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Nobody picked up yesterday's game, surprisingly, so here's the second hint.

And for reference, here's yesterday's hint:

Image: Kotaku

Good luck!


    Biker...mice....from....the Dig....shit I got nothin.

      How could you not notice your favourite game?

      Star Trek V: The Interactive Adventure Game.


        *looks up at camera* WISE... HACKERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

        *shakes fist*

          What are you whining about? It's a good game!

          Following the trend of breaking the forth wall and narrated by John de Lancie (Uncredited), Star Trek V: The Interactive Adventure Game puts you on the other side of the camera along side the late Gene Roddenberry himself as you work with him to make a better Star Trek V.

          From the ultimate action film to a immeasurable comedy where a large group of Tribbles become super intelligent and try to avenge their fallen at the hands of the Klingons, you, the player, get to decide.


          I bet you are regretting me taking up Star Trek now as the lore has given me so much fodder to use against you, ]:-D.

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            lol there's never a downside to knowing Trek Lore.

            Unless you intend to date a human :P

    1st one looks like Overwatch "Push the cart" Progress bar

      Just about to say the same thing. Can't think anything about the bullet unless it's one of the ability symbols.

    Can't think of the name but I know I've seen this somewhere.

    All I know is I will be spitting bricks once the name is reveals.

      I am 99% confident this will happen.

        You make it sound as though I should know this one, Alex.....

          I think you absolutely do and you're going to be spitting chips when it's revealed.

            I've forgotten more games than most actually play so yeah, most likely will happen.

    Fallout 4?

      Dammit, this was my guess too as I damn well KNOW I've seen this recently [and this is what I've been playing].... grrr....

    fallout 3.
    first town you get to megaton
    and the second one is the map compass thingy.

    SimCity 2000?

    As much as I like to find out, I'm gonna have to wait like everyone else.

    (No-one's got it yet)

      I hope you have a big backyard; cause I'm about ready to spit enough bricks make a three story granny flat.

        People still haven't got it!

        Two hours to go ...

    Max Payne? I kind of remember you had to hit the center bar to initiate bullet time?

    Mechwarrior, or interstate 76, or One of the Descent Games ?

    One of the Microsoft Flight Simulator games?

    Die Hard (not sure which)

    Feels very Metal Gear, but I think that's got more health milestones than the pic ... :S

    I feel like I want to say it's Kerbal Space Program. Like, one of the fuel gauges or something. I'd guess it was the bed from Minecraft or Pokemon if it weren't for the first clue. Which I swear looks like a fucking rocket

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