Nobody picked yesterday's game, so it's back for round two.

And here's yesterday's hint:

Image: Kotaku

Good luck!


    Going real old here. Beachhead?

      That game was awesome, thanks for the nostalgia trip, I had forgotten all about it.

        I had a BBC Micro and never played it. :( Just remember mags with C64 screenshots and wanted it so badly. It did get ported across, but too late for me.
        Glad I stoked the fire of memories past!!

          yeah I had it on the Commodore64, Its one of my earliest gaming memories (that I actually still fully remember thanks to my advanced age)

    Man that rings a bell, I'm thinking air warfare of some description, its definitely a target UI......

    maybe Ace combat or something similar.

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    Tie fighter ?

      I think it's TIE Fighter too rather than X-Wing. The crosshair seems to match better.

      EDIT: Reasons why is that in the X-Wing games the crosshair had dashes marking active lasers on the sides which were very close to the reticule, while TIE Fighter typically had little pips that stood further away (in most cases, I think ion cannons were the exception).

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      This, the first was the 'charge indicator' for the shields or cannon banks, today is the targeting reticule. It doesn't show which particular ship type you're flying (indicated by the markers for lasers or ion cannons and Missle/Proton Torpedoes) but that's definitely X-Wing, not Tie Fighter.

      All four games of that franchise were $16US with a few other Star Wars games on steam just a few short days ago. And if DRM isn't to your liking they've been on for a while now. If you've not played these games, and even remotely enjoy Star Wars (and the idea of a competent 'flight sim' set on that world, I cannot recommend X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter, and X-wing Alliance. They are all fantastic games (the plot for Tie Fighter is phenomenal.)

        I wish I could edit that... a few 'auto-correct' typos in there; and apparently 'I can't recommend' those games.... should have read 'cannot recommend them enough!'

          You should be able to edit it. (But nobody's going to hold the odd typo against you, that's what I'm here for)

    Going out on a limb here, Grand Theft Auto?

    Knife Edge on the N64?

    Deus ex.
    I recognise that cross hair anywhere

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