The Australian Open Tennis Player Who Rage Quits In Counter-Strike

Jerzy Janowicz isn't the most famous tennis player on the circuit, but if you're a fan of tennis, or even just sport in general, there's a high chance you may have heard of him.

What you might not know — he's a massive Counter-Strike player.

And he has a propensity to rage quit in the most hilarious of ways.

Janowicz is an accomplished player. He's low in the rankings right now (currently 273) but he's been as high as 14 and made it to the Semi-Finals in Wimbledon in 2013, where he lost in four sets to the eventual winner Andy Murray.

But he's probably most famous in Australia for this...

Yep, Janowicz has a propensity for epic meltdowns.

Outside of tennis, Janowicz is actually a pretty serious Counter-Strike player, to the point where he has his own Twitch channel with 50,000 subscribers. He last played — believe it or not — in Australia. He's had a rough time at the tournament, dropping an intitial two set lead to number 7 seeded Marin Cilic, but he still found time to play.

As you might expect Janowicz's meltdowns translate to Counter-Strike.

Like this, when he gave his mouse a beatdown.

This one, however, is an all-time classic:

Counter-Strike is serious business.


    Would be great to see him and John McEnroe play each other.

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