Lego City Undercover Launches April 4 With Co-Op Mode

The updated version of the Wii U's Lego launch title is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on April 4, and this time you don't have to go it alone.

Though the feature was leaked in a Best Buy listing for the game last month, it's nice to have official confirmation that we'll be able to play Lego City Undercover with a friend in tow this time around. Co-op was a feature sadly lacking from the Wii U original, likely due to that game's reliance on the Wii U game pad.

Judging by the new trailer, which shows off togetherness after a stunning display of disguise by hero Chase McCain, it looks like Undercover will utilise the same scaling split-screen tech employed by most modern co-op Lego games, with the screen splitting in two when the players are apart. Given the scale of Lego City Undercover's open environments, that will come in real handy.


    I really enjoyed that game, the script, VA, and exploration was top notch! Bit sad the gamepad stuff is going, but I'm all for faster loading times and co-op.

    Yes excellent co-op I am totally getting this on the Switch now!

    This game was fantastic but I really hate the split screen in Lego games. I play all the Lego games on the Wii U in 2 player because one player with the gamepad and the other on the TV, I'm really going to miss that.

      Us too. It's too difficult with the split screen maybe I'm getting old...

    Can someone please tell me if this is online multiplayer or not

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