Overwatch Heroes Ranked, According To Pornhub Searches

Overwatch Heroes Ranked, According To Pornhub Searches

Overwatch porn is a damn phenomenon. Our original report on the scene was one of our biggest stories of last year, and “Overwatch” ended up outranking “anal” on Pornhub’s top 20 search terms of 2016. I was curious, though: which heroes are most popular among the porn-seeking masses? Hint: not Bastion.

1. Tracer: 2,421,530

2. D.Va: 1,544,587

3. Mercy: 1,218,236

4. Widowmaker: 992,994

5. Sombra: 474,390

6. Mei: 311,874

7. Pharah: 213,440

8. Ana: 118,711

9. Symmetra: 32,352

10. Lucio: 22,808

11. Athena: 17,029

12. Reaper: 7,029

13. McCree: 6,423

14. Genji: 3,997

15. Roadhog: 3,661

16. Hanzo: 2,048

17. Soldier: 76: 1,676

18. Winston: 882

19. Reinhardt: 453

20. Bastion: 197

So Tracer handily takes the dick-shaped cake, with D.Va coming in distant second. Lucio is the first dude to appear on the list with a paltry 22,808 searches, because despite an impressively (for a mainstream big-budget game) diverse cast, the Overwatch porn scene is still mostly the domain of straight guys.

Other details of note: Sombra came in fifth even though nobody knew what she looked like until November. Reaper only had a so-so showing despite co-starring in a live-action Brazzers Overwatch porn parody.

Genji also did remarkably poorly considering Dat Booty. Junkrat, Torbjorn, Zenyatta, and Zarya didn’t even make the top 20. And then there’s the strange case of Athena, who is a disembodied AI (not to mention unplayable) and still managed to nearly crack the top ten.

It makes Bastion’s showing all the sadder, to be honest. When will the internet come to its senses and Let Bastion Fuck?


  • I am saddened to see that Zarya didn’t even beat Bastion, I’ll have to fix that tonight >.>

  • Well Winston beat Bastion by 2 slots it looks, its amazing what you can discover with Winston and cough … other things ….

    How is Athena on there? I don’t know much lore but she is just a voice isnt she?

  • Was expecting Widowmaker to be number 2 but I am surprised. I guess D.Va has more meme power behind her XD

  • Must be something wrong with the numbers. I’v- my friend has seen so much Zarya porn there’s no way she didn’t crack the top 20.

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