So yesterday's hint wasn't enough. Which I can completely understand; it wasn't the most immediately recognisable game. So here's another hint for you all.

And yesterday's drawing:

Image: Kotaku

Good luck!


    Is that a pushbike seat on top of a cricket bat that is sitting on top of stand of some sort?
    What games have you been playing Alex???

      Don Bradman isn't out until just before Christmas :( soooooon


    Looks pretty Star Wars Battlefront (the 2015 one, that is) to me. I'm calling it now: Star Wars Battlefront.

    That Ghost Recon game that launched with the 3DS

    Perfect Dark? (The first image reminds me of cheese)

    Kinda looks like a dunce cap and a tennis ball launcher.. Bully?

    Could be a telescope. Doesn't help me though...

    Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

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