Guy Who Made His Own Amiga 2000 GPU Is Now Selling Them To Everyone

Guy Who Made His Own Amiga 2000 GPU Is Now Selling Them To Everyone
Lukas Hartmann
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Remember Lukas Hartmann, the guy who decided to make his own Amiga video card? Not only did he craft one for himself, he’s now decided to go the mass-production route so all Amiga-owning aficionados can get in on the GPU action.

I know what you’re thinking — there couldn’t possibly be a big enough market for a modern Amiga graphics card to justify making more than a couple. Well, not only has the first pre-order sold out for Hartmann’s MNT VA2000, he’s gone ahead and launched a second batch pre-order for those who missed out.

The card itself supports a maximum resolution of 1280 x 720 at 16-bit colour, or if you’re willing to go with a lower resolution, 24-bit. It also comes with HDMI out, so you won’t be relegated to using an old display or chunky adaptors.

As far as cost goes, it’s €189 ($270), which is about the same as a low-mid range GPU from today. This doesn’t include shipping… or an Amiga, but for those in need of this hardware, shopping around isn’t really an option.

MNT VA2000 Amiga Graphics Card (Zorro II/III) [MNT, via Xilinx]

Originally published on Gizmodo Australia.


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