The EB Games Mad Monday Sale Is Pretty Good

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Other retailers went gangbusters on Black Friday. And while EB Games followed suit, to a degree, they're finally starting to amp up their discounting efforts today with their online-only Mad Monday sale. Here's the bargains to look out for.


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The Mad Monday sale covers hardware and software, and seeing as there's some surprisingly decent deals on the latter that's where we'll start.

Some reasonable picks. The PS4 Pro offering isn't a bad deal if you're a Bethesda fan, although some PS4 Pro specific patches might still be in the works. And the Xbox One S isn't a bad offering either: pair it with Gears for an ultimate Bro Shooter/Gamer package, or Rise of the Tomb Raider if you want a more well rounded AAA package.


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DOOM is going for a song these days, and if you haven't gotten it already you really, really should. In fact, it feels like a bit of a Bethesda clearance sale. The full list is here.

  • DOOM (PC, PS4, XBO): $20
  • Tom Clancy's The Division (PC, PS4, XBO): $29
  • Dishonored 2 Limited Edition (PC, PS4, XBO): $39
  • Fallout 4 (PC, PS4, XBO): $20
  • Skyrim Special Edition (PS4, XBO): $35
  • Dark Souls 3 (PC, PS4, XBO): $49
  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided (PC, PS4, XBO): $34
  • GTA 5 (PS4, XBO): $42
  • Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe Edition (PS4, XBO): $49
  • Rare Replay (XBO): $18
  • Mafia 3 (PC, PS4, XBO): $42
  • Pokemon Sun/Moon (3DS): $54
  • Ratchet & Clank (PS4): $39
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration (PS4): $47
  • Uncharted 4 (PS4): $39
  • The Last of Us Remastered (PS4): $44
  • XCOM 2 (PS4, XBO): $39
  • The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition (PS4, XBO): $45
  • Bravely Second - End Layer (3DS): $29
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PC, PS4, XBO): $47
  • Titanfall 2 Supply Pack (PS4, XBO): $42
  • Borderlands The Handsome Collection (PS4): $39
  • DRIVECLUB (PS4): $20
  • Until Dawn (PS4): $36
  • Killzone Shadow Fall (PS4): $20
  • inFAMOUS Second Son (PS4): $20
  • Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition (PS4): $47
  • Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition (PC, PS4, XBO): $15
  • NBA 2K17 (PS4, XBO): $54
  • Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4): $35

Note that the PC version of GTA 5 is $62, surprisingly so. Why the $20 surcharge? And it's kind of amusing to see the Last of Us Remaster cost more than Uncharted 4, since Drake's last adventure only came out earlier this year.

But there are plenty of neat offerings at decent price points. XCOM 2 offers plenty of replay value at that price point, and $20 for DRIVECLUB is superb now that its nightmare days are well and truly behind. DOOM for $20 ... again, regardless of the platform, just get it. The Division is nice and cheap too, and The Witcher with all of its DLC at $45 is a solid Christmas present.


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It's not much, but finally there's a discount somewhere on the Elite controller.

There's a ton more Pop! Vinyls if you're into that sort of thing. Most will set you back around $12 or $15. There's also more board games and toys for Pokemon.

So that's the Mad Monday deals, or at least most of it, from EB for 2016. Some decent pickings, particularly if you want to get on board the Bethesda train. Spot anything? See any deals I missed? Or are you done with sales for the year? Let us know!


    I was actually totally underwhelmed by the offering, there's really nothing there that couldn't be had from elsewhere for the same price most days.

      Hey, a sale price of less than $89 is huge for EB.

    I've looked at cars with less desire than that Xbox Elite Controller. Still not able to justify it.

    I may look into DRIVECLUB, it's really gotten better?

      Yeah, it's quite the treat now with the weather system. The fact that all of the levels are self contained means it's a stunner to look at.

    Had a browse at 7am, jumped on the steam link as I'd just been considering one on the weekend, then added a few things to finish off my order.

    Went to check out, steam link was now sold out. Boo!

    Was really hoping Ni no Kuni would have a sale price in the form of preowned games. Pretty disappointed with that tbh.

    EDIT: Genuinely curious why this got a -1? Does someone not like me?

    *sings* Why can't we be friends?

    Last edited 12/12/16 11:39 am

      It's only $25 on the PSN though

        Yeah, but $9 is a proper bargain for a pre-owned version of it. I don't personally see the need to buy a new copy of it.

      Because your request is so ridiculously specific and uncommon and you are whining about them not accommodating you?

        I'm not allowed to be disappointed with that one thing? Fuck -- you guys are assholes, lol.

        Meanwhile other people are saying the entire sale is no good and I am attacked because I'm disappointed about one game on a non-current game system not being on sale? ead tbh, guest.

        Last edited 12/12/16 4:31 pm

      They probably saw Japanese words and went straight into "fucking weeaboos" mode.

    Ehh the only two games of note were Luigis Mansion 2 and Bravely Second for $29. The rest you can find cheaper elsewhere.

      Out of curiosity, then, where can you find Dishonored 2 cheaper than here that isn't gray market?

        You can't, it's the best price I've found all day. People here just trying to downplay it but Kotaku is right. This is an all round good sale.

          I bought Dishonored for cheaper within the month. If it wasn't cheaper it was $1-2 more or the same.

          Lets not pretend this sale is good.

            We're not talking about the past month, we want the cheapest price here and now. Give me a link to a cheaper price so I can make a purchase or keep moving.

            So what you're saying is that when you got Dishonored, you didn't get a good price?

      Just ordered Doom because it wasn't cheaper elsewhere.

        You do realise you could have payed $6 extra and got it pre-owned haha! I had to laugh at that.

    These base prices were pretty great, but when shipping is $9 for one game, or $12 for two, the sale sadly becomes a lot less enticing.

      Where are these shipping prices coming from? I've seen others mention it on forums... I just brought 3x PS4 games and shipping was $3.50....

        What state are you in? In WA its definitely 9 dollars.

      The shipping cost depends on where EB is sending the item from. If the main warehouse is completely out of stock the item gets sent from an EB Games store.

      Shipped from the EB warehouse = Cheap Shipping
      Shipped from an EB Games Store = Expensive Shipping

      Depends where it's being shipped from. It'll always prioritise the warehouse if possible which is usually 3.50 standard, but if it has to ship from a store it uses a different service and is about $9 or so.

      It can be hard to know what's what, but it'll estimate the lowest price *possible* either way.

        Ahh makes sense, cheer for the explanation to all that answered.

    I had a restless night last night and got up for a while somewhere around 3am. Checked my email, twitter etc, looked at the specials email from EB, then went back to bed.

    Woke up thismorning to find emails from both EB and PayPal confirming my purchase of a Steam controller.
    I don't remember buying that but congratulations half-asleep me!

    Sweet, just picked up Watch Dogs 2 for $49. Had planned on picking it up when I bought my Pro, but they didn't have any in stock.

    Shipping is only a couple of bucks depending on your address so the deals are still pretty good especially considering Target (no longer have Watch Dogs 2) and Big W are selling it for $68.

      Wound up getting the San Francisco edition for $58 plus $8.20 delivery (which is damn close to the $7.80 it would cost me to go to an EB on public transport).

        I nearly bought that one, but then decided that I had nowhere to put the figure :p

    Just a note for anyone looking to pick up some of the older 360 and PS3 games on the cheap - you may not actually get everything you order. In their Black Friday sales, I ordered a little over 200 items (a to of which were $1 each) - so far, over 70 have been cancelled. They refund the purchase price of the game, but keep the shipping.

    I had a few games that were cancelled the first time, but were still available on the website, then after ordering again I received them. There were some, like RAGE, Brink and AC2, that were $1 each - I tried ordering them 3 separate times, got told they had no stock every time, and now they're selling them today for $4 each. So yeah, you may not get those ones if you buy them. Or you might! They might've made enough money on the shipping from the cancelled sales to make up for the cheaper price by now, so they might be able to send them. Who knows.

    Anyway yeah, just worth noting. I got my hopes up in getting a ton of games I missed from last gen on the cheap, but almost all the ones that I actually wanted ended up being cancelled. But hey, EB Games. *shoulder shrug emoji*

      Yeah I discovered this a week ago with Lego Dimensions packs - EB seems to have no scruples about advertising something is in stock when it's actually not

        This deserves greater scrutiny, I mean if we accept it it only encourages them, right?

    Grabbed a few games last night when the sale started at midnight. Postage was $8.10 for 3 games, one of which was Guitar Hero Live so I think I got off cheap on that. $30 seemed very good for GH, $36 for GotY Arkham Knight. Forgot about Witcher 3 GotY till after I put in the order :(

    Sonic racing game for Wii U.
    Buy new $1 (sold out)
    Buy used $33 :(

    Im getting a price of 150 for the ds... what's the go kotaku, am I looking in the wrong place

    I don't recognise the store front. You said eb games but aren't their colours red and white with the words sale all over it?

    Picked up:

    Uncharted 4
    Dishonored 2 Limited Edition Inc Dishonored 1
    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    For $140, I'm pretty happy with that

    That Titanfall supply pack.. Can anyone find it? Seems to only have dead links on their site.

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