One minute past the hour, Crazyguy nailed yesterday's scribble bang on the head. Rather than a silhouette of someone who was busting for a pee, the image was the idle villager icon from Age of Empires 2.

I had the game on my mind given yesterday's delightful discovery. Has anyone given that a go yet, incidentally? Either way, here's a new scribble for you all.

This one comes from our commercial editor Tegan, who is far better at drawing than I am. She also has a distinctly good track record of making everyone recall their childhood, so we'll see if this one lasts past lunch time.

Good luck! And email in if you'd like to have your own drawings featured.


    I'm pretty sure it's not, but the first thing I thought of was a Bubsy game... maybe Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind?

      It's Bubsy alright.

        I thought Bubsy had an exclamation mark not a one? or is my memory playing tricks again?

        Edit: nvm - its not *his* shirt, grats @cffndncr!!

        Last edited 06/12/16 12:25 pm

          The game had a few shirts (which made laundry day for the cat easy, :-P).

          A 1 or a 2 gave you that many lives but the exclamation shirt made you invincible. There was also a black shirt that made you invisible (kind of like a ninja).

      Were there multiple Bubsy games???

        There were 3 Bubsy games.

        I mean... technically there were 4, but... we don't speak of Bubsy 3D.

        Last edited 07/12/16 3:03 pm

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