Honest Trailers Eviscerates Suicide Squad

Honest Trailers Eviscerates Suicide Squad

Like the movie itself, the real surprise is how long we had to wait.

There’s so much about Suicide Squad that’s downright awful. And it’s been a while so there’s a good chance you’ve forgotten some of the more painful elements, like Katana’s exposition, the wasted references to how awful the cast is, and how unsuited anyone is to the task at hand.

God this movie was awful.

Let’s hope nobody ever tries to reboot the series. Or make a sequel. Just let it die.


  • I watched this movie on a plane over the weekend. I had literally nothing else of interest I could be doing with my time and I still felt like I’d wasted it.

  • Suicide Squad’s a bit of a funny one.

    I don’t care for the ‘hahah DC are hacks’ stuff you see everywhere when talking about the DC films, not one bit.

    Suicide Squad was clearly even more of a counter-programming move than the others, but there’s apparently a lot of people who liked it.

    The explosion of Harley costumes at Halloween, that has to count for something.

    I didn’t hate the movie like most, it was completely bonkers, but I saw it once in the cinema so I’m cool. I might check out the extended edition.

    The central idea for Suicide Squad is still sound, and I hope it stays around for a long while.

    • No… no, the explosion of Harley costumes at Halloween doesn’t count for anything. It’s a sexy costume for cute girls. That’s it.

    • I’m with you… I actually quite enjoyed the movie. Sure, it was flawed…. ok, it was deeply flawed, but even HT pointed out that Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney were pretty great. Sure, Jared Leto’s joker was more miss than hit, and the antagonist definitely left something to be desired, but the movie was still a pretty enjoyable romp if you cracked a beer and let your brain have a bit of a rest.

    • While I mostly agree, I wouldn’t put the explosion of Harley costumes down to much more than that it’s both sexy and really, really easy to do. It’s basically just a specific combination of ‘normal’ clothes and make-up. No sewing/crafting required.

  • If you watch the original trailer to SS it looks like it’s going to be a serious and dark movie about Joker, and sending the squad of terrible people after him. Instead we got blue space laser with pop culture references every few seconds. DC needs to either take the “dark and gritty” ball and run with it or drop it. Stop fucking around and trying to change movies that were designed to have 1 tone, then edit the shit out of it and reshoot the thing because you saw another movie was popular.

    • Blame the DC execs for that. Ayer had his vision for what it should have been, but they didn’t want another BvS. I’m not saying tonally that’s what went wrong with both BvS and SS, (that’s another essay entirely) – but I think people need to realize is that DC isn’t Marvel and actually thematically fits better with the darker tone. I just think they need to find a middle ground between too dark and not dark enough… For what it was though, as a turn your brain off and enjoy kinda film – I enjoyed SS.

  • Will Smith and Margot Robbie made this movie watchable to enjoyable, they had great performances. If they do go for a Harley movie, I hope Deadshot is also around.

    My gripe with the movie was either A) Joker wasn’t the villain, thus getting more time to cement his insanity, or B) When Enchantress cleaned herself up and became the villain, you hardly saw her again so it didn’t feel like a threat because she had no more build up.

    • Deserved, though.

      I’ve met drug dealers in country towns who were more menacing than Leto’s Joker. Guy was written and acted as a troubled emo teen’s fanfic ‘badboy’ romance foil to the main character: Harley.

  • Jai needs his own movie as Captain Boomerang, based in Australia and then him taking off to the states. It would be bonkers.

    I walked out when Deadshot was on the car shooting things and didnt reload once. I was born at night, I wasnt born last night.

    • “Don’t engage, they can’t be killed with regular bullets!”
      *proceed to engage and kill them with regular bullets, and a baseball bat*

  • My God that just looks terrible. Can’t believe they used to bring out films like Nolan’s trilogy and now they’re reduced to this.

  • I really only saw that Movie for Harley Quinn (Yeah massive Fanboy) and I was happy with that, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang where surprisingly good. But I really didn’t like the Joker they had, the main villain was generic and let’s be honest Suicide Squad should be thrown at something that isn’t a save the world situation more like a expendable force for Government cover ups.

    If they make a sequel (and they probably will) with Harley Quinn, Deadshot or Captain Boomerang I’ll see it. I would love a Stand alone movie for all 3 of those characters. I enjoy Harley more when she’s without the Joker, especially teamed up with Poison Ivy and not for the obvious male fantasy it’s just the characters are often really well written together.

    Suicide Squad should have been more like Deadpool, it should have been an R, not watered down with faceless monsters to get an M rating.

    I really could go on for hours on this subject.

  • haven’t watched yet as the trailers don’t look interesting to me, just a bunch of troupe cliche’s like harleys’ reveal doing gymnastics in her prison cell…”yeah audience, she’s so bad ass!”
    Really dislike the look of the joker.

    Only chance i may watch is because of Robbie margot.

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