Player Uses A Pokemon Red Glitch To Quickly Beat Completely Different Game

Player Uses A Pokemon Red Glitch To Quickly Beat Completely Different Game
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Fun fact: The Game Boy Color’s memory doesn’t disappear when you turn it off. Players are taking advantage of this quirk in 2016, and using it to bend and break games in entirely new ways.

Image source: PokeCommunity

MrCheeze recently uploaded a video showcasing what’s being called a “new kind of credits warp”. You might know the credit warps term as the sort of exploit used to reach the end of a game in record time.

First, he turns off Pokemon Red while saving, tricking the game into thinking he has 255 monsters. Then, he moves those monsters around to reprogram the game itself.

Then, he swaps games.

As it turns out, the information set in one game can affect another one, if you swap games quickly and you make sure to store the information in the right place while sorting items.

The second game in question here is a title called “Magi-Nation”, a monster-taming RPG that’s actually kind of similar to Pokemon. MrCheeze gets through some of the intro in Magi-Nation, gets an item from a chest and then talks to an NPC while pulling up a menu. This sequence of events is enough to trigger a credits warp within Magi-Nation, meaning that the game is instantly “cleared”. The whole thing is only possible because the game is tricked into reading the RAM from the earlier Pokemon playthrough. MrCheeze breaks it all down here in the video above.

I had no idea anything like this was possible, very cool! And kudos to SolidifiedGaming for discovering this, too.


    • I thought the reason that Stop’n’Swop never happened was that updates to the Nintendo 64 hardware by the time Banjo-Tooie came out had reduced the window of remaining data effecting another game when swapping cartidges from almost 10 seconds to less than 1, making it basically impossible?

  • This can actually be used as a means of infultrating a system you have physical access to. You can power off a system, and immediately pull the memory and place it into a system and dump the contents.
    You now have access to any private keys [or other data] which happened to be in memory.

    It’s one of the reasons new systems are starting to support memory encryption.

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