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    A third alien complex has been discovered... it's huge. Was in there last night helping with mapping the puzzles and the layout. More information about the "Guardians" - the mysterious Alien race that seems to be still extant. Each set of ruins discovered is taking us further from the human worlds in the "Bubble". Maybe we're going to find dead worlds soon? :-o

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      That'd be amazeballs!
      Haven't had a chance to go see them yet, so i'm hanging back and letting actual smart people solve them while I follow their research closely :P

        Done the work based on other's foundations. Each site has clusters of obelisks, each cluster (or pair of clusters) has one of the categories of data, and each of the 6 categories is unlocked by one of the artefacts, or that artefact plus another from the list. So if orb is the primary for that cluster, orb/orb, orb/relic, orb/tablet etc should unlock a piece of information.

        Rumour is that on the latest planet there should be one of each site type too...

        Going well. I need to fill in some gaps, as I got to the first couple of ruins late when most people had moved on. But I've got over 40 of the separate data bits now. Good reading too. Lore is fun.

        Also last night, a cmdr in an SRV got stuck under a Cobra whose pilot was AFK. Log to solo? nooooo lets try and pull him out with me in an SRV and a Taipan fighter "helping"... very funny. :D

        Scanner update - now ruins show if you're within 1000ls of them. \o/

        We need to get a wing of 4 together and go out with the Ram Tah mission, and do the lot together. It's the fastest way, as two people can zip round the sites and scan, the other two sit on the ships. Then swap. Can cover a whole site in around 15 mins, should be able to get every scan in about 3 hours for 101MCr for the scans and another 100Mcr for completing the mission.

        Also, the ruins are getting denser. I'm going to head back to Founders and pick up the 'conda which is prepped for deep space and head further out along that track.

          Yeah i headed out last night... I am moving soon and will then be without internet for a while, so I don't know when I will be on again unfortunately :\
          hopefully it's still going by the time i'm back.

    Good morning!

    I hope everyone is safe and well after a weekend of truly horrible weather everywhere (especially those who might be near bushfires or floods!)

    I've had a week of kiddos turning 6 with various celebrations, all sorts of back to school crap and I spent the weekend washing All The Things.

    I've got three weeks to go on my fitness program. This week is off to a good start with some exercise, a walk to work and a green smoothie breakfast.

    How was your weekend?

      Weekend was nice, took a trip to the museum which I think was Tiglet's first time.
      Our one has a really cool children's area with lots of lights, soft areas, a tidalik story area, blocks and animals. There was also a train that Tiglet loved sitting in.
      Sunday we went swimming, Tiglet has started swimming lessons but that hasn't been going to well so I took her down to see if she would swim with me.

        It's taken ages to get Batboy comfortable with swimming. He's pretty good at the lessons now, but still freaks out a bit in the pool at home or at the ocean pool. Still, he's learning good technique at the lessons, so he's already a better swimmer than me ;)
        I love going to museums, it gets much more fun though when they get to school age and can read everything.

          She has a bit of a death grip when we first got in the water. But seemed to relax a bit on my and we were able to do push offs which she seemed to enjoy. Still hates getting water in her face which is a problem. But we had a good swim even if she did run away and want to spend a bunch of time stomping in the little pool

      My weekend was filled with swollen feet, pain, and oh so much sweat. Hell, I'm still sweating, and I doubt that's likely to change anytime soon.
      I did watch X-Men Apocalypse though. That was fun! Quite enjoyed it, and looking forward to the next one for sure!

    Mum is still sick. I still feel crap myself. I just had to rebook her appointment for outpatients as she seems to have picked up a gastral bug again. Just when she seems to be getting better, something else knocks her down =(

      Bummer. Sounds a bit like me at present. Finally on the road to regaining some normality in my life, then more health issues crop up :\
      Hope your mum gets through it soon, and without more hurdles.

        I hope so too. I hope your stuff gets better soon. Pity they couldn't give you some pain killers

          yeah, tis indeed, but thanks to all these tests, and now my case worker, looks like I won't be working before thursday at the earliest :\
          So shitty....

            I would help you out if I wasn't so skint myself

    Finally got to play more ninja turtles last night :P I dunno about this 60-90 minutes playtime they have on the box though. After 2.5-3 hours or so, we'd made our way through three rounds out of the max five before the villain wins, and the others had to go home. Will have to tune in next time for the thrilling conclusion.

    Otherwise, wasted the weekend away at Wingman's place. Kinda wanted to head over to Chatswood yesterday to check out the Switch, but also kinda didn't. Ended up running out of time anyway.

      Playtime is generally a guide for once you know what is happening. Depending on the complexity of the game it can be way, way out.
      The group I was with at meeplecon played a worker placement game about making dresses which has a 120 minute playtime. In the end it took around 5 hours to complete.

        You just had to add frills to everything, didn't you?

          Um, as if you wouldn't, I mean, FRILLS!

            Also add pockets. Women love pockets that are normal.

    So Metallica performed at The Grammys with Lady Gaga as a guest on vocals with James. The fucking idiot in charge of sound "forgot" to turn James' mic on for a good minute & a half of the performance. The Grammys take any chance they can to shit on metal I swear.

      We're professionals! =P

    Hey Guys, I'm a bit stuck with my visual novel.
    There is an option to fail pretty early on. Should a person be allowed to continue to another character, or should they be forced to play the game again with a skip option?
    Should the other two characters be unlockable?

      I don't play visual novels, but I'd say if it's quite early on, making them start over would be fine. If they've put like an hour in to it, and are forced to start over, that'd piss people off I reckon.
      5-10 mins in should be fine.
      Also, unlockable characters sounds like a decent idea. If there's only 3 you can play, I'd say make the other 2 unlockables. If there's more than 3, perhaps give a choice of 2 to start, and then lock the rest?

        There's 5 characters in total. Thinking of making the two "harder" ones unlockable

      How necessary is it to have a fail state early on? If I was playing, and hit that fail state, and was forced to start again, I would assume that the entire game is structured with 'dead ends' like that, and that I would probably lose tonnes of progress later on with a similar ending.

      If that's your intention, then that's fine. Otherwise, you should definitely start out as you mean to go on, and re-evaluate the necessity of a fail state in the early stages.

        I would agree with this
        Although the other option is to have a very clear build up to that fail state. Is this the cat god one? So have a special dinner or something scheduled that is often talked about and have it mentioned and set as a timeline. Then at that stage they have either progressed the friendship meter with at least one person to X level or else they hit the fail state.
        And make sure the fail state clearly tells teh player why they failed and that to proceed they need to make friends

          Yes it is. I assumed you hadn't read it.
          I can make it so there is a fail state but they can try again on a new character.

          @shane The fail state is to avoid over branching

            If it is early and it is clear there why they failed, there is no reason not to make them redo from the start.
            Letting them continue with a different character but locking them out of the current character they failed on seems like an odd choice.
            Unless you mean they take over the role of another character in the story which seems like a terrible idea if you are trying to limit branching.

            Another option could be to set save states at core branches and if they fail have a magic "well a cat has nine lives I guess I can send you back" kind of reload to the start of the major branch

              That was what I was thinking. It skips straight to the questions again. I don't want people to have to go through reading it all again.
              I'm hoping to make each branch reveal a little bit about the characters, so each branch has a bit of a reward.

      Full game over. No redos

        I'm not sure what you're saying, sorry

      It's pretty normal in VNs to branch to a bad end early on if poor decisions are being made, though more common is that your early-game decisions start to shunt you down specific routes rather than straight to a bad end. I'd say it'd be fine to force a replay as long as it's pretty obvious that they're making a bad choice.

      Don't understand what you mean with "continue to another character", you have multiple perspectives or multiple character routes? Either way I'd personally gate those off initially, force a play through to a certain point at least - maybe not a 'good end' for the first character, but there should be a point where you can say they understand enough to try the other routes, but I don't know what your plot is so maybe gating it upon reaching a good ending is the right way to do it.

        There are 5 characters and each one has an arc. If you fail with one, the visual novel can move onto the next character and have a shot at them.

          If you succeed instead, do you still go to the next route? Or is it an 'end'?

          I played a visual novel that had a structure very similar to this, Aiyoku no Eustia. Typical galge with one protagonist and five or six character routes, but the way it worked IIRC is you'd make decisions during the first route that would unlock a key decision point. If you decided one way you'd end up on that character's ending. Otherwise you had to basically reject or abandon them to whatever shit was coming, and when you did, the story would progress into the arc for the next character along and repeat the process. After the third route I gave up because rejecting each of them after everything - especially after seeing their route to the end, because that's the logical way to play the game - was too emotionally difficult.

          It sounds like you actually shift protagonist though? Do you have a decision at the start where you pick one of them, with extra options appearing as they're unlocked? Assuming that's the case, I'd go bad end and reset back to there. Player chooses whether they re-play that route or move to a different one. Require them to get the 'good' end on the first three characters, say, before you can unlock the fourth and fifth. That's a pretty common VN structure, I can think of several that work essentially that way (though not with multiple protagonists).

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            I wrote it all out and then Kotaku ate it. Bugger.

            Anyway, the aim of the VN is to get 5 characters to become your friends and help them become well adjusted social people. Trying to decide if you automatically go to the next character whether you succeed or fail for the first 3.

              As I said, I don't think you need to really worry about that. Player gets bad end, player restarts game, player chooses whether they want to re-try the route or try another. Require completing three routes to unlock the fourth, fourth route to unlock the fifth (or require two of first three to unlock fourth, all four to unlock fifth, or some combination like that). I can think of multiple big, popular VNs I've played that have this exact approach (off the top of my head: Aoishiro, Muv-Luv, Sharin no Kuni, Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night...). VNDB lists over a thousand VNs that have unlockable routes, more than two hundred with an enforced playing order. If you're worried that it's unconventional or unexpected, I wouldn't. It's not.

              The real thing you need to worry about is writing well enough to be compelling enough that if your player does end up at an early bad end, they don't give up on the game altogether, and that they actually want to re-try and do another route or similar. I.e. if, let's say, it's the first day of school and barely fifteen minutes in, you offer a choice to tell route character number one to fuck of and die and that leads you straight to a bad end, then don't put in that choice, write around it and make the choice for the reader. They don't always need to be consulted at every juncture, just every important one. Your readers are there to read and engage with your story and will forgive you for nudging them into an interesting path. The illusion of choice is far more important than actually offering a choice. This means stuff like if you have a series of early choices about which route to go down, you don't make "none of them" an option, you make one of the routes the default option that players end up on if they choose not to engage with the other paths.

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                May I consult you further as I continue? I will need your help as I've only read a few VNs and most of those had little to no options

                You've probably played a lot more then me.

    I was already in here offering Scree bad advice, so:

    I'm be selling all the things on Gumtree. Please buy, please tell your friends etc.

    Hi @greenius

      I have no money, but you are overcharging for 4 swords and under charging for Oracle of seasons.
      4 swords should be closer to $200 and Oracle for $90

        Hmmmm, I just checked the going prices on eBay & undercut them.

        I'm open to negotiations, as the listings state :-)

          Ah, they must have fluctuated since you last checked as I also used Ebay. Sorry ^^;;

            Don't apologise. :-)

              While you are it it you might as well tell water not to be wet and the sun not to shine

                I'm sorry!

                  Water no be wet sun no be shine!!!

    Wednesday Discussion

    2017 Conventions

    Are you going to a convention this year? More than one? Planning a cosplay? Any special guests you're excited about?

    I'm pretty sure we'll be doing PAX as a family again this year. Batboy keeps giving me cosplay requests. Tempted to re-work my Hunter from last year and fix/add bits. That was a good one.

      I will be PAXing and Discworld-conventioning. Doing Moist von Lipwig for the discworld con (need to go to Spotlight tonight and swap over a sewing pattern so I can get started) and possibly 2 Geralts for PAX.

      Will probably also be on a stall for the Discworld club at Oz Comic Con, and have told a mate that I might be able to help him on a stall at Supanova for his business, he runs a Hobby store (remote control etc) that he's trying to modernise a bit. He's thinking about adding cosplay supplies to his line

        Squee!! Can't wait to see your Moist von Lipwig <3

        I haven't played/watched The Witcher 3 (I can't remember, it might be in Batguy's pile of shame)

        But this year for PAX I think the boy wants to do Yo-Kai watch, and I'm pondering a "geekabilly" dressup with a floofy dress, because Miss Nuka-Cola was one of my favourites last year, and floofy dresses are the best.

          You should resurrect it from his pile of shame, because it's truly great

      I'll be doing PAX West / Prime again, most likely. Not sure if Bish or Saturday (or anyone else?) will be down in the Seattle area for it though.

      Depending on what moves the Trump administration makes, I might be back in Australia by the end of the year. :( In which case I guess I'd do PAX AU again.

      I had some thoughts about cosplay but it's probably going to be a bit beyond my abilities. :(

      Pax. If I can afford it. Team skull cosplay maybe.

      I'll be doing Brisbane Comic Con later this year and maybe Supanova as well. I don't think I'll cosplay for either of them though.

      Will be doing PAX
      Not sure if we are going to be able to get across to Discworld but still considering it. Going to need to be a financial thing towards the end of the year.

      Will probably do meeple-con again but that is very low key.

      Hopefully we will be able to get back in a cosplay this year at PAX, we very slack last year

      I dunnoooooooooooo. I'm pretty much only holding onto the beard atm so I can take LeChuck out for another spin at some point, and I'd kinda like to take him through a competition and see how I go. Though if I did I'd have to redo the hat entirely. Also unsure about bothering with PAX at this stage.

      I'll probably do PAX, but not very hard. It's fun but it's bit much. I'd like to cosplay at least once but I just don't think I'm going to have the time to make something.

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        Depends what it is. Also depends how much you want to make as well.

      Definitely going to PAX (it's become tradition at this point). Also, might be doing a cosplay with @scree as a Team Skull Grunt. Seems like a pretty simple cosplay.

        Buy all the things! For the cosplay I mean

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      Given we'll be living in Melbourne by then, it's really safe to say we'll be at PAX. I've wanted for years to go as the heavy from TF2, but I haven't played it in years, don't have a bald head, and lost a bunch of weight, so wouldn't get the same effect...

      I might be able to do a Punisher one day, if I was to put enough effort into it... Not sure I want to wear a trenchcoat in October/November though...

        The weather in melbourne can be so variable. We all had coats/vests (I was wearing a faux corset and an ankle-length coat) for our Bloodborne cosplay last year, it was 18deg & windy (thankfully!)

    Finished Tales of Berseria on the weekend. 58 hours played. Didn't do any post-game stuff.

    I enjoyed it immensely. If you were holding off because Xillia 2 and Vesperia were shit, hold off no longer. Pretty much everything is on par with or better than Xillia, IMO.

    - The game is Dual Audio. The US dub is atrocious though so it's really just in Japanese. This is great because the JP dub is really good.

    - It doesn't fuck around. There's an intro sequence to set up the main character. It's less than an hour long. From the point it ends, the plot goes straight into full gear. Your party is complete within the first 8-10 hours of the game (this was a major issue in Xillia where Leia doesn't join until halfway into the game, and even more so in Zestiria where the party doesn't fully stablize until you're basically hitting the endgame).

    - The combat system is great. It's neither TP-based (Xillia, Vesperia, Symphonia etc.) nor CC-based (Destiny, Graces) but sort of a hybrid of both, and unlike Zestiria, it's not compromised by a stupid mechanic. It flows really nicely most of the time and is generally a lot of fun. Possibly a bit easy though, I played on Normal throughout and only felt challenged a couple of times and it was by optional bosses.

    - The characters are absolutely peak Tales. Velvet might actually have knocked Yuri off the best protagonist pedestal. An anti-hero through and through, from a lot of perspectives you'd consider her to actually be the villain in the story, though she has somewhat of a justification. She's a wonderfully grey character, ostensibly a good person, but driven pretty much entirely by hate and a desire for revenge to the point that she does some really wrong things. The rest of the cast are equally interesting, even the kid (which is normally the annoying archetype for me). They're all nicely distinct and they all play off each other well.

    - As a prequel, it manages to contextualize and improve a lot of the stuff in Zestiria, and actually improves my perception of that game's lore and story a lot. Suddenly you understand why Zaveid is initially opposed to you in ToZ, where Sorey gets his abilities, and so on. Edna's backstory suddenly is fleshed out because you spend so much time with Eizen. You end up starting to speculate whether some of the cast are ToZ characters' ancestors. I'm not sure whether you'd get more or less of a payoff from Berseria by playing Zestiria first, or if they're better experienced the other way around. I'd just watch the Zestiria anime though, it's better than the game.

    If you like the Tales games, I seriously urge you to go get Berseria. It's the best installment we've had in the series in a long time.

      Would you recommend it as a first Tales game?

        Yeah, it's as good a starting point as any, and easily the best of the three that are on PC. I'm not sure how much more I got out of it having already played Zestiria though.

        EDIT: Tales 'Mothership' game ranking IMO:

        - Vesperia
        - Abyss
        - Berseria
        - Graces
        - Xillia
        - Symphonia
        - Zestiria
        - Phantasia
        - Hearts R
        - Destiny
        - Eternia
        - Legendia
        - Xillia 2

        I never played Innocence, Rebirth or Destiny 2 because they were never localized. My impression of Destiny and Eternia are colored because they cut the skits out of them and they're one of the best bits of the game for character development.

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    So, I'm thinking when I'm feeling better, I'll probably get back into drawing shirt designs. Gonna hassle you all with youtube links!

    Testing one two.

      Well that was weird. Couldn't comment anywhere, just kept getting an explanationless Error message, and not the one where it shows you're logged in but clicking through to your profile shows you're not. Logging out and logging in seems to have fixed it.

        This does seem to happen occasionally, it has happened to scree and myself that I know of.
        Interestingly it just happened to me then as well, wonder if it is something server side losing track of our sessions or something

          @alexwalker as an FYI
          Seems like this affected a bunch of us all together today

            We had a few bugs go through the site today that affected us as well, but some updates to the backend in the arvo should have corrected those. Let me know this evening if it's still affecting things!

              I'm getting this right now, so it's not fixed :(

                Might have to delete cookies and refresh. There was a switchover to HTTPS as well, which might be causing some quirks for people unrelated to the bugs I mentioned.

          Happens to me all the time.

    So I'm just getting to the stage where I'm thinking I might eventually get my poke mongo pokedex basically filled and then they decide, ho ho let's just double add 50% more to it.
    Not that I'm complaining, more things to catch is good. Also I'm not really very familiar with gen 2 so that could be interesting

    Also started The witness last night. About an hour into it and can see why it was so interesting for people. Haven't run into anything that has been a massive block yet, a few puzzles that we had to spend a number of tries on before we worked out the final solution. But the other clues and things have me getting paranoid about what they mean and where they tie in.
    For example in we have just gone to the boat shed and walking in there are pots on pedestals with specific shapes and colours. That looks important but I didn't need it for anything in the shed. Also had the same feeling about opening a case that gave a path for a puzzle but no puzzle is about. It has me second guessing what is important and what is just scenery

    Everyone, I want to tell you about a dream I had. It's vivid in parts and not so vivid in others, so please bear with me. I will also refer to the protagonist as me, because I saw the protagonist from my view point but I could not do any of these things =P I keep saying someone as dreams are vague. You know it's someone from the group, but no idea who it is actually saying it.

    It started off as a group of my friends and I heading into a large modern hospital. I don't actually know why we were there but while we were there, a doctor came up to us and told us that the hospital had an impressive claim to fame. In 2003, it created the anti-virus to a prolific virus that had caused lots of deaths. I believe (but am not sure) someone asked about the anti-virus and he said that they may have had it in storage but he wasn't sure.
    One of my friends then lifted up a canister and asked "this virus?" before smashing it on the floor.
    I remember thinking "What the fuck, why would you do that?" (As opposed to how?) and then there being a rush for our group to get out of the lobby. We got into a back part of the hospital, to the side where there were student doctors and nurses. It think it was their dorms, or some kind of living area. They asked about the commotion, we explained, without saying who broke the canister. They moved into action, trying to go into lockdown.
    We somehow left the living quarters, getting further back into the hospital where there was a large, beautiful pond. There we saw the doctor that we'd seen in the lobby. He looked at the people who were locked in the lobby and getting quite sick. I can't remember if he said anything.
    I noticed a few bodies in the pond water, also having suffered from the sickness. Someone said "don't drink the water". I remember thinking "well, duh." It was then that the flying creatures came to drink from the pond. The doctor may have told us about them, or I somehow already knew, like they were a part of the world.
    The flying creatures were revered, considered almost holy, and they only drank from this hospitals pond. I remember thinking "Oh crap. This is not going to be good."
    We decided we had to get out of there, but there was too many zombies, as the dead had turned into, to be able to escape. So, to try and escape the spread of the zombies, we ended up in another side section. There were several babies suffering from the illness. A baby in my group that only seemed to appear here ended up sick. Someone insisted that we move on, but the mother decided that she would stay with her child, saying it was too sick to continue.
    The group ended up going up the stairs. There was no zombies upstairs, only survivors. The group didn't expand though, we kept moving. The only real way to escape was to get back to the ground floor, so the group crossed into a two leveled lobby.
    The two level lobby had two elevators, stairs on either side, and a section that you can see the ground floor. Near the elevators, there are hallways that go to the other parts of the hospital. The group was on the second floor, and realising they were now zombies, weapons were now on the cards. In the elevator lobby, I grabbed several items including scissors and a scapel. I had about 5 items, and another person said "leave some for the other characters!" to which I thought "but can you use them as well as me?"
    There was a few dead in our area, so I killed I think 2. Went for the eye sockets to get to the brain. The others must have done some fighting too because someone became infected. The told us they wanted to keep going, fight to the end. If we had to kill them, so be it.
    To get out, we went down the stairs (I believe. It's a bit fuzzy here, but I know they were on the second floor and then on the first).
    Someone went to open the door and there was a bunch of dead outside. They started to pour in, so we headed to the elevators. As that was occuring, a larger human appeared claiming to be able to control all the zombies and saying he was the leader of them all.
    We ignored him and tried to make the elevators come quicker. (translation: Pressed the button a lot)
    The already ill person moved forwards. Another person got seperated and the lobby started to collapse under the weight of the dead milling through. The elevator door opened and people got in. I went to help the person who got seperated, while one of the group told me not to bother. As I got close, a portion of the lobby dropped on the person, I swore and turned around to see the elevator doors close.
    I ducked through a side door and ended up hiding while the giant guy hung around. When I saw my opportunity, I found a hole in a bathroom and snuck through. I got out, but unfortuantely, I don't really remember what happened between here and the next part. Sorry about that. Maybe it was unintersting?

    I caught up with the rest of the gang. We'd lost a few people, a couple were now sick. We were either in a part of the wards in the hospital or a high rise apartment building, I'm just not sure which it was. We were about 4 floors up now and at the edge of a building and lookign at another building that was pretty close to us. We had some dead on our backs, so it was urgent to do something.
    Someone else and I ended beign the ones to try and attempt to go into the other building, but it was one that I was already familiar with. Cue a flashback.
    The building next to the apartment/ward building is a restaurant that serves ribs. I'm there with 3 friends, eating ribs and playing a game. The game is a four player multiplayer game where you have to help your character jump by pulling them back. The aim is to get either the longest jump, or be the highest of all the characters. However, if you take too long your character will start to slip. I remembered that I'd played this game before and been absolutely terrible at it.

    Back to the current situation.
    We used ...something to get to the other side building. As me and the other person were crossing, a survivor came out and yelled at us about food. They said to throw down any food that we found because they were hungry. Me and the other person agreed and entered. We were still up on the fourth floor of the restaurant building. There were a few survivors huddled up and a few dead. I can't remember what exactly happened, but we knew there were dead below us, the survivors wanted to get out, we didn't get a chance to get any food before the building started to collapse. Me and the other person got out okay, and we managed to help the others of the group down, possibly from the outside of the building, to get out, but were unable to help the other survivors. There seemed to be an option to help them though, but I failed at it at that time.
    The group was now outside and needed to find shelter. There were dead outside and I believe I was surprised to see how quickly it had spread.
    As we were looking for a new place to stay, someone said to me "Look the princess (building, apartment)". I nodded and went over. There were some dead princesses mulling around outside. I killed Ariel first, Snow white next and last of all Cinderella. We moved into the buildings lobby and to the elevator. The elevator had some weird inscructions which took me a bit to figure it out.
    First you had to press the C button on the Elevator outside panel to open the doors. If you take your finger off the button, it shuts.
    So I opened the door and the girl who pointed out the building got in and so did someone named Zanyatta. (not zenyatta from overwatch, just someone named Zenyatta). I originally got in as well, but I realised I couldn't answer the question while in the elevator.
    To get to the floor they wanted, we had to answer a multiple choice question.
    "How many [blank] did [blank] make?"
    "A. 90" "B. 150"
    I ended up picking A and the doors shut and the elevator went downwards into a trash compactor. I pulled a face because I was rather fond of those survivors. I figured I'd just replay this section later and send them up without killing them.
    Another Elevator came down and another 3 survivor got in. Before I had time to answer the question, another survior I hadn't seen before walked up, requesting to go up next. It was then I noticed that quite a few people who weren't from the original group had joined us.
    "Which movie [blank] [blank] [blank]?"
    "A. [blank]" "B.[blank]" "C.[blank]" "D.[blank]"
    I vaguely remember it was an eighties movie, and it had something to do with b grade sea creature movies. Anyway, I picked the wrong option again and the elevator got pulled backwards through the shaft, revealing a large network of cogs and headed straight for a furnace.
    I watched that happen before turning around and leaving all the survivors in the lobby to deal with it themselves. I didn't want to be responsable for anymore survivor deaths. I was gonna go it alone.
    The map became larger, was no longer linear in objective and was more like an RPG overworld with quests.
    There was a bunch of quests from a guy called "The troll". I decided really quickly that I didn't want no quests from him, so I found another guy on the rooftops that was offering quests. I ended up killing some mutated zombies, chopping them up for this guys, which he wanted to eat. I took my reward and fled, thinking he was a weirdo.
    I saw a small statue that you can sit on. I had seen another one in my travels, but I had just thought it was decorative. It had just hit eleven in the dreams clock and a woman showed up to show me how to get into the food place. I followed her and then, getting bored I started climbing an older house Nathan Drake style. I heard an old guy yell out and hid under a window. Apparently I was wearing red, because he spotted me and I ran off.

    At this point, it went back to the apartment/dorm room that we had escaped from. About 5 people, two adults, one female, one male and 3 kids were living in that room as a family as zombies. The adults had been my friends who got zombiefied.

    Me: Well, at least they're happy.
    It was then that I noticed one of the quest giving markers had Chris Pratt's name. THE Chris Pratt? Couldn't be.
    I showed up, on the ground floor where Chris Pratt was offering help. I found it a bit weird that he had set up in a vunerable place, but the zombies didn't seem bothered by him.
    Me: So what quests do you have?
    Chris: I will help you by giving you markers like this
    *a beam of yellow light appears and a purple blur goes past and hits the ground. Turns out it's a body in a purple suit*
    Me: Why the purple suit?
    Chris: Because it's Eighties night, duh.
    Me: okay then.
    Another body fell in a different area and I started to head over that way. I realised that not all the zombies were bad, some were not trying to eat people and were just going about their business.
    In an act of compassion, I headed over to the hospital and climbed it, Nathan Drake style, telling the friendly zombies that they should probably leave as the hospital will be bombed or burned or something.
    Then I saved.

    And then I woke up.


      You are a weirdo Scree

        Yes, yes I am. I am also considering drawing 3 of the areas from the dream. The pond thing, the elevator and stairs lobby and the weird riddle death elevator

      It just keeps going and going :P

        I know. It was a 4 hour dream. So that's 4 hours of my life there =P

      That is epic. And also weird.

      The weirdest dream I had involved my uncle suddenly bursting into our house and asking for one of those pre-moistened wipes because he had a terrible stye in one eye, my sister then appearing with an empty gold-covered cardboard box and announcing that her pet spider had gotten out followed by me noticing a massive bright purple spider with pink polka-dots on the roof, and then culminating in a bizzare scene where it's twilight outside and I hear a weird noise and look out and my sister's in the back hard on a ride-on mower with the headlights on, slumped over the wheel so that it's basically going around the yard in a big long circle, while she's singing Levan Polkka, Miku Hatsune style.

      Dreams are weird. Where does some of this shit even come from?

        Apparently it's your mind trying to organise things? Not sure how it works

    So I've been playing Until Dawn. The psychologist makes me so irrationally angry and I would like nothing more then to punch him.
    I'm finally starting to enjoy the game. I haven't had to make a decision and I've just been exploring the sanitorium and finding clues.

    I will spoiler the rest
    I felt incredibly cheated by the way Beth died. I felt like she died because I screwed up one decision.
    The Josh and Ashley decision, I feel like that was freaking crap as well. I'm frustrated by giving me options that don't change much at all.

    Good morning, happy monday etc etc.

    I just realised I left my book at home today, so I can't read it at lunch. :(
    I'm doing a reading challenge this year and I'm a little behind, but I've made progress. So let's talk books.

    I've just started reading Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie. Between the old-fashioned place names and expressions in french, I feel like I need to be taking notes.

    What are you reading right now?

      Ooh, what kind of reading challenge?

      I've been hammering books over the last six months. Had almost forgotten how enjoyable reading for fun could be.

      Now I'm halfway through It by Stephen King. Never watched the 90s film adaptation, nor had any real exposure to the story or themes aside from light pop-culture references, but I now see why it's held in such high regard.

        I'm doing the BookRiot Read Harder Challenge. There's a list of 24 categories, and the suggestions are designed to try and take you out of your reading comfort zone. I'm using Goodreads to track the books I've read, it's pretty good.

      Ah, love Christie's Poirot novels. Think I managed to get the perpetrator right once across 10-or-so stories - so many neat little twists and red-herrings. :P

      I'm still making my way through H. P. Lovecraft's works - have about 30 pages left on the Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, which I really need to get back to, but Nioh kinda consumed my attention the past couple of weeks. After that I'll be on to The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, which I hear goes back to proper horror, which I enjoy, as opposed to Dream Quest's fantasy bent, which I find a little bit too eccentric for my tastes.

        I haven't read any Lovecraft, but I've read lots of HG Wells, which I love to bits.

      I've started the "read a book set within 100 miles of your location" task and have the book there for "read a book of poetry in translation on a topic other than love."

      Finished my "book about sports" on the weekend, Tyler Hamilton's book about doping in the Tour de France. Really compelling, quite horrific, and Lance Armstrong comes off exactly as the petty, arrogant bully you'd expect.

        I'm very lucky that there are *lots* of books set in Sydney. It would be nice to get something set on the northern beaches. Might have to ask at the local library for ideas.

        I think the next one will be my lady superhero comic. Really looking forward to that. :)

          Got a plan for that? The first half dozen issues of the Kamala Khan ms Marvel are great

            There are so many to choose from. I'm quite keen on Spider Gwen, and Batguy has recommended Seconds by Brian Lee o"Malley. I haven't actually read many comic books, so pretty much anything will be good to read.

      I've continued plugging away at the Warhammer 40k/Horus Heresy novels that I've been reading for nigh-on 10 years now... I think the one I started today is #29 in the series...

      I did briefly check out Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology, but I think I misunderstood what it was. I was under the impression it was a story in it's own right, not a straight retelling of the individual tales... I dunno, I think having seen the Hemsworth movie/s has ruined me reading any Norse mythology as I keep visualizing all the characters in my head as Hemsworth/Hiddleston etc.

        pfft. That's a bit like saying 10 Things I Hate About you has spoiled your ability to read Shakespeare.


          I... did not know those two were related at all... I just had a big thing for Alex Mack as a youngin' so loved that movie anyway :D

          I think the early bits where they're describing rivers being born from giants armpits and stuff threw me off, I dunno, I'll give it another go from the start and see how I find it.

      I've been on a Japanese Light Novel bender recently. They suit me fine because they're generally only a 5-6 hour read and they're done. Fits into my media consumption schedule better. Polished off Strike the Blood vol 5 last week and about 3/4 through the first volume of The Irregular at Magic High School. Upon finishing that I believe the next thing I put in my queue was vol 3 of Spice & Wolf (I have all 17 published volumes here so need to get cracking on it, basically read one every 2-3 others I finish).

      There's been a huge boom in the US in releasing these over the last 18 months or so though and the net result is that even though they're bite-sized, they get released faster than I can read them. Three that I want to read due out this month.

      I'm getting close to finishing my first book for the challenge.
      Currently rereading Legend by David Gemmel

    Ys VIII is coming out in English. And in addition to PS4 and Vita it's getting ported to PC. Dual Audio too.

    Downside: NIS America are releasing it, not XSEED (who have done every other Ys). NISA's translation quality is a bit suspect at times. Fingers crossed they don't fuck it up.

    So I know we've got a few inked up peeps in here, how did you guys find your first experience?

    I got my first tatt over the weekend, my wife and I got the same design (DMS coordinates of the beach where we got married in Hawaii last year) and it was just about painless, though when I asked the artist, he specializes in fine text and fine-detail designs, so tends to use really small needles (I think he said he's typically got three, though I don't have a frame of reference, so don't know what's considered large or small...) plus I got it on my forearm, about an inch or so down from my elbow (anyone who follows me on Instagram or has me on FB can see it) so that's a relatively soft/fatty spot, as opposed to muscle and bone.

      Pain levels (in my experience) is wholly dependent on where you get it.
      My first tat is still a work in progress as it's a half-sleeve, and the front was fine. It wasn't comfortable but fine.
      The inside of my arm though? holy funk-knuckle that was not fun :P especially near the armpit.

      My favourite part of any tattoo though is the 3-5 days in when it reaches the itchy stage... hoooo boi, the itchy stage is fuuuun :P

        Yeah, so I hear... I think I should be alright this time, as this was only two line of numbers, no shading or colouring at all, about two inches wide, across my forearm, whereas K has several large pieces (one on the back of her shoulder, one on each calf that are pretty huge, lots of detail, lots of colour etc.) that became crazy itchy as they healed.

          Man that level of itchiness would drive me bonkers on my legs :P
          But yeah, in terms of first experience, i'm very happy i did it. From what I understand, the inside of your upper arm (due to nerve endings) and ribs (for obvious reasons) are some of the worst places in terms of pain and I could deal with it.

          Are you contemplating more now that you have gotten a taste or?

            Of course! I've had grand plans in mind for probably the last decade, but was always too indecisive to pick one thing, plus I think I was a bit too ambitious maybe, as I've wanted to get the cover of Mastodon's "Blood Mountain" album somewhere for quite a long time (absolutely love all the detail in it, but I absolutely have to find the right artist first) but that's obviously a massive piece that would require much time and money be put into it, which is probably too much for a first tatt...

            For the time being, I'll wait until after we move to Melbourne (two weeks now! *flails*) and look at getting the coordinates I got this weekend expanded out to a band around my arm, as opposed to just the numbers I have now.

              More Melbourne fronds! whooo!
              We will have to organise a welcome to melbs meat and stuffs!

                I'm all in for that, I believe @scree and @trikeabout have said something similar.

                  Yes. I will have to organise things. I've heard there is a board game pub in Melbourne. Might need to look into it

      My first one was tiny and halfway up my inner forearm. It just felt like annoying scratching.
      My second was larger, taking up all the space between my wrist and elbow on my other inner forearm. Anything down at my wrist felt like I was being sliced open, same up near the crease of my elbow. The rest was mostly fine. Some of the shading can feel pretty bad at the end of a long session as well, when your skin is just tired of being messed with. Not going to stop me from getting more, though!

      First one sucked, I got it middle of back over the spine. Unpleasant.

      Second one runs elbow to neck and down back and was mostly just a slightly uncomfortable scratching until he got under the armpit and soft folds of the neck. They were fun. Still have to go finish that one. Got all the line work done in about 6 hours single session then either didn't have the time or money both at once to finish it off. Had this half done piece for a couple years now.

        Holy shit, 6 hour session? You beast!

        K's longest session was 2 hours, for the back of her calf, and she said she was just about crying by then, not necessarily from the pain, but just from muscle cramps and stuff from laying in one position for so long.

          My artist refuses to do any sessions longer than 3 hours. Both because some people definitely wear out by then, but also he starts to loose concentration.
          That's one of the reasons why mine is taking such a long time :P
          I've spent a total time of 8 hours in that chair so far, and about to go in for another 3 hour session... yaaay :P

    What's this? A reply fail in 2017?

    HI TAY!!! *flails arms*

    Last edited 20/02/17 12:29 pm

      Probably* the first one in TAY for 2017. You have brought dishonour to yourself, dishonour to your family and dishonour to your cow.

      * It's not

    Fucking Telstra. Moved a cabinet today to clean behind it where the phone jack is & I come across to it looking like this on the left, so I fixed it up had to reconnect the wires, cause they barely in there too, cleaned the contact points, because corrosion. It didn't fix my shitty slow internet issue, but oh well.

    Going to relocate the phone line in the coming weeks anyway, since being behind a wall unit is not an ideal spot I figure, also turns out I can use the ethernet cable I have according to my mate who used to work for some NBN installer & I have about 50 metres of Cat 6 solid core ethernet sitting on a roll somewhere in the house.

      I think the problem with telco techs is that (as I understand it), they get paid flat fates for callouts and installations, so there's no incentive for them to spend extra time doing a decent job. When we had our cable installed, it took multiple attempts because the first guy took one look at our place and took off, the next crew that turned up got the job done, but whinged about how long it was going to take and left the place a mess.

        Sounds about right. Honestly when i'm forking out $160 a month for my internet, landline & mobile, I kind of expect them to do a half decent job.. I'm such a monster :P

    So, last Wednesday I had a friends funeral to attend. What's worrying me is that I didn't break down or cry, even when I attended. Maybe it has to do with my medicine, or maybe I wasn't that close to him. Or maybe I'm just comfortable with the concept of death.

      I'm sorry you've lost your friend. :(

      Grief is a strange thing, it doesn't follow rules. I didn't cry much at my sister's funeral. But if certain songs come on the radio, it takes all my willpower to keep from falling to bits.

      Talking always helps.

      I had the same thing happen to me. I kind of figured much the same as you did. Instead, it hit me hard a couple of weeks later. Turns out, I just needed time to process.

      Crying is not a judge of grief. You can grieve without crying.

      @scree is right, crying doesn't define grief or mourning. We all react differently to these things. I don't think I cried for a couple of weeks after my father died. Mum was a mess, so I had to make all the arrangements; I was working casually, so I still had to work if I wanted money, and I still had to go to uni. It's hard to even put into words how much I miss him, but yeah... we all face these things in our own ways, you shouldn't feel obligated to feel specific things, or to express your feelings in particular ways.

      I cry at the drop of a hat. Back to the Future Part II set me off the other night. One Piece sucker punches me on a regular basis, but funerals don't do anything. It's not that I don't care, it's just that I'm better at processing the feelings that come with funerals. I'm also able to put my feelings aside when other people are in distress so when I'm at a funeral I'm usually helping others with their feelings rather than dealing with my own.
      Another factor is that people don't feel gone to me at funerals. It's only later on when I would normally interact with them that I really start to feel it.

    First week of January: I got an AC installed. It's got a bit of a rattle in it, so I play around with it a bit and jam a plastic shim inbetween the casing and the wall that seems to resolve it.
    Second week of January: I tell the installers about the rattle, we agree on non-payment until it's resolved, and organise for a tech to come out the following Friday (20th).
    Third week of January: Tech comes, apologises for being late, even though he's on time. Turns out he was told that the appointment was 90 minutes earlier than it actually was. Strange, but hey, worked out fine. Tech thinks he resolves the issue, we agree that I'll keep an eye (ear?) on it. He hasn't - rattle is still there.
    Fourth week of January: Company organises for another tech in the second week of February (Wednesday 8th, after 1:30pm).
    Second week of February: Tech calls at 11am, turns out no one is home for his 11am-1pm appointment. Explain to him the situation, my mother-in-law will be there from 1:30pm. Don't hear from him again.
    Now, we're at the end of the third week of February, and I haven't heard from them again. I can only assume they don't want my money.

      Reminds me of when we had issues with our Power manager for our solar panels. I rang so many different companies and couldn't get the actual number of the company. I managed to get the number from another company.
      I had troubleshooted the power manager myself. I had to redo it on the phone with the woman. She then said we had to pay for an electrician to come in and upgrade the cables of the power manager. I was unwell and agreed.
      Rang back the next day and asked why I had to pay for the upgrade when it was their machine that was faulty when I hadn't done anything to mess it up. She reluctantly agreed at my insistance.
      The electrician was confused as to why he was needing to do what he was doing. He informed us that our solar panels were still working and it was just the power manager which reports how much power is being saved, was broken.
      I ended up ringing up again later and had a new person. She asked me to connect the power manager to the internet and fixed it from her end. It had been a month at this point.
      Why not just do that in the first place?

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