The First Global Mission For Pokemon Sun And Moon Was A Failure

The goal was for players around the world to catch 100 million Pokémon in Sun and Moon. They missed that mark by a lot.

The first global mission kicked off on November 29 and ended on December 12. Here's how the English language Pokémon page portrayed it:

Just missed! So you'd think they caught like 85 million or something, right? Sadly, no. Here's how the Japanese page recounted the result of the first global mission:

It says that 16,423,231 were caught out of the targeted 100 million. Below that, it reads, "Result: Failure." Below that, it drives the point home, stating, "Unfortunately, the result of the first Global Mission was failure." (Note that in Japanese, this is called the "Global Attraction" and not the "Global Mission.)

As Kotaku readers point out, the inability to reach that magic number was probably due to participants having to register on a website for their stats to count towards the goal. Many players probably had no clue they needed to do that!

But don't fret, there's another Global Mission later this month, which will hopefully be successful.


    The First Global Mission For Pokemon Sun And Moon Was A Failure

    To the surprise of literally nobody

    I checked the progress after the first weekend, and thought - no way is that going to hit 100mil.

    That requirement to register was pretty vague. I don't recall it saying that the online registration was required for it, just that the site allowed you to receive notifications about new global missions via email, and other non-specific "fun stuff" that immediately made me think "screw that, my inbox gets enough junk as it is." Ah well, I'd have only contributed 10-15 anyway; was kinda sidetracked by other games these past couple of weeks.


      Hau long were you waiting to make that joke?

        Hau long indeed!

    I didn't even bother. The number felt so impossible I couldn't even participate with hacking or some kind of bot. Maybe next time have a grade scale and depending on total caught there's a reward? or hell, litterally anything else. 10 mil pokemon caught feels like we're just meant to go ham on them when pokemon is about raising them and filling out the pokedex, not catching a million pidgey.

    After trying to register on global link and the website saying my account was having trouble and to contact customer service without telling me how, I wondered how difficult this would be to others. I'm not surprised 1mil wasn't reached. Still unable to sych the two, my 3ds reminds me whenever i want to use GTS how I cannot connect.

    Last edited 14/12/16 11:58 am

      Set up an account there years ago, know my username but can't reset my password because I don't have my player ID.

      The failure is no surprise.

    I can't imagine anyone is surprised except the devs. It became apparently almost immediately it wasn't going to get anywhere near that number.

    I'm glad global link is something you only have to set up once. I had to make use of the google to figure out what needed to be done.

    Last edited 14/12/16 12:14 pm

    Anyone with Moon got a spare Drampa they want to pass off to their old pal Spence?

    I happened to be investigating what it is the festival plaza was even for the day the mission began, otherwise I wouldn't have even known it was a thing. Then when it told me I had to register with Global Link I remembered I already had an account with them and went through the registration process in what is probably the most frictionless way possible and it still felt like a massive PITA.
    I then proceeded to continue the story and catch maybe a dozen pokemon during the mission period.

    There are a lot of barriers here, I'm not surprised it failed so badly.
    Also this article reminded me that I should probably visit that festival plaza again to claim my (mostly useless) 'prize'

    I dont think it was a failure to the devs. I think this was more of a test event to see participation rates so they can design the rest of the events around these results

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