The First Episode Of The Tony Abbott RPG Is Out

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I promised you I would follow up on Tony Abbott And The Quest For The Suppository Of Wisdom, and I was not going to let you down.

The first episode of the JRPG-esque parody of our former Prime Minister and all things Canberra is now available on Windows and Mac. The website says it's available on Android and iOS as well, although it wasn't live on either the iTunes and Google Play stores at the time of writing.

It's available for free, and new episodes will be published on all four platforms every couple of months. The creator, Ed Smith, told the Sydney Morning Herald that the aim of the game was to just "get people interested in politics and get them engaged", even though there's plenty of references to laugh at:

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"It's important to be able to laugh at things that are terrible," the game's About page says. There's also a snarky take on Advance Australia Fair under the title "national anathema" as well.

I haven't fired up the episode yet, but I am looking forward to confusing Buzzfeed journalists with onions and getting into arguments with "Poor People". It's free, after all.


    That URL assaulted me. That ain't clever that's just awful.

    Shorten that. Bill Shorten that, even.

    Very timely. Nothing about this so far looks to be more than a garbage RPG maker game. Even the jokes don't land.

    Torn. Keep watching full-grown, purportedly professional, men - Julie Bishop gets nowhere near enough questions - go red in the face as they do their damnedest to prevaricate around questions with endlessly shouty rhetoric, or cut it short and enjoy some purposefully satirical politics?

      Yesterday in Question Time Julie Bishop said to Tony Burke, "you wanna go outside with me and say that, boy" regarding a question of conflict of interest.

      Asbestos Julie is hardly professional either.

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        Yesterday was the lunchtime I missed, apparently it was a real cracker. Absolutely not surprised that a federal politician would use "boy" as a term of condescension; perhaps Bishop should have a few words with Bert Newton about appropriate decorum.

          I follow the guardian's live feed. They also posted a picture of the upcoming Good Weekend with arch-fascist George "a modest proposal" Christensen looking sultry at the camera, wearing a tank top, madonna tattoo on arm and holding a whip.

          One of the funniest things Ive ever seen.

          The day before that a motion was moved for an inquiry into acclaimed Dick Cheney and Palatine cosplayer Senator Brandis. Best news I've heard yet.

          The protest was yesterday too but that's a storm in a teacup. The LNP were in histrionics though.

          The funniest was Pyne's mock outrage:

          ""The intrusion of the Parliament and the shutting down of Question Time which, of course, is a courtesy extended to the Opposition, to the crossbenchers by the government."


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            Used to follow the live feed, still do when I can't watch the live stream. That photo with Christensen was utterly confusing, it honestly reminded me of the Time cover with Palmer Luckey; it appears the photographer wanted to see how far they could take a joke.

            Edit: Pyne has always been an outstanding thespian. Wouldn't expect anything less.

            Last edited 01/12/16 3:47 pm

              Pyne gives an Anthony Hopkins level performance sometimes. He can be very funny.

              I read the liveblog during breaks at work, but honestly, sometimes it makes me too depressed and I have to try and clear my head and avoid it.

              Edit: But LOL that Time cover.

              Last edited 01/12/16 3:52 pm

    What year is this again? Will there be a sequel about Watergate too?

    Pass. we still need way less of Tony Abbott in all forms.

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