sees the LEGO games at the bottom of the page.]

    .....SCREW WORK!!!

    [Comedic running of footsteps leaving a blazing trail followed by ear splitting tire screeching]

      Oh SNAP!! True....some great games in there.

    LOL at Wii U for $399 right next to PS4 slim for $349. Fair enough that they are packing in Smash Bros and MK8 but still...

    Nintendo never changes.

      Agreed. If the Wii U was $250 with a game thrown in, they might have actually sold a few this Xmas.

    Picked up Titanfall 2 for the PS4Pro........sweet game. The campaign is tops.

    Is battlefront worth $24? Love Star Wars but not a massive shooter player, and with basically only multiplayer I worry I'd not be able to keep up

    Wow, that's a big drop on World of Final Fantasy already... Or was it originally a lower-budget title?

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