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    Morning everyone, how was your weekend?

    I didn't get up to much, mainly pushing through FFXV and checking out Mario Maker for 3DS. Unsurprisingly they're both great.

    Sid, my dog, caught a mouse for the first time ever! He had been stalking it for ages. He was so proud of himself to.

      "I got the mouse ... What now?"

        He's spent most of the day sleeping, so that apparently.

    After putting it off for two years, I finally finished Pokemon Y. I was over leveled by at least 20, so I just rolled through the Elite Four. Was really annoyed that even the Elite Four didn't have a full set of 6 Pokemon to fight against. At least I cleared that game off my backlog.

    Titanfall 2 free weekend was nice. Playing against so many new players and getting easy wins. I was getting scores of 20/5/30 per game. I still love wrecking a Titan from long range with my Northstar, watching them eject and then sniping them out of the sky.

    I also finished Rise of the Tomb Raider last week. I have a lot to say on that game, so I'll probably make a follow up comment on that.

    Now I'm wondering how I'm going to afford 230 bucks a week in rent. My house mate if moving out and there doesn't seem to be a single person who's looking for a place to live.

      There are websites where you can look for roommates. Have you tried any yet?

      also look for facebook groups and gumtree for potential flatmates

      Iirc, even the Elite Four in Red/Blue only had 5 each, and only the final battle with your rival had a full team of six.

    404 TAY not found? :P

    Went out and met a Canberra friend on Saturday who was up for the day, went and saw some comedy which was pretty good. Otherwise still couldn't tear myself away from friggen Overwatch and do... I don't know what but something else. Should probably try and do some Christmas shopping I guess. Maybe.

    TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 8pm AEST, 8:30pm ACDT, and 9pm AEDT. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    After leaving the cavern of the murderous redcaps, the Monday Knights have ventured into the mystical fey realm in search of the Valerian Knights.

    Let me know if you guys are unable to make it tonight.

      After leaving the cavern of the murderous redcaps With style!
      *jazz hands* Magic!

    @scree I brought my mum's dog one of those gentle leaders you mentioned and tried it out this weekend. It seemed to work well. I only got to walk her with it twice though so I'm not sure if she was behaving herself because she was weirded out by having something on her face or if she was behaving herself because it was working. There were a few times where she saw something in the distance she wanted to chase and pulled on the lead, but she didn't pull very hard and gave up on it right away.
    Definitely an improvement over her usual constant pulling and it didn't really take any training to get a response so there's a chance mum will actually use it.

      It's working. =P They hate the sensation of their snout being pulled down. It doesn't hurt them and they quickly realise pulling leads to an icky sensation.
      You may need to treat the dog to get the gentle leader on if the dog starts to run, unless your dog is like mine and used to get excited because it meant walk.

        I think part of it was just being able to feel the tension on the leash more accurately. Being deaf means she can't hear my footsteps but she seemed to pick up on the difference in tension between me being one step behind and two steps behind. There was a much more immediate response when I'd stop walking. She got tangled up at one point but she could clearly tell when I was on her left or her right.

          Well if it helps her, then keep using it.

    Spent my weekend working. Just won a double pass to a three day music festival over the christmas break so saving some pennies for plenty of drinks and food.
    I'm a little behind on games at the moment so I'm still chugging through Fallout 4 and MGSV, along with a few hours here and there in The Witcher 3. Just scored Sleeping Dogs Definitive on Games with Gold though, so might give that a crack this week as well.
    Hope everyone's Monday is going well.

      Tell me more about the music festival - Where's it at and who's playing?

      Last edited 05/12/16 1:20 pm

        Southbound in WA.

        The Bennies, Boo Seeka, The Cat Empire, Catfish And The Bottlemen, Cut Chemist, Drapht, Grrl Pal, Hermitude, Hideous Sun Demon, Highasakite, Hot Chip (DJ Set), Hudson Mohawke, HWLS, Hydraulix, Just A Gent, Klue, Koi Child, Kučka, Ladyhawke, Lilt, Luke Million, Mathas, Montaigne, Mosquito Coast, MSTRKRFT, Nicole Millar, Nina Las Vegas, Odd Mob, Paces, Peking Duk, Phantogram, Remi, Running Touch, SAFIA, San Cisco, Set Mo, Slumberjack, Dena Amy, Discovery: Daft Punk Tribute, Elk Road, The Smith Street Band, Sticky Fingers, Throttle, Thundamentals, Time Pilot, Tired Lion, UV Boi, Vera Blue, ZHU


          That is a very good line up.

            I haven't seen The Cat Empire in a while, I keep forgetting to check when they're touring. The Bennies would be a must as well, and I'd add Drapht, Hermitude, Ladyhawke, Peking Duk, SAFIA and Thundamentals to my list too if I was there.

          Only Cat Empire and Catfish and the Bottlemen appeal to me.
          Never really liked the line ups for Southbound.

      Would that be Falls Festival?

        Nah Southbound in WA.
        Was thinking of going to Falls now that it's finally in Perth, to see Modern Baseball and Childish Gambino (seen him twice but his new album is incredibly funky). But unfortunately I can't afford both.

          Ah fair enough. Never heard of it, but sounds like it should be good!

          I just saw this morning Live Nation is going to be acquiring the company responsible for Falls Festival & Splendour in the Grass. Which can't be a good thing, since I consider them greedy pricks.

    Work pretty much took my Saturday but as my main and only client is in the US, it means in situations like this I can take Monday as a Sunday.

    That being said, I had planned to play more of World of Final Fantasy (had to laugh at the train as it was clearly from FF6) but I found my FF XIII disk.

    So I though, why not give it one final shot (pun not intended)? I've pretty much had the game since it game out but only got to Chapter 6 before I gave up.

    In my view, Square-Enix really do have some problems. The "single player" games they are making are most likely designed as MMOs first and then any means used to make it single player. Seriously, how else can one explain the Gambit and Paradigm system?

    My rant aside, I opened one of my old save files (near the start of the game as I completely forgotten how to play that sound and light show dressed as a game) and I actually started to make some ground and finally found some of the nacks I didn't back then that made battles harder than planned.

    Last night was OK but this morning I came across Odin and got floored before I pressed my first button.

    Still, I might trudge on now that I have a better understanding of the system; kind of like how it took me a few tries to understand FF8 worked (assigning spells to skills as early as possible) and how it was rigged (level scaling?! Really?!).

    But needless to say I might skip 13 two sequels as they have the same battle system which I'm finding the most frustrating part.

    Call me old fashioned but I really hate battle systems where anyone can learn the same skills as each other (at least that it seems like to me). It can be more challenging at times but I preferred it better when FF character basically had their move sets designed during development and one had to work with them in the various battles.

      I'm still bitter about the level scaling in FFVIII. Those bastards!

        I will admit. I never finished it but I love Final Fantasy 6. I just love the characters, Lock, Celeste, Cyan and (above all) Terra.

        And admittedly it has one of the easiest battles in the history of JRPGs. While riding the Death Train eventually one has to fight said train. This thing is tough but all it takes is a couple or so Phoenix Downs and the train is defeated. It's undead so it does the max 9,999 damage.

        I always found it funny and still do but then there is the cut scene after that chokes me up. Seeing Cyan race after the train as it departs with his dead family just gets to me.

        It's also from an era where the challenge was actually in the battle system due to the hardware rather than now it's the frustration having so many parts that don't gel together and get in the way of the experience (grrrrr!)

        Seriously, in those games complexity didn't often get worse than Reflect.

        For the your types here (I don't know if that spell exists or even works the same away any more), Reflect as a temporary effect that bounced all magic back at its caster. To make it worse, Reflect also applified the rebound.

        This lead to some funny and smart combinations.

        If an enemy case Reflect on itself, you could use it to your advantage by casting Cure (or the like) on the enemy. Not only would it bounce back but it would be stronger thus giving one a recovery boost.

        Or one could cast Reflect on a party member and then cast a spell on the member. The games were fair there in that the spell would bounce off but still go to the enemy. Again, with the amplified effect.

        And best of all, the reflection only happens once. So if an enemy case reflect, just case reflect on a party member and then case an offensive spell. Effectively having a combination of the two above.

        But I digress.

        I've gotten a bit further but given the amount of frustration I'm getting with FF13, I'm just going to stop. I've whined enough about it and it's just a game. I shouldn't be getting this mad over something so insignificant.

        Last edited 05/12/16 5:56 pm

          I remember one boss in FF7 was defeatable with healing items too, but they fixed it so that phoenix down only did 1000 damage.

          But they didn't fix X-potions. :)

            Oh that is just cheap! Good thing I still have my old PSX disks.

            Sad they are PAL but still a good experience, :)

              It's the boss you fight in Cosmo Canyon when you're finding out about Red XIII's father

    Had a pretty decent weekend. Started playing some Dragon Quest: Minecraft Builders. Its actually pretty alright, definitely worth the $40 I spent! Also played some board games. Played a couple rounds of Pandemic, in which the first round we literally draw an Epidemic card. Also played a little bit of the Pathfinder Card Game seems like a little but of fun. I think I recall @Tech_Knight saying he played it?

    Edit: Me tag goodly

    Last edited 05/12/16 1:55 pm

      Heh, oh Pandemic, try drawing epidemic when it's your turn 3 turns in a row, cuz that happened to me :P
      Yeah we're playing through Skulls & Shackles, which is basically a pirates themed one where you also have a ship. We made a balanced team with myself as a Gunslinger so I was bringing all the dakka. Main thing we do is run through one scenario and save our decks for another session as the overall campaign will take more than a day to complete. We've done currently 4 scenarios if memory serves, and I have some powerful guns now to make combat checks easier. However as the campaign goes on, more cards get added into the respective decks, making the game scale with your power levels which is why balancing your team comp is quite important as you need to plan for what you're dealing with. And ensure someone has a healing spell ASAP!
      It's pretty fun if you enjoy coop in a D&D setting, which I do, cuz I can help in battle from anywhere, I literally just shoot them :P.

        You... probably, statistically, shouldn't be able to draw 3 pandemic cards in a row on your turn. When you set up the deck you're supposed to distribute the epidemic cards throughout the deck.

          Drawing one epidemic per turn, 3 turns in a row, that's not distributed?

            How many epidemic cards were you playing with?

            Usually after dealing out starting hands (2 cards in a 4 player game) you shuffle in the event cards, building your deck to 45 cards. You then split this into equal piles (for a 6 epidemic game, they'll be 7 or 8 cards big) and shuffle one epidemic card into each pile, then stack these piles up to make a deck (WITHOUT RESHUFFLING). With six epidemic cards, each pile with the epidemic card in it is 8 or 9 cards big, so even if you get an epidemic on the bottom of one stack and 4 cards into the next stack, the next epidemic should be at least 5 cards away.

              Huh, didn't know that, I've only played two games of pandemic so I didn't question it and the others said nothing about it.

              Okay so they did it wrong looks like

              Last edited 05/12/16 4:09 pm

                To be fair, it's a pretty subtle line in the rule book. I had to look it up while writing the above to make sure I wasn't just making things up

                  Still doesn't excuse I'm horribly unlucky regardless :P

    Divided my weekend between Watch Dogs 2 and Pokemon Sun - had my first encounter with Hau's Raichu... o_0 Trying as best I can to play it blind, and holy crap.

    The whole "Alolan forms are hybrid-opposites" thing threw me - the design lead me to believe it'd be electric/water... right up until it started one-shotting pokemon 3-5 levels above it (without type advantage) with Psychic. And the kahunas are starting to throw out attacks specifically designed to target their weaknesses, which is neat (I feel for anyone who tries to nuzlocke this gen, tho).

    Still enjoying Watch Dogs, too - Wrench is freaking amazing. :P

      I am trying to blind nuzlocke but oh boy did I get wrecked on my first trial. I've had to turn on the EXP share on my second attempt which I've never had to do before. It feels a little bit like cheating but I'd like to finish the game without excessive grinding.

        I've done no grinding, but I do have the EXP-share turned on, and have a pretty diverse team - didn't encounter anything too troubling until the second island... Good luck! And prepare for the unexpected...

        Sun or Moon, btw? I've heard the first trial's pokemon are different in Moon...

          Moon. I haven't heard anything about the different trial pokemon depending on the version but the totem Raticate was beefy as hell.

            I think it's just the first trial - Sun has yungoos and gumshoos, Moon has ratatta and raticate. Both gumshoos and raticate can hit really hard, but I think the raticate's bite will hit a bit harder because it's dark/normal. All totem pokemon seem to get a defence bonus, tho, and take a few hits even with level+type advantage stab.

    Haha. What. Another saga with Aus Post. Got a text this morning saying my parcel which I ordered last Tuesday & was shipped the same day from a company just outside of Brisbane will arrive tomorrow. I looked at the tracking that was sent with said message, the parcel went from Point of origin, Underwood sorting Centre > Chullora Sorting centre > Underwood sorting centre > now enroute to my local sorting centre for delivery tomorrow. A total of something like 2,200km round trip to come to me less than 100km from the point of origin makes zero sense. But at least I get a laugh out of it.

    Got called up this afternoon by the manager of Big W, telling me they had their second shipment of NES mini and he'd put one aside for me since he took my name down back at launch. What a guy!

    ...honestly contemplating just tossing it on eBay and paying for some Christmas presents though, with the ridiculous prices they're going for >_>

      @alexwalker 'nother bug. The front page and article page were both acting as if I was logged in (despite having refreshed the pages and everything), but I was getting an unexplained error on trying to post. Clicked through to my profile and it was only there asking me to log in, since my session had expired or whatever.

        Weird. I'll try and see if we can replicate it for a fix.

          I've been getting it pretty regularly since the change over to the new website (about five times so far). It was happening before notifications and all that. Beyond the fact it's never occurred twice close together I haven't been able to pin down a cause.
          On the subject, it would be nice if when a comment failed for whatever reason it put the text for the comment into the comment box. I know I can get extensions that save form progress but it'd be nice if the website handled it instead.

            I've seen people comment about this kind of thing a lot over the years, on forums and stuff too, but I can hardly think of any time where just hitting Back didn't just take me back to the page which still had the post written up in the text box.

              Normally yes, but there are times when hitting back lands you on another error page or something else that won't retain your text. It's not something that happens all the time and I'll admit I freak out a little more when I have to hit back because I'm from a time when browsers didn't retain form data, but it'd still be nice if it wasn't an issue at all.

        I get this too. I found logging in & out fixes it, but yeah.. I also sometimes get that when trying to upvote/downvote people.

    @alexwalker: I've been noticing recently that TAY doesn't come up in the RSS feed any more. Not sure why. Might be that the fact it's re-posted screws things?

    Having played the beta for SW: Battlefront, and thinking it was a little meh, I passed on it. Found it for $23 at EB on the weekend, and it turns out that there's both local multiplayer and bots now? Picked up two copies for me and Mrs. 4 DVDs and 20GB worth of patches though, then I've got to figure out how to copy origin games between PCs.

      Problem is you won't get the season pass with that, so you won't have cool stuff like the Death Star map, etc.

        Sure I'll survive :)
        Our internet is so crap, we have to survive on local multi and bots.

    I'm considering getting the Sunset Overdrive DLC, has anyone here played it? Is it worth it?

      They're relatively meaty. The oil rig one was pretty cool. New location, decent missions. The area was a little hard to navigate at first but once you learn your way around it's not bad. Dawn of the Rise of the Fall was a good but being set in the city meant it was very similar to the rest of the game. Fun though.
      I was super into the game so I thought they were worth it. If they're cheap I say go for it.

        There's a $30 DLC pack that has both the extras, a weapon pack and a preorder bonus pack

    aaaaaaaaand Aus Post just left me a card again, because it's too hard to open the front gate or yell out. I missed the driver by less than a minute. Annoying.

      Around here anything bigger than the mail slot on the letterbox gets instantly carded. Except my monthly Loot Crate, which gets delivered no matter what. If no one's home they just leave it on the step right outside the front door where anybody walking past will see it. Amazed I haven't had one stolen yet.

        I got a text message about an hour later all "COME AND GET YOUR PARCEL FROM (insert company here) AT YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE, BRING ID" I don't like this new courier he doesn't even attempt to deliver..

    eep. Just signed myself up for Michelle Bridges 12WBT.

    Wish me luck.

      Good luck with what that is?

        12 Week Body Transformation. It's a fitness and weightloss program. I want to run faster!

    With @alexwalker channeling his inner fat kid with articles on Christmas food, who's got some good recipes to share? Or, I guess, request?
    I've got a Weber Baby Q on gas, and it's been really good for roasts; the problem is that I've never really gotten into roasts, and so my repertoire is pretty limited. Ribs, pork belly and brisket have all come out pretty well (the brisket was little dry, but I'll sort that out next time). Suggestions?
    Made these on the weekend:
    Exactly as described, and they came out really well.
    I posted this one a few weeks back (something about Christmas cake?): Christmas Cake ice cream. 1/2 cup mixed dried fruit, 1/2 cup glace cherries, 1/2 cup slivered almonds, 120g grated dark chocolate, 2/3 cup dark rum + however you want to make vanilla ice cream. Rehydrate the dried fruit with the rum, overnight.
    Toast the almonds
    Make the ice cream
    Strain the fruit, drink the rum
    Mix everything into the ice cream
    Christmas cake solved.

      Maple-glazed [insert protein here].

      Fun thing to do after you make the cake: take leftover bits of that cake, layer it at the bottom of a pan, then layer bits of bread or brioche or fruit loaf or whatever crap people brought over, then more cake, and then whip up a few eggs + cream and pour it on top.

      Bake the lot and you've got a quick and dirty leftover B&B pudding. Winner.

        Maple-rum glazed a pork loin a couple of weeks ago. Just 50/50 maple syrup and dark rum.

      I printed out that pffernuesse recipe, it looks wonderful.

      May I suggest butterflied chicken? Easy to do from scratch, it cooks faster than a regular roast, and works brilliantly on a bbq. If you have big kitchen scissors, you can use them instead of a knife to make things even easier.

        You may suggest butterflied chicken. Sounds like a winner straight on the grill - I've done some really delicious wings on the weber.

    Modern horror: listening to a reading of "Facts concerning the late Arthur Jermyn and his family" on Youtube.

    According to this trustworthy man, Sir Arthur Jermyn dismissed everyone from the room before opening the box, though the instant sound of hammer and chisel showed that he did not delay the operation. Nothing was heard for some time, just- "Suppose you're writing a really important email to a colleague..."

    Freaking grammarly ads...

    Last edited 06/12/16 1:49 pm

      Urgh grammarly ad, I get them so often on Youtube. The one that makes me scoff most though is the "live Microsoft Word" bit, where it says there's no spelling or grammar errors detected after clicking while I'm pretty sure Word can pick up on some of that drivel you just typed, ad!

        I'm just of the opinion that if you care enough about appearing to be well educated, learn to use proper grammar. It's cheaper and will serve you better in the long run than a paid subscription to a glorified thesaurus.

        Never used to see ads on youtube, but ever since Ghostery updated in September they've been incessant, and extremely annoying...

    Have started getting back into Trials Fusion a bit lately. Going back trying to get platinum medals I've missed. Just got the platinum on Waterworks after about 20 tries and by some miracle I beat @fatshadylive. Pretty damn proud of myself right now. It's not often you beat one of the masters of Trials.

      I am not on TAY these days but if there is one thing to get me back it's a Trials challenge!! I'll have a look if I get a chance this week and congrats.

        It's only one of the beginner tracks, so you'll probably smash it without even trying. But I don't care, I've had my moment.

    Just had farewell dinner for boss and his family, with workfriend and his wife. And help move boss's fridge from his house into my friend's car, then into *his* house. Nothing like a helping hand :P

    Also, turkish delight gelato.

      Turkish delight gelato sounds awesome

        It was a tough choice between that, pavlova and danish waffles with salted caramel.

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