Ron Gilbert Is Wrong About Toilet Paper And Refuses To Accept It

Ron Gilbert Is Wrong About Toilet Paper And Refuses To Accept It
Image: Wikipedia

This is disgusting and you should be outraged.

As all rational, reasonable human beings know, this — the ‘over’ method — is the correct way to mount toilet roll onto a toilet roll holder:

This is the wrong way:

Image: Wikipedia

This is science fact. All surveys conducted regarding this subject have resulted in a large majority declaring a preference for the ‘over’ method of toilet paper orientation.

But Ron Gilbert, the creator of Monkey Island, is working on his latest game Thimbleweed Park, a project that harks back to the golden age of Lucasarts point and click adventure games. He has made an error. A cataclysmic error.

This is a damn disgrace.

It all started with this tweet.

More specifically, this response.

Then Ron Gilbert totally doubled down. Unacceptable.

Honestly, this man is a monster. A complete monster.

This will not stand. Over Ron Gilbert, not under.

Over. Not under.

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  • I’m more concerned about that dried splatter on the mirror. It shouldn’t be smiling at me.

    • Everyone’s being tongue in cheek but at the same time, that actually makes a lot of sense. Especially with setups where the toilet, shower, etc., is in the same room.

      Though personally, I’m the kind that keeps both rooms with their doors shut to ease climate control in the house.

    • Having had cats I’ve actually found the under-hanging method means they can much more easily unspool an entire roll. It’s one of the reasons I prefer the over-hanging method in this very important and serious debate 😛

    • I do it under because it annoys pedants.

      Anyone who points it out to me are so anal retentive they probably can’t go anyway.

      • I thought it obvious but this is all a little tongue in cheek.

        On a side note – not sure if intentional but ‘anal retentive’ pun accepted

    • What is it with devs who do this? It’s almost as if there’s something mentally and emotionally wrong with the kind of person who willingly subjects themselves to an industry with appalling employment standards and uniquely abusive customers.

      • They are most likely in recovery from working at a call centre.

        Seriously, anyone who can handle working there deserves to be called a god.

          • Perpetually rooting each other and engaging in feuds, while (quite rightly) considering the general populace to be a source of endless irritation? Fair enough.

  • Let the sh*t slinging begin! Let’s soil Gilbert and send his reputation down the crapper, 😛

  • My paper holder broke, so it sits standing on a little foot stool.

    I can never go back now……

  • There are 23.85% of people who agree with me.

    Stand strong my brothers and sisters… stand strong.

  • Am I the only one who doesnt actually care and just puts the roll on the holder before starting the unspool? Whatever way it hangs is the way it stays…Never actually thought twice about it.

  • Umm, did you bother to think that maybe the toilet paper in the picture IS in the “over” orientation and that the piece we see dangling has been partially ripped away?

    Because that’s what it looks like to me… >_>

  • I don’t think it really matters unless it’s sat on the window sill where it can be blown into the toilet by a particularly strong wind.

  • In regard to the raging controversy about the toilet paper in Thimbleweed Park’s ‘QuickiePal bathroom’ scene, I’m not sure why you’re all punishing Ron Gilbert for this. I’M the one who drew it that way. Not him. And I only drew it that way because I am so old and funny in the head now that I have trouble remembering what is right anymore. Ron seems to have been very bravely taking your bullets for me. But if you really want to punish someone for this outrage, I am afraid you will have to turn your bile against me–the background artist. Which, of course, will mean publicly humiliating some poor senile old man for an inadvertent moment of forgetful error. Are you sure you really want to be seen as people who would bully a poor disabled old illustrator that way? What are you hoping to prove, qualification for the presidency? Ah well. If you must, you must. I am so far gone by now that I’ll hardly be cognizant of your outraged barbs anyway. Fire away… (sigh.) But please–stop badgering poor Ron. He’s just another poor game producer–powerless against even the least of us illustrators. WE are the ones who decide–for better or worse–how toilet paper is hung–and where.

    • I’M the one who drew it that way

      GET HIM!


      Jokes aside, let me be the first to apologise if actual offence was taken. Can’t speak for others but I for one was having a bit of tongue in cheek fun over which direction the toilet paper should go.

      Your post hints at the same as what I’m doing but I’ll play it safe and apologise here.

      • Trust me. If I’d been offended, I’d have been MUCH more brief. 😀 Thanks for the fun!

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