Are You Making Nintendo Switch Games? Japanese Developers Answer

In the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, 24 Japanese game companies were polled about the Nintendo Switch. Their answers may or may not surprise you.

[Image: Nintendo]

Here are eight interesting questions (and answers) of Famitsu's poll.

1. Are you developing any games for the Nintendo Switch?

Currently developing: 54 per cent

Thinking about it now: 25 per cent

Not developing: 17 per cent

No answer: 4 per cent

2. In the future, do you have plans to release any games [on the Switch]?

Yes: 46 per cent

Thinking about it now: 46 per cent

None at the moment: 4 per cent

No answer: 4 per cent

(Note the difference between those planning to release a Switch game and those developing Switch titles. Famitsu wonders if the difference is companies waiting to see how the Switch does before finalising release plans. I wonder if these are multiplatform titles.)

3. After the Nintendo Switch reveal, do you feel that players are excited about it?

Yes: 50 per cent

Can't say either way: 38 per cent

No: 8 per cent

No answer: 4 per cent

4. What's your take on the price?

Appropriate: 67 per cent

Cheap: 25 per cent

Expensive: 4 per cent

No answer: 4 per cent

5. What are your thoughts about making the online paid?

No choice but to make it paid: 41 per cent

If possible, wish it was free: 38 per cent

Can't say either way: 17 per cent

No answer: 4 per cent

6. Please state which functions and modes stand out. (Multiple responses were allowed for this question.)

Three different modes of playing: 14 votes

HD Rumble: 10 votes

Joy-Con: 9 votes

Two-player local play with the Joy-Con remotes: 8 votes

Motion IR Camera: 5 votes

Online Service (including smart device app): 4 votes

Local wireless play: 2 votes

One-button screenshot capture: 1 vote

No answer: 1 vote

7. What genres do you think suit [the Nintendo Switch]? (Multiple responses were allowed for this question.)

RPG: 18 votes

Action: 18 votes

Simulation: 14 votes

Puzzle: 14 votes

Racing: 14 votes

Adventure: 11 votes

Quiz: 11 votes

Simulator: 10 votes

FPS/TPS: 10 votes

Shooting: 7 votes

No answer: 1 vote

(Note: I'm guessing here "Simulation" refers to something like The Sims, while Simulator refers to, for example, a Japanese train simulator game. "Shooting" refers to games like Gradius, Ikaruga, Space Invaders and so on.)

8. What's most important for the Nintendo Switch to catch on?

Solid games: 34 per cent

System Sellers: 34 per cent

Marketing: 8 per cent

Something else: 20 per cent

No answer: 4 per cent


    Which developers? Are we talking Capcom and Gamefreak, or some irrelevant indie devs?

      Even 'irrelevant' indie devs sometimes have die-hard devotees of their games, such that putting the next instalment on Switch would guarantee system sales. I take your point though.

      I think you can almost guarantee Capcom will be putting MonHun on Switch thanks to Nintendo's (secret) exclusivity deal.

    Which developers are working with Nintendo? There's a whole lot of third party developers who are working together with Nintendo I hope they launch some games that will be coming out this year and those other games that will be coming out later this year and next year for example I hope ACTIVISION will bring Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy to the Nintendo Switch and I hope BANDAI NAMCO will make a new Pac-Man game for the Nintendo Switch I'd also like to see Playtonic Games make Yooka Laylee for Nintendo Switch very soon as well.

    I'd like to think all those 'no answer' results came from the same developer. They just returned the survey form empty with a big muddy handprint giving the middle finger on it. So I guess that'd be Konami.

      Actually Konami already have a game on the switch AND it's a launch title.

    Everyone is waiting for the sales figures before jumping on board.
    Nintendo has to build that growth in the first 6-12 months to begin attracting developers.

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