Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Destiny: Rise Of Iron In Australia

Here Are The Cheapest Copies Of Destiny: Rise Of Iron In Australia
Image: Target

Mark your calendars people: it begins today. I’m talking about the silly season of gaming that the last few months of the year becomes, and it begins today with the release of one of the biggest AAA titles around.

That game, of course, is the latest expansion for Destiny. And if you’re planning on investing hundreds of hours into Bungie’s new content, or you’re looking to get into the game for the first time, then here’s where you can pick up the cheapest copy.

PlayStation Store/Xbox Live

Price: $44.95.

If you’re just looking to upgrade to Rise of Iron from The Taken King, this is how much you can expect to pay. Those who never picked up The Taken King will need to grab The Collection upgrade instead.

The Gamesmen

Price: $81.95 (XBO, via Ebay)

This deal doesn’t use the 15% site-wide discount that Ebay’s running right now, but a separate voucher code (AU4BJ2MLXZQBM was what I saw) that only works if you pay via PayPal.

If you can’t or don’t want to use PayPal at checkout, you can apply the CODE15 voucher at checkout, which brings the game down to around $86. Either way, neither is the best deal — although you are getting a substantial amount of content at the $80 price point regardless.


Price: $63.95 ($19 for The Taken King with Ebay discount, $44.95 through PSN for Rise of Iron upgrade)

OK, so this one’s a bit convoluted. Target doesn’t have any listings for Destiny: The Collection, but if you use the PayPal voucher code to get The Taken King for $19 and then buy the Rise of Iron upgrade through the PlayStation Store you should still come out ahead.

If you go through the website and buy The Taken King normally, it’ll cost you more. Target added that they will be stocking Destiny: The Collection in store, although as per usual they’re not revealing the price:


JB Hi-Fi

Price: $79 (PS4, XBO)

Note that you can still pick up The Taken King’s Legendary Edition for $39 on PS4. Rise of Iron still costs $44.95, so you’re losing out in the long run, but if you wanted to experience Destiny on the cheap then there’s that option.

EB Games

Price: $89.95 (PS4, XBO)

Nothing special here. Find it for cheaper elsewhere and price match if you have to.

Big W

Price: $80 (XBO)

Bit odd that Big W are only offering the Xbox One version, but they’ve never been known for having a wide gaming range to begin with.


Price: $62.99 (PS4, XBO)

Hands down the best price straight up for Destiny: The Collection. Even if you pay $5 for the express delivery, however, it’ll still take up to 6 working days for the game to arrive even if you’re living in a metropolitan area. That’s the price you get for buying from the UK, though.


Price: $74.11 (XBO), $80.85 (PS4)

Nothing outstanding — you may as well go to a brick and mortar retailer at that price. At least you don’t have to wait for shipping.


Price: ~$87 (PS4/XBO)

It’s nice that you can get Amazon to ship to Australia, although you aren’t getting a fantastic deal through this. If you pay with Australian currency, the total amount (at the time of writing) comes to $90.02. Regardless, you’ll still have to wait a minimum of 9 business days; 7 if you pay the few dollars extra for AmazonGlobal Expedited Shipping.

The fastest option is the $US30.59 global shipping, but at those prices you might as well just buy the thing outright digitally. The download will probably be done by the time it arrives anyway.

So that’s how much it’ll cost you to pick up Rise of Iron today from the major retailers and online stores. See something we missed? And will you be picking up the new Destiny expansion?


  • I think the people worst off are the ones that bought the “season pass”. The tiny amount of content that was included in that was ridiculous. Then taken king was separately charged, now this. The least they could of done is offer existing season pass holders a discount? Telltale did when they made a 2nd season of minecraft.

    • Yup.
      I bought the Ghost Edition.
      The DLC was average at best, my friend playing/clan dwindled.
      The Taken King was released, I got it with my 1TB PS4.
      I played it a fair bit, never hit the level cap as I just didn’t enjoy the raid as much and my friends / clan had dried up.
      Now… I have to spend MORE on it?

      I get it, they are making more content, but that first batch wasn’t exactly ‘quality’.

      Oh well, I kicked my Destiny addiction.

    • The season pass gave us exactly what it said it would. The Taken King was a massive Expansion Pack not a DLC, likewise, hopefully this will be that same size. Cant believe people are still going on about it.

      • Apparently its not quite the same size as Taken King, but it’s 15 bucks cheaper so I guess it evens out.

      • I remember when DLCs were expansion packs. My issue with Taken King was the price. You can’t honestly say that there was more content in the Destiny Season Pass than there was in the Witcher 3 Season Pass, which was cheaper. Plus the fact that Taken King required the Season Pass in order to buy it, even if you had no interest in the extra content the Season Pass gave. And yeah, Witcher is a very different game but comparing the amount of content you get for the dollar figure makes Destiny look pretty embarrassing.

        Worse still, Xbox owners are still missing endgame content that was Playstation exclusive, yet the Season Pass was the exact same price.

        • Really don’t want to sound like a dick because I totally see your point, but at the end of the day if people don’t like the product/price simply don’t buy it and instead support devs like CDPR which unfortunately are an outlier.

          Your complaint could be applied to literally any product, the value of similar products differ and people will purchase based on their own personal wants and needs, some people prefer to pay the premium for an iPhone whereas for others Android is more bang for buck.

          Beyond that, the cost of all things are increasing, as the cost of living goes up, so does the cost of labour therefore so does the cost of developing video games. If quality and a time frame must be maintained the amount of content must be reduced or risk losing one of the previous 2 things.

          • Agree on all things – for the Destiny SP though, you’re forced to buy it to get the extra Taken King story content. CDPR are definitely the exception to the rule.

            $45 for the Rise of Iron addon certainly sounds like a lot better value than the two expansions included in the Season Pass too.

          • Yeah it would be nice if Destiny 2 or whatever it will be is more sandbox-ish like W3 which would allow more granularity of SP content. However, by the time that comes out I’m hoping Cyberpunk 2077 is out and I’ll be playing that for 12 months instead.

        • yeah but comparing it to Witcher 3 is a disservice, to both games. not just in terms that they are two completely games but the fact that CDProjekt are still the Holy Grail of game developers. No one else comes close. Like Bioware used to be before they sold out. Comparing the amount of content a massive RPG DLC gives us compared to a shooter is chalk and cheese. The standard version of Taken King came with the DLC, it was more expensive (than the upgrade path) but that is no different than how most games of its kind that bundles in old DLC into expansion launches. Because those DLC were seen as part of the base game by the time Taken King launched.

          I understand Xbox people still have some missing stuff from year two (and wont be getting it for ages yet, once again damn you activision) but i wasnt aware they were still missing content from Year One?

        • er you see back in the good old days. An expansion pack was a sizeable chunk of extra stuff, new campaign, new zones etc. then came along the start of Bioware’s descent into sell out with Dragon Age 1. suddenly there were these tiny DLC things with barely a few hours of content, then they also launched a full expansion pack as well. (sure it sort of started with Neverwinter Nights.)

          Most games these days dont really do expansion packs anymore EG like Arkham Knight, just a whole bunch of small, forgettable chucks of time wasters that didnt move the main story along, its just padded things.

          Likewise in Destiny their two DLC did nothing to the overall story, it just padded things and gave us little stories. Where as Taken King was a whole new sizeable chunk of new content continuing the main story.

          Now days DLC is just an umbrella term for everything extra to a game. Whether it is over priced horse armour in Oblivion or a huge new story like the two Witcher 3 expansions.

    • I would have liked them to justinclude vanilla destiny digitally with Rise of Iron. I’d love to ditch my destiny disc so a bit of recognition “hey you bought the expansion pass, TTK and now are getting RoI -here don’t worry about your disc anymore”

  • XBO upgrade price is AU$59.95 from the Microsoft Store, not $45. Would have bought it here and now were that the price.

    Edit: Turns out, AU$59.95 is the Collector’s Upgrade price. It won’t let me buy/preorder Rise of Iron on its own at $45 because I don’t own Taken King. I bought Taken King Collectors Edition, which isn’t good enough, apparently.

  • Can someone confirm as I am just assuming that the Collection just includes Destiny on disk and then download codes for the DLC?

  • Hi, can someone please explain to me how to get the ebay discount for the target option?? I would really like to purchase it for $19 but have no idea how!!!

    • You might be presented with a different code, and there should be a little indicator on the listing page (under the price) as to whether there’ll be a discount or not. Let me know how you get on.

      • no indicator for me when i go to the EXACT same page as in the picture 🙁 thankyou for your response btw

  • Destiny has to be the most exploitative AAA game (is it a “series” yet?) ever to have mainstream success.

    It was half-baked by even the most half-baked standards at launch and since then they’ve drip-fed content to the addicted and charged them at every possible opportunity.

    Don’t get me wrong, the framework of the game (the shooting) is solid, but I don’t know how people can enjoy it (still) without the experience being tainted by the constant feeling that you’re being screwed. It’s even got pay-to-win now FFS!

  • I honestly didn’t know that Play-Asia was still a thing. I bought SO MUCH from them about 15-20 years ago. Mostly imported consoles and related games, and the Gamecube modem for PSO, and the Wavebird for same system, and my original GBA, and… *sigh* the good memories just go on and on.

  • This game is a bald face rip-off

    Every single one of the prices quoted above is thoroughly depressing designed to extract maximum dollars from people already on the hook

    I bought and played vanilla destiny – didn’t touch a single “expansion” and feel real sad for everyone who is still persisting with this joyless grind – this game was as close as I’ll hopefully ever get to the sensation of trying to win back the $20 you lost on a poker machine $200 ago.

  • Is this the final DLC for destiny or is there going to be more next year before destiny 2, i have been wanting to play this for a while but the shit they have pulled with all the DLC prices is messed up so i have been waiting for when they have release everything and make a final bundle, as by then the price will actually be worth the content, so is destiny the collection everything, or should i hold off for a bit longer?

    Also how did you get that $19 taken king edition on target Ebay, i would probably just stick to that if i can get it for $19.

    • My understanding is this is the last big chunk of paid DLC until Destiny 2, so there’ll be content drops during the year (one would hope with more frequency than last year) but they are supported by people who buy the microtransactions in game rather than being paid for specifically (same as halo 5). You can happily ignore them as well, they’re mostly just emotes and shaders and so forth.

      So The Collection is actually a pretty good deal, you’re getting a LOT of content for your $80 or whatever, my advice would be make sure you’ve got some people to play it with though. Destiny is perfectly serviceable as a single player shooter, the movement and shooting mechanics are silky smooth and very fun on their own, but make no mistake it’s designed to be played with a few friends. Single player really doesn’t do it justice.

      • Cool, thank you for the reply. I think i will get it soon then, i have played about the first hour of base destiny at my friends and overall it felt like it would be a fun play, but there was nowhere near enough story for me to buy the game my self and the cost of the DLC and what you got for them was pretty bad, but getting it all as one collection for the price of one game (instead of nearly three if you bought it as it came out) i think it should be a very nice amount of stuff to do.

        I agree it is a good buy, i dont like how the DLC comes as a one off code instead of as extra discs like borderlands 1 and 2 GOTY editions were (getting those second hand each a year after they came out for $20-ish dollars has to be one of my best money to content ratio game purchases ever, and most of the DLC was fantastic as well).

        Unfortunately i have literally no one to play it with, i only have 2 friends that play xbox and neither of them are the slightest bit interested, though i have seen websites you can go and find people to join with if you want to do a raid/boss or whatever it is. but i think with all of the stuff in the collection its enough that i will be happy with the single player by itself and maybe the PVP if im any good. Plus i might get it with that ebay 15% off thing which would make it only $60

        • Yeah nice one, $60 is a good price for what will end up being a pretty massive game 🙂

          Although it would be hard to top $20 for borderlands, awesome stuff!!

          You’ll still enjoy it single player, the base mechanics are great, if you don’t get too worried about the loot end game you’ll have a lot of fun.

          The best site for finding groups is just say you’re starting up and you’ll find people willing to help you.

          • Yeah the mechanics of the game felt pretty good from the hour i played, im pretty excited, i have felt like playing a new shooter for a while now.

            Thanks for that site, i bookmarked it so i can use it when i start playing, should come in handy.

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