It's December, Which Means EB Games Is Having Another Mad Monday Sale

In what's become a bit of a seasonal discount tradition, EB Games announced on Facebook yesterday that it'll be having another 24-hour sale, starting at midnight tonight.

The website currently features a festive red-and-green takeover declaring the incoming bonanza, but provides little else in the way of details. The Facebook post is slightly more informative, stating that there will be "deals on over 5000 products" and that EB is giving away a console bundle of some description if you engage in rampant viral social media activity like, share and comment on its FB page.

You can't really say no to getting games and hardware cheaper, but historically, the Mad Monday sales haven't been much to write home about, let alone retrieve whatever crinkled notes and dusty coins you have left after Steam, GOG and GMG's holiday onslaught.

Still, the possibility of a steal will be hard to resist for some and if EB Games does hourly deals like previous sales, you could enjoy some decent savings. Of course, it all depends on how long you're willing to stay up on Sunday night / Monday morning.

Mad Monday Sale [EB Games, via Facebook]


    They sent an email out with some of the items they have on sale

    Last edited 07/12/14 12:41 pm

      anything interesting?

      Can you share some sale info with us? I was just about to register for the email when I was struck with the green wall of festivity.

    Still have a EB Games card from years ago :P
    EDIT: Wait, so its online only? Aww :(

    Last edited 07/12/14 1:13 pm

    I wanted to get a release date on something the other night and it wouldn't even let me into the EB Games online store. Everything just redirects you back to that green page. Sort of noble in that they're not going to let you buy something that will be discounted when the sale starts, but still strange in that they're effectively turning away business.

      Yeah, I always though it was an odd thing to do. My only rationale is that they're preparing / testing the site for the sale and so it makes sense to take it down and throw up a takeover.

    So you can't use their gift cards on the website? That sucks

      You can, there is a section now where you can redeem them, I saw it not too long ago when I was on there, you just have to log in, then type in the number on the back of the card. It's fairly hidden though, somewhere in the fine print at the top of the page

    It sucked because it was up when i went to check prices on 2ds.

    Yep and 20 mins after it starts the website goes down - nice start to mad monday :(

    Not as good as last year's, but picked up a PC controller and Dark Souls 2 (hoping I got it in time for the mouse and mouse pad!)

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