Pokemon's Team Skull Takes Over Magfest

Very important news, y'all — joining Team Skull is possible. Over the weekend, Magfest turned into Po Town as Team Skull cosplayers took over the con.

Source: kimisgold

Pokemon Sun and Moon's "evil" Team Skull were the breakout stars from a game already packed with inventive and fun characters, so it's no surprise that cosplayers would latch onto them en masse. In addition to getting completely owned by a Snorlax cosplayer, as seen in the above video, Team Skull was pretty much just everywhere at Magfest. Seeing the sheer magnitude of these lovable failures IRL is charming, especially because more often than not they seemed to be in character.

If you ran into a gaggle of Team Skull grunts, it was pretty likely that they'd take the opportunity to chant their group's name at you. Here's a few more highlights from the con.


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