Tony Abbott Gets His Own RPG

Image: Kotaku

Given how much our former Prime Minister was ripe for parody, I'm surprised this wasn't made sooner.

It's called Tony Abbott And The Quest For The Suppository Of Wisdom. If you're not familiar with the joke, it's a reference to a gaffe Australia's former PM made during a speech.

So obviously, someone made a game about it.

The tutorial battle is a fight - or an argument, really - with a Buzzfeed "journalist" who attacks Tony Abbott with a tutorial onion.

"You can perform a basic attack by selecting 'Argue'," the game says. Arguments are over once a character's willpower is brought to zero.

There's special attacks too. Tony's first special: nodding silently, which is effective for confusing journalists.

Image: Youtube

The first episode of Tony Abbott And The Quest For The Suppository Of Wisdom, titled The Spill, is due out this month for PC, Mac and mobiles. New episodes are due out every six to eight weeks, and will be released for free.

Can't wait.


    Well if there's no decent efforts in other media to attempt political satire in this country, it's games' time to shine.

    Can he summon Bronnie as an esper?

      I can't wait for Ride of the Valkyries to blare over the speakers when Bronnie is summonsed.

    I can imagine the end cinematic.

    After a long hallway where he defeats illusions that Murdoch is controlling the Coaltion and even defeats Turnbull, Tony comes to a mirror which reveals that he has had Peta Credlin's hand up his butt the whole time.

    To Tony's shock, the final revelation is he has been letting himself be played by Credlin and to be truely free he must stand up to her.

    The final boss fight ensues where he finally defeats Peta but dies anyway as he realises he failed to remain the leader he was in opposition and allowed himself to become tied to her.

    After the credits, a flash back plays with Gillard making her misogyny speech and Credlin slowly coming into focus behind Abbott.

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    what? no scenes of Tony bending Australia over and giving a right buggering?

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