Another Reminder That Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Looks Awesome

Image: Nintendo

You've probably seen plenty of Breath of the Wild footage already. But Nintendo's site has got three more official gameplay videos, which is really just another reminder of how good the game is looking.

The three videos are embedded directly into the official Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild site, but you can pull out the direct URLs with any web browser and view them full-screen. You can also watch all three movies individually below, if you prefer.

Most of the footage you would have seen in bits and pieces already, like the basic bit of cooking and pushing a boulder down a hill to kill the two enemies below. I don't remember seeing the leaves on the ground by the tree though - I wonder if that's something that will be in the Wii U version, or just the Switch - and I don't remember the snow surfing. That shot of the lightning is real nice, too.

Either way, it's good to just have a massive chunk of unbroken gameplay footage.

Zelda is looking great. Less than a month, now.


    Ugh. Every fibre of my being is telling it's stupid to by a console at launch for one game, but...

      I did. It'd be different if it was a linear game like the last few Zelda titles.. This one's built to be open-world so I kinda gave it a "It'll give me my console worth" badge.

      Then again, I also want Splatoon 2 so that just pushed me to definitely buy it.

    Watching the YouTube gameplay clips just shows
    1. Bad detail render distance
    2. Low quality textures
    3. Object pop in
    4. Bland open world where things don't really have a reason for being there

      A list of things that clearly make a good game....

        You can have good game play AND good graphics.
        When the game has graphics on par with games from 2011 questions need to be asked. Bad graphics can really detract from what is otherwise a good game.

        Keep in mind this is an article labled "another-reminder-that-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-looks-awesome"

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          Look/looking also doesn't mean just visuals, it can be an overall term encompassing more than what meets the eye.

          I think the way a game looks is important but not the actual graphics. I love different art styles and honestly think graphics are way down the list of things that make a good game. I can think at least 5 to 10 things more important to me.

    If anyone can seriously look at these and say it looks crap, you've got rocks in your head.

    Also, you can take it anywhere.

    Shit is off the hook yo!

      These screen caps look pretty good, but the non-curated gameplay I've seen doesn't look the same.

      It looks pretty basic to me. The textures are surprisingly low res considering how spartan the worlds are. The design of the world feels derivative of much of the generic fantasy canon. Texture pop-in, something I don't usually get hung up on, is distractingly obvious. Skyboxes are pretty but hardly groundbreaking for what is ostensibly a modern console.

      It's looks OK if you're in to the cartoon aesthetic (which is a legitimate design choice, not bagging the concept) but people are talking like it's in the same universe as The Witcher 3 or a Naughty Dog title.

      I'm inclined to believe that most commenters here have had their nostalgia goggles surgically attached. Are there people here that haven't played Zelda that think this is a good looking game?

    all the gaming podcasts I've listened to who've played it say it looks spectacular but does have a little slowdown when things get busy.....which doesnt bode well for a launch title. I hope it's an early unoptimised console thing as opposed to the developers already hitting the limits of what it can do....on a launch title.

    Either way, to have this on the go is superb, along with mario oddysey and Kart. It's heaven in a handheld

      That's pretty alarming considering it looks like it could run on a PS3.

        PS3 quality in a handheld is alarming? Maybe in your books but definately not in mine. I think its a revelation to finally get console quality gaming on a handheld. And nintendo hasn't been about raw power for over a decade now. It's about how they utilise their hardware to make staggering games. Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 was mind blowing and on laughable tech compared to the Sony and Microsoft. Power doesn't matter in the end.

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          The PS Vita had graphics comparable to a PS3. So to call Switch a "revelation" is a big call considering Sony did it 5 years ago.

          And while I totally agree that games > performance, you can have both. Both Sony and Microsoft have an excellent and diverse stable of games, while being at the cutting edge of console tech.

          Remember this is an article about Zelda looking "awesome", when by most objective measures it looks meh.

            The Vita didn't get direct ports but rather gimped versions of games. The switch is the first true console in your hands. One version is the same. Sure, not the most powerful console, but plenty powerful enough home console nonetheless. If the Vita delivered graphics and games comparable to a PS3, I would've bought one hands down. It simply didn't and they pretty much Nintendoed their support on it.....which hopefully the switch will gain 3rd party dev support this time.

            A lot of if's there, but full blown mario, mario kart, zelda alone will shift units, especially on the go.

            Put simply, I have the PS3, PS4, 360, Xbone, Wii and WiiU all hooked up.....but I haven't been this excited about a new console in over a decade. Hopefully it certainly looks like it will.

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              A few rebuttals:

              a) I've never played a Vita, but I've watched plenty of videos of something like Killzone Mercenary and it doesn't embarrass itself next to the PS3 equivalent. Some ports were weaker than others but I'd hardly call it gimped (unlike the PSP for example, which was definitely watered down).
              b) While it hasn't come out yet, we can comfortably assume that the Switch is about as far from the cutting edge of gen 8 as the Vita was in gen 7. It's already been stated that it's significantly less powerful than the already 3+ year old PS4. If your criteria for "portable console" includes weaker than 3 year old tech, than the Vita definitely counts.
              c) Your faith in the Nintendo exclusives is admirable, but misplaced. I feel that you greatly overestimate the appeal these games have with the wider gaming audience in the modern era. "Full-blown" Marios, Mario Karts and Zeldas didn't shift many 64s, GameCubes, or Wii Us (the Wii is an anomaly). These games may turn out to be great for you, but don't be surprised if this doesn't result in to Playstation-level sales.

              I am genuinely happy that you're excited for the Switch - I didn't post to s**t on something you love but rather to try and clear up some of the misconceptions and false expectations surrounding the Switch.

                The most fun I've had gaming, for most of my 41 year life, was provided by nintendo. Particularly in the N64 era. Those fuckers know how to deliver on fun, I have faith in this unit and also don't think the WiiU is a terrible piece of shit.....just poorly followed up and implemented. Still, I played the shit out of mario kart, splatoon, super mario bros 1 and 2, mario maker, yoshi's woolly world. To have some of that magic no matter where I go is the biggest most exciting thing for me and it'll be WiiU quality at the very very least.....which is just fine. Mario Kart 8 is freaking eye poppingly gorgeous. I don't think supreme graphics cut it anymore. Heck even the PS3 stands up just fine against these so called next Gen machines. I still play TLOU on the PS3 then move to new gen hardware and the difference is so negligible it almost feels as though the jump to next gen hardware was way too premature, and that arguement is only strengthened with the arrival of the PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio.

                The switch will be fine.

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