Target Has The Mini NES In Stock Right Now

If you're one of those people still desperately searching for a Nintendo Classic Mini NES, you might be in luck.

Target has some in stock. One per person.

Go go go!

You can order them online here.

I'm old and out of touch, but my good friend Vooks has informed me that many people are also interested in buying the second controller, which is also rare as hell.

Target also has these in stock here.


    Thanks Mark! you're a legend. Just picked up a second controller, haven't seen those go on sale since last year.

      Yeah same. I wanted the official one for my collection, rather than the Chinese knock off's on Ebay.

        Or the 'no no these are officials ones I swear' on eBay for 60 bucks from dodgy countries.

          lol, haven't seen the un-official ones that high. The knock offs i've seen are around $20 and are extremely close to the actual device. So no too bad for knock off's.

    I just realised I'm over trying to get one.
    Between failing to get the Mini NES and general EB Games related frustration, I am starting to pass up on things I normally get excited for.
    The Mini NES is now the avatar for me needing to perhaps accept that gaming isn't a passion anymore.

      I don't even care anymore. I purchased an 8bitdo Nes Classic controller and Bluetooth adapter to go with my preorder that was cancelled due to stock limitations, so I am just using controller for retropie now.

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    I was in Target the other day and they've also got 3rd party NES controllers.

      Same with JB - for $16 I think. I've been using my Wii Classic Controller but the official NES one is much more aesthetically pleasing, so picked one of those up too.

    I was able to score one and an extra controller.

    The payment screen for the controller crashed a couple of times but finally confirmed.

    It finally happened....
    After months of trying I just got the sweet sweet confirmation email.
    Target didnt work for me but EB went straight through no worries. (Thanks @that_dan_person)

    I was shaking whilst spamming send\receive on outlook,

    Thankyou Kotaku for being that Tab that sits there all day refreshing while at work.

    The nightmare is finally over.

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      Happy to help!

    I pre-ordered one with a second controller before launch. Picked it up from eb a couple of days after launch. Between Christmas and New Year and having a child to run around after, it's still sitting on my desk at work, in the eb bag, unopened. Every time I look at it, I get a twinge of guilts thinking about all the people who were wanting one for Christmas but couldn't get one.

      Yeah this is pretty much me as well, except I've used mine twice!

    Just got mine too. Paypal payment took a while to process, and dropped back to Target website saying there was an error - but got the email confirming my order, so all is well.

    Well today's my lucky day just when I thought I couldn't get the Nintendo Classic Mini NES console I'm now in luck I might just get it Target right now because it is only limited to one person only.

    Out of stock now it would seem. Best to update the article to reflect that lest people get excited wrongly.

    Could not care less. This whole thing was a clusterfuck which has thouroughly turned me off wanting one. Nintendo will not get rewarded by me for their stupid ass-backwards business practices.
    I'll stick to emulating or playing my actual NES.

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