Uncharted 4 Is Getting A Co-Op Horde Mode

Uncharted 4 Is Getting A Co-Op Horde Mode

Keeping in step with the multiplayer roadmap released back in autumn, Uncharted 4’s co-op multiplayer survival mode is coming in mid-December, pitting Nathan Drake and friends against 50 waves of enemies from merc fodder to flaming pirates.

Visitors to next week’s PlayStation Experience event will be the first to try their hands at Uncharted 4: Survival, in which up to three players attempt to outlive a series of increasingly difficult foes. They will work together to complete objectives and up their arsenal, bracing themselves for a boss battle every 10 levels. Completing objectives earns in-game cash that can be used to obtain powerful new weapons. The PlayStation Blog announcement post says players of Uncharted 2 and 3’s co-op arena modes should feel right at home.

Uncharted 4: Survival is a whole new branch of the Uncharted 4 experience, with its own progression system. Look for it in the middle of next month, sometime before spring turns to summer.


  • Uhh…. while I’m definitely looking forward to this [UC4 is my favourite MP game on PS4 still], I’m a little disappointed it’s not narrative driven co-op, like they had in UC2 and 3.

    Hopefully they are bringing that to fruition as well! [particularly as there is SP story DLC coming also].

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