Xbox Holiday Update Rolling Out With Clubs, Group Chat And Emojis

The Xbox community across Xbox One, PC and mobile platforms is about to get a whole lot more communal. Microsoft is rolling out the Xbox Holiday Update, making it easier to find friends, find games and communicate with stupid little faces.

As you can see in the screenshot above with the odd choice of team names considering a Nintendo 3DS game is coming out later this month, we're getting our Xbox guild on as the Holiday update rolls out. Groups give like-minded players a chance to build and foster their own circle of friends, establishing rules and requirements to ensure everybody is on the same page.

We're also getting the LFG tool, which is sort of a gaming want ads section. Players who don't want to play alone can reach out into the darkness for human companionship. It's a beautiful thing.

We've got group messaging, an annoying feature that the PlayStation has had for a while and I hope no one ever includes me in. Gamerscore leaderboards now reset weekly instead of monthly, giving scorehounds more strategic options when planning their attacks.

And yep, emojis.

The only major update that isn't being rolled out is the tournament-building Arena function, which will stay in preview through the holidays for further tweaking.

Check out the video below for a comprehensive overview of what we're getting in the Holiday Update, or hit up Xbox Wire for more info.


    Remember when the major Xbox update was actually major?
    The Fall update used to be something to look forward to and for Microsoft to say that after last year's alignmnet with Windows 10 that there's not much else to do, bullshit - even just fix the crippling lag in menu selections.

      Wide ranging reports that this update has fixed some of the slowness in the OS.

      I can't verify, because I never really noticed it... but I've seen reports of it on GAF.

    Even though Im part of the preview program, I havent tried out the clubs features yet as none of my friends are part of yhe program. Not sure Im that keen anyway, I rarely play multiplayer unless my friends are online playing with me in a party already. I suppose these features are for people that actually want to make friends with randos via xbl.

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