Civilization’s Giant AI Battle Royale Died, Returns Way Better

Civilization’s Giant AI Battle Royale Died, Returns Way Better

Early last year, something beautiful happened: a single game of Civ 6 was started up, with 61 civs all controlled by the AI, then left to run. It was chaos, there was bloodshed, but sadly, it all kinda fell apart thanks to technical woes. Not to matter! It’s starting up again, and for curious spectators looks a lot better.

Whereas the last one was only really able to be enjoyed via imgur roundups, Reddit posts and some maps, there are very ambitious plans for the new Civ V Battle Royale (or CBR Mk. III as it’s officially called).

This one is going to have a roster of over 100 custom Civs (that spectators will be able to vote on), along with loads of custom mods and fan-made city states.

Most importantly though, it will be streamed live on Twitch, 24/7, with those watching able to influence the control of the camera while the Civs battle it out (they’re promising that archives of the entire thing will also be available for catch up on both Twitch and YouTube). There’ll even be “Live Data Visualisation on demand”.

That last part is especially cool; CBR will be using something called “All Seeing Eye”, which will let anyone watching on Twitch punch in some keywords and be given info like a particular civ’s ranking, land area and tech progress, along with current top tens in victory conditions.

This is all very exciting. CBR Mk. III is due to kick off on December 26.


    • I think is Luke’s own private little joke to always get at least one fact wrong when making an article about the CBR.

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