House Of Cards Season 5 Launches May 30

House Of Cards Season 5 Launches May 30

Released during inauguration day, Netflix has finally given everyone a date for the next season of House of Cards: it’s May 30.

The trailer features an upside-down American flag with the White House as a backdrop, with children reciting the Oath of Allegiance in a dispassionate, almost robotic-like fashion. It’s creepy.

The start date is a tad later for House of Cards: new seasons usually come out early in the year, typically around February. Nonetheless, it’ll be fun to see where Frank and Claire Underwood can possibly go. Claire still has a lot of intrigue left in her, while Frank’s already achieved his goal.


  • House of Cards is like a slow poison. It started off entertaining with a tiny dose of badness, but as episode followed season I gradually felt more depressed, sick and disgusted with the Underwoods and the universe they live in where hope and goodness does not triumph. Somewhere near the end of S4 I had enough and fast-forward the final episodes. I don’t know if I got it in me to watch or even finish S5. I suppose I’m just waiting for the house of cards to fall and I want the Underwoods to get their comeuppance.

    • Oh Terry your not cut out for this show, try Gilmore Girls.
      This is the brutality of reality, it shows the Darwinism that exists, now go make me my ribs

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