The Xbox One February System Update Begins Rolling Out Today

According to Major Nelson, the update adds, among other things, the ability to see and manage your storage space, an on-screen battery power indicator and USB keyboard support. Not as cool as March's update, but it'll do.

Xbox One February update is now starting to roll out [Major Nelson]


    Much content, So Wow..

    For those who want real details..

    Change log:

    Full list of changes/improvements:

    *Update to My Game & Apps to allow sorting of games and application lists, and separate queue lists for games, applications and installs

    *Ability to delete game and application save data

    *Improved installation and DLC management

    *Addition of the controller battery power indicator

    *Improved UI for accessing friends, achievements, messages, and party chat

    *Game DVR app to be included in the Xbox OneGuide as an app channel

    *Update to the boot progress indicators for system update

    *Improve consistency of UX for update & install progress

    *Separate game, application, and install queue lists

    *Addition of USB keyboard support

    *Stability and performance update

    *Improved NAT detection

    *Network Troubleshooter improvements

    *Blu-ray quality improvements

    *Significant performance and stability improvements

      "Allows sorting of games and application lists"

      I wonder if it'll let you organise your pins.

      To me, the single biggest deal there is the allowance to use a USB keyboard. That's a pretty massive deal to anyone who used a 360 last gen and was sick and bloody tired of putting in long codes with the bloody onscreen keyboard!

        I did like their use of QR codes for redeeming stuff one the Xbox One, pity it probably wont work within games that use their own system like Borderlands 2 and its Shift codes.

          The Q code idea is brilliant. A great idea indeed and I love how you can use those, will save *so* much time. Q codes, coupled with the keyboard, make for a much better, much more streamlined service now.

      To be fair, they have done articles previously highlighting the entire update, and this was simply to say its starting to roll out.

      That said, cheers for the comment, though I did know most of what was coming, really only looking forward to the party improvements :P

    Better late than never

      Late being the operative word. Its Automatically downloaded in your regions time zone in "off-peak" times. So for us lets hope it does it tonight else Major Nelson's guarantee of having it this weekend wont hold true on this end of the date line.

      Yes I know it not his fault but still a manual update option like the PS3 has would have been awesome.

        I've already got it, I'm in WA.

          I did get mine last night at around 9pm Brisbane time. I wouldn't call 9pm "off peak" for gaming but what the hell I have it regardless.

    And i shal get this update in around 8 months!

    cause thats when im gonna buy it :P
    (wanna wait till more games and bug fixxes are done)

    Mine was updating when I got home, no idea how to find the controller battery status though, I thought it would be simple like pressing the home button.

    Edit: worked it out, bottom right

    Last edited 15/02/14 6:35 pm

    Can you access external storage (HDDs and flash drives) and transfer files to and from yet? you know, that basic function that there is no excuse for excluding from a multimedia machine...

    Apparently it has removed the sharping filter on the console. You should start seeing smoother graphics with less jaggies. :) Yet to confirm myself, don't know why mine hasn't updated yet.

    For those who have not got the update yet and can't wait can use the offline diagnostic tool. The downside is the file is 1.3GB, but I can confirm it does work. I usually am not impatient with these things, but someone mentioned it and I was curious to see if it would work. :)

    link -

      I did that with the original update as I have a 4Mbit connection and I was going to the midnight launch. This update was a "I would like it" not a "mandatory to even use the console at all". That said, 20th Feb I finally have my Cable connection. The Cable has been run down the street after almost 3 months and $3600, just waiting for the "Bigpond" side now.

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