It's All Over, We Have Gaming Toothbrushes Now

[Tosses PS4 in the bin]

Yes, this is a Dunkey video focusing on a new gamified toothbrush that looks utterly wack, but I will probably still buy it for my kids because teeth hygiene is important and getting kids to do anything is pretty much an impossible task.

This is honestly hilarious. You did it again Mr Dunkey.


    With a 4 year old girl that can have the "breath of death" who is obsessed with games....this is actually a great idea.

    Why not? Oral B already have a Bluetooth connected tooth brush with activity tracking app. Imagine your friends sharing their tooth brushing to Facebook!

    Here's the thing, if its gonna gamify the action of some point, they're not gonna use it for brushing teeth, which just creates hygiene issues

    I have one sick day and the industry comes out with this *flips table*

      The gamification of it could be a good way to teach kids to actually brush their teeth properly, though

        You should really be brushing your kids teeth for them until they are at least 8 as they are utterly hopeless at doing it consistently before that age. So this product is pretty worthless as those games wouldn't appeal to anyone above the age of about 4.

    And like with the Wiimote, people will soon realise they can still get points in the game by waggling the toothbrush without actually brushing their teeth :-)

    Sounds like some sort of bacteria you pick up from public toilet seats.

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