Here's A Brand New Logan Trailer

And the movie looks very much like the road trip from hell.

With beards. Lots of beards.

I mean Jesus Christ, even Patrick Stewart has a beard in this movie. That's how you know a movie is serious. That's how you know shit is getting gritty.


    The digital work that must have gone into making Mel Gibson not look like a leather handbag? Phenomenal.
    At least it doesn't look quite so bad as the other films in the series.

    Logan = the last of us minus zombies

    I am going to hold out on criticism till I see this. I don't have high hopes though as past Wolverine outings have been a joke.

      Origins was utterly awful but I liked The Wolverine.

    Man I am surprised, this looks good as hell.

    Jesus Christ! that kid is terrifying, still the movie looks really promising

    Wait, how does the little girl have metal claws?

      It would be a pretty massive spoiler, are you sure you want to know?

        If it was a massive spoiler, then shouldn't it be in the trailer?


    Well this is apparently the last Wolverine film Hugh Jackman will be making he has said.

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