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    Rogue One. Whoa. Vietnam movie, IN SPAAAAACE.

    sooooo, I have some bad news and I'm not really sure how to tell everyone, but here goes.

    My GFX card shit itself over the weekend and now I am lost and lonely and stuck with the possibility of no PC gaming over the Holidays.

    please send me all your positive not sure I will survive this one

      I am so, so sorry. Maybe try the Overclockers Australian forums and see if someone is flogging off a semi-decent replacement for ~$150 or so that will at least let you play something for a while?

        I ripped the 2 580's out of my old rig just to get me through the withdrawals and have been using the time to play some console games I never got around to.

        But on the plus side I ordered a new Asus Strix 1080 to replace it. now I just need it to hope it gets here soon, hopefully before Friday. Merry Xmas to me (yay)

        I seemed to pass through the stages of grief fairly quickly to the point I actually forgot to tell my partner I had bought a new card....until she saw the $1200 on the credit card. Now I am including a new stage into the grief process, I call it shame ;)

        Thanks for caring mate.

        Last edited 20/12/16 12:21 pm

          $1200? Ouch. Shame you didn't pick up one of the deals earlier this year. (On reflection, you couldn't have because your GPUs were fine. My brain's working real slow today.)

          That said, you'll be happy. Nothing else this year comes close to the grunt it can pump out. Enjoy pumping everything to the max - it'll help you get over that feeling of shame pretty quickly.

            Funnily enough, I had eyed one off earlier as I was looking at upgrading, but I convinced myself to wait (to see if/when the 1080ti will be released). I should have just pulled the trigger then and saved a bit of cash, dam me and my conservative tendencies (that end up costing more in the long run in this case)

            The $1200 (although it still seems excessive for a GFX card) is ok by me and the Mrs, I tend to not spend a lot in general so she is happy to let me buy something if I want it. we have 2 incomes and no kids (just yet), so it wont break the bank, she just freaked out and thought we had been scammed as I would normally let her know if I spend that much on something.

            I knew there was a reason I never played more than a few hours of Witcher 3 (despite loving it), should look pretty good on high (maybe max) settings @1440 res, I guess my holidays playlist is sorted if it arrives in time (which it should)

            I am now passing the time pacing back and forth (with a little bit of rocking mixed in there too) waiting for the card to arrive.

              In any other situation where you had more time, I would have suggested buying from Amazon.

              I picked up an EVGA 1080 FTW for $960 shipped, which at the time was about $250-300 cheaper than any local stores for that card.

                Yeah in hindsight it was a panic buy, I really didn't shop around at all. I knew the model I wanted and just looked for somewhere it was in stock and would have the best chance of getting here prior to Friday.

                yes I was one of those last minute Xmas shoppers who get suckered in.....but at least I was aware of it and just shrugged it off.

    Welp, managed to finish FFXV's story last night, clocking in at about 42 hours. What a great game - really looking forward to sinking my teeth into the post-game content.

    Really enjoyed it - that ending was beautiful. But holy crap did the second half of the game drag - the railroading from about chapter 9, the constant "some or all of your party has buggered off for a chapter". The oddly long period of running alone through empty corridors... the "we're a horror game now" followed shortly by "ehh, we're bad at this; here's a spell that will send all enemies into another dimension"... That said, freaking loved the fight with Ifrit, and the introduction of the adamantoise in the post-game made up for the drudgery - absolutely loved the way they completely justified my 40+ hour suspicion of that mountain :P

      Loving FFXV.
      Finished story, just doing some post-game stuff atm.

        About 20 hours in - and still in the 3rd chapter.

        Legit spent 4 hours just doing chocobo races over and over, and then just running around the nearby farm doing the slide/boost trick just to level them up.

        Ridiculously good game.

      Can yourself or somebody else explain Final fantasy games to me
      I think the last I played it was a very jrpg turn based trope fest but doesn't seem that way at all now.

      So basically what is the deal with FF games, where should I start if I want to play and is there any ongoing narrative.

        There's no ongoing narrative between numbered releases. But I'm not the best person to ask as this is the first ff that I've properly enjoyed. XIII was boring as hell, and the only other one I've spent any significant time with was X, and that trapped me with a save point in a locked room before a boss I was in no way ready for 20+ hours in. But they nailed the combat in XV, which let me enjoy the game and get invested in the story, so... IMO, if you don't like turn based combat, start with this one, but watch Kingsglaive first - they outsourced a bunch of the story's setup into that movie.

        I'd say avoid X through XIII. They aren't as bad as people say but they definitely suffer from the designers trying to please both the people who wanted to stick with turn based and the people who were sick of it. You sort of have to love Final Fantasy in order to get them a chance, and even then it's hit and miss.

        XIV is a story driven MMORPG and it's quite good (although I think the early content is a little dead so it's a bit hard to get to). It's worth pointing out that when I say story driven I mean classic RPG style story, not BioWare modern RPG style. I find it a little better that way in a MMORPG but for some people RPG means dialogue trees and branching paths.

        Now if you're into turn based games Final Fantasy has two flavours. NES/SNES and Playstation. NES/SNES is classic JRPG. Towns full of NPCs and turn based combat. Final Fantasy VI is probably the one to choose. Then there's Playstation style. Both styles are very story driven and they each tell a different story so a lot of it is personal preference, but the Playstation era took the story telling to the next level with brilliant pre-rendered backgrounds and cut scenes. FFVII is the most famous one, but I actually prefer FFVIII. I've also heard a lot of big fans of the series say FFIX is the best of that era.
        I would recommend playing on the Vita if possible, but most of them are available on the PC or PS4 in some form or another (I think they're half price on the Steam right now so that's a bonus). Emulation is an option but for the Playstation era games (VII-IX) you definitely want to play a version that runs properly and has resolution options. If the video is jittery or the sound craps out it will shatter the game's charm. Resist the urge to use the cheat codes they put in.

        Finally there's FFXV, the latest one. It's not for everyone but if you found the demo interesting the full game is a lot better. It's hard to describe because it's features are very close to other games features but still slightly different, and it adds up differently. The story is about four guys in a car but it's not what you would imagine when I say that.
        I consider it the first time they've truly abandoned the turn based mechanics. You can use a special mode that makes it essentially turn based, but the action mode isn't hindered by that at all. It takes a bit to get used to combat but it's worth putting in that effort.

        It's hard to recommend any of these games specifically because they sort of rely on sweeping you off your feet. There's no real reason why FFVIII is my favourite, for some reason it hit me in exactly the right spot at exactly the right time.

        Last edited 23/12/16 6:18 pm

    I've been doing some stuff over the last two weeks. I decided to go back and finish Megaman ZX Advent, a game I've owned for years but never completed. Started again and managed to knock that one out. It's decent, but it now takes influence from Metroidvania than it does Megaman. Also it's the final end of the Megaman story, never made one after that.

    Participated in the double XP weekend for Titanfall 2, managed to regenerate twice. I've also maxed out my Northstar Titan, so I then made the switch to Scorch. Early on I decided to use each weapon enough to regenerate once, currently have 5 weapons left to do (not counting pistols).

    Been playing competitive Overwatch, but it has all the same problems. People not knowing how to play, not learning counters, not working together, constantly rushing in to die. I've kinda just stopped communicating because nobody listens anyways.

    Also still looking for a house mate. Paying 460 a fortnight with no job isn't easy.

    Household insurance claims. Sigh. Been dealing with the fallout of losing my keys/bag/3DS etc. New locks required...

    Please kotaku US stop posting rogue one spoilers, it's that easy!!

      I haven't been able to see the movie myself yet, so I get where you're coming from. But in fairness, I make sure there's big spoiler warning images on everything where possible. If there's a headline or something that stands out, ping me directly and I'll take a look, but if you just dodge those particular articles you should be OK.

      (spare a thought for me though, since I have to edit all of it and can't dodge it all T_T)

        Cool cheers Alex

        Yeah ouch, I can imagine that does suck not being able to avoid those little US nasties!!!

        I'm going to see it boxing day, gold class yehaaw!!! Hope everyone enjoys the movie and merry christmas guys n gals

    This is the land of Fancy, and we walked to the verdant shore upon a golden bridge of moonbeams." - H.P.Lovecraft, November 1919

    Perhaps I should skip some of his earlier work... :P

    My Steamlink arrived today. Far out. It won't successfully work with my spare DualShock 4 or 360 controller over USB cable, what the fuck. Like I can get it to work with the PS4 controller momentarily but then it's all "NOPE" even though I deleted it from the PS4's connected devices, it STILL turns my PS4 on, like seriously..

      Do they work wirelessly?

        Haha so turns out it was all my fault. The batteries in both were so dead they needed to be charged before getting anywhere. I had a long day at work & being sick doesn't make my troubleshooting skills any better apparently :P

        But they both work flawlessly now, and both wirelessly which is nice! Now to test it later today! I got GTA V streaming on it yesterday over my WiFi and all seemed well apart from the controller not wanting to play, so I have high hopes for it!

          Hey! That's awesome.

          The Steam Link really is a cool piece of tech when everything's going properly.

            Yeah, it really is. As long as Valve keep it alive, I really think it's a great little device. It'll be even better when I finally get that GTX1070 I don't think my GTX 760 is going to be that great at rendering some stuff for in home streaming (though i'm now thinking of spending the $$ and grabbing a 1080 since the 1080Ti is defs a thing now apparently) and extra horse power would be good for streaming across the network I assume. Maybe boxing day sales will have one for a good price :D

    Saw Rogue One last night.

    I dug it, thought it was cool, although the robot is such a scene stealer

      Alan Tudyk was awesome as K-2SO. Also yes, thoroughly loved it, and if that is the caliber of Star Wars movie they are aiming for each year I am a very happy camper!
      Also nice to see cameos of the Ghost from Rebels making an appearence, I like that they are tying it all together

      Last edited 21/12/16 10:41 am

        They also make a call for General Syndulla (Hera), and you can see Chopper tooling around in the background of one scene.

      I saw it earlier today with someone who has never seen any Star Wars movies. That was a bit of a weird experience. Every time something new appeared on the screen I thought to myself 'why didn't I explain [the full history of something minor] to her earlier'.
      As for the movie it wasn't quite what I was expecting but I really enjoyed it. Maybe I was hyper aware of the easter eggs but I think maybe they went a bit overboard there. It felt like every scene had multiple things in it to distract me from what was actually happening.

    Haha. Saw one of those CU in the NT stickers today. I laugh every time I see that slogan. I'm such a child :P

    So I haven't done one little bit of Christmas shopping, apart from the present I got @freezespreston. No idea what to get mum & dad & they don't know what they want, which is extremely helpful..

      I'm in a similar situation... I don't know what I want, they don't know what they want... Hell, all I want for Christmas is a week of relaxation, peace and quiet.

        As someone who works in retail & has one set of neighbours who make everyone's life a living hell. relaxation, peace & quiet sounds awesome right about now :P

    I'm after a dual monitor stand something sturdy that I can attach to my glass desk with swing, pivot along with up & down.

    I was looking at something like this Brateck one. I originally came across a review of the same one but with built in USB 3.0 ports, seems like a pretty solid stand for price point.

    @scree happy birthday for yesterday!! Hope you had a good day and didn't spend it all working on your new kitchen!

      Sorry @scree that I didn't wish you a happy birthday sorry . I'm sorry. I meant to say happy birthday day but didn't so sorry.

        I suppose I can let it slide, only because you apologised so much.


      back to kitchen work now.

        Woo nap!

        How is the kitchen coming along? You have to be nearing the end of it all, right? :P

          A few more things. Splashback, cupboard fronts, side panel. I'll have photos soon

    So i'm certain my boss is subtly trying to hint he trusts me to open & run the store over the other casual. Yesterday he was told he has to work NYE, which was going to be his 1 day off before January 1st after Christmas, so now he's taking the Thursday off, so he's asked me to do his shift on the Thursday, which i'm more than okay with.

    But I suggested me doing 5 hours (8-1) and the other casual do 5 hours (12-5) which gives enough overlap. To which he told me, nah he'd rather I do 8-4 and the other casual 11-2. Which makes me think he values me as an employee over the other bloke, since he keeps giving me (when possible) 8 hour shifts. Which is nice since we both didn't see eye to eye when he started.

    He's also really warmed up to me in recent months, I guess me doing favours has really helped. Like popping down to our local Dan Murphy's to acquire stock that we either a) didn't get enough of or b) was on surprise special & what we had just was not enough haha.

    Then there's also the fact i'm topping our sales charts every week for our $10 addons, I think this is my 12th week in a row.. Like I did 28 in my first 2 days this week (I had my sights set on 30 initially), everyone else had a combined total of about 8 when I left yesterday lol.

    I never think I do a good enough job & always think I could improve though. I've been in this job a year now, I seem to get along with everyone in my store & the Woolies we're attached to, I get extra shifts in nightfill & longlife, and i'm usually the first person either department manager or the store manager calls for work, which I think says i'm doing the right thing.

      I actually remember reading about it when you first got the job. Sounds like you've really taken advantage of it.
      Christmas is a nice time to look back because it gives you a wide enough scope to see how all those little things that don't seem to matter in the moment actually add up and get you ahead. So many times this year it felt like I was working harder and getting me nowhere but now I can look back and how it all played out.

    I'm now claiming TAY as my own, so it's now me just rambling. Which I think is safe to say you can ignore me if you so wish :P

      All hail our new overlord.....long live Virus, King of TAY !!

        Don't forget my by line 'Make TAY great again!'

          Just waiting for you to build the promised firewall first

            And we'll make those internet Mexicans pay for it! Am I doing it right?

              Yup, you nailed it mate....internet Mexicans is now my new favourite phrase.

              Those "dam internet Mexicans" will be blamed for any and all technical problems I encounter from now on.

                So is that what we would call Kiwi's, Tasmanians or Western Australians? lol :P

                  its actually a running joke between me and a couple of my friends, 2 of my best mates are in Victoria and I'm in SA, so when we disagree on something we just call each other Mexicans (as in from across the boarder).

                  that's why I laughed so hard when you blamed it on the Mexicans

                Haha. I'm in NSW & Queenslanders try that one on me. Only to remind them that if we're being correct they'd be Canada, NSW would be the USA & Victoria would be Mexico :P

                  Damn Mexicans and their cafe culture and urban tram system.

    I'm just not feeling it for Xmas this year.

      For the first time in a long time I actually am getting a little Christmas-y. I think it's because up until my niece was born earlier this year there were no kids around. Now it's more than a family lunch.

    When did Internets get so busy? So much going on over the last few days...

    Had first bunch of Christmas stuff over the weekend, with family friends around for lunch on Sunday. Got the Rift set up out in front of the main TV, it's nice having a big open space to play in. Need to get around to clearing out my room so I can have it in there. I'm still terribly shit at giving demos, and can't seem to properly explain to people how to navigate around in Quill, but still overall people seemed impressed.

    Been playing tonnes of Dead and Buried, and got the whole thing pretty much sussed now. I've played that much of Horde mode that I've long since turned off the laser sights and am just going by feel now, and can manage to crack headshots relatively consistently without taking time to carefully line up the shot first. Though I'm still fairly rubbish at the target range. Still, this feels like the renaissance for light gun shooters that the Wii promised but never really followed up on. Huzzah :P Got me wondering how well the skills would transfer to an IRL firing range, if at all.

    Also still got to do basically any of my Christmas shopping. I'm only sorted for my sister's boyfriend, because she told me what to get him. Everyone else, I got no idea. Christmas is the worst.

    Awshiet. Winter sale on the Oculus store, wallet's already crying at all the stuff I want. Glad I decided to wait, and that Touch came with so much free stuff to tide me over in the meantime.

    Just watched the LinusTechTips review of the Apple AirPods, was kind of amazed Linus thought they were of value & sounded okay. Didn't expect such a kind review. They are an interesting thing, but god damn $229 AUD & not available until February 2017 here, fuck sake Apple.

      And getting shafted $99 if you lose one of them (or maybe it's $90, I forget now).

      I really need a coffee.

        Yeah $99 an AirPod here if you lose them :/

        I do appreciate that they sort of work with non iOS/MacOS devices, but the fact you need an iOS device to set them up in the first place is kind of absurd. But then again I can't see anyone who isn't part of the Apple cult buying them lol.

        If they were like $160 i'd consider a pair. Never know the 2nd gen may see a price drop! Hopefully a battery increase too.

    Kotaku has a dark theme now? What is this sorcery!

      I'd laugh at you for taking so long to notice, but I only realised clicking the envelope brings up notification shortcuts because someone told me. The new layout is full of all sorts of not very hidden treasures.

        I never scroll to the bottom of the notifications section so I never saw it until today. Yay for being behind the times, I guess!

      As someone with a weird eye condition that makes white areas on a monitor bleed into black text quite badly (think of it as if someone put the light bloom slider up to 11) the dark theme is amazing for me.

        Nice, good to hear the site has become more accessible for you!

    Got all my Christmas shopping done in under four hours, and got instant parking spots at two different shopping centres. I am the best.

    I just had a thought. This time next year I'll be packing my Nintendo Switch instead of my 3DS and XBOX One.

    Best part of Christmas is the copious amount of bowls to be licked when all the yummies get made :P

    Much more hazardous when outfitted with a length beard and/or moustache though.

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