Toy Time Cracks Open A Case Of South Park: The Fractured But Whole Figures

Ubisoft's second South Park game was just pushed back from early this year to sometime between March 2017 and April 2018. Let's open a case of Kid Robot's Fractured But Whole blind box vinyl figures while we wait!

Collectable blind bag figures are taking up more and more shelf space in toy aisles these days. They don't cost much, feature characters from popular pop culture works and, since the packaging doesn't indicate which character is inside, there's a compelling element of chance involved.

That is unless you start with a fresh case, like the one I open in the video up top. Rather than just pack smaller boxes into one large box willy-nilly, toy makers like Kid Robot display the figure-per-box ratio on the side of the case. In the case of the South Park: Fractured But Whole figures, there's only one figure in the 12 character set that you aren't guaranteed to get.

Do the maths.

There are 20 boxes in a case of Kid Robot's Fractured But Whole figures, and 12 figures in the series. Opening a fresh box, you're going to singles of anything with a one-in-20 ratio, doubles of two-in-20s and three three-in-20s.

The only two figures in question are the three-in-40 Mintberry Crunch, and the ??/?? secret chase figure. Using what might be algebra but who can really tell any more, ??/?? means 1/40. You'll either get two Mintberry Crunches or one Mintberry Crunch and the secret figure.

Surprise! It's glow-in-the-dark Mysterion.

Did I get the chase figure in my box? Watch the video atop the article to find out!

Or just come to this paragraph, where I tell you I did not. When the second Mintberry Crunch was revealed, it was all over. I kept a brave face despite the disappointment and the obvious painful razor burn.

As nice as it is to open a case, and I have more of these sorts of things coming, I think I still prefer coming across a display in a Target and grabbing a couple to see what I get. It's like gambling, only when you lose you can trade them with your friends.




General Disarray

Captain Diabetes


Super Clyde

The Human Kite

Professor Chaos

Mintberry Crunch

The Coon


    With these I buy one or 2 if I'm not fussed but a case if I want to eventually get a whole set. So far the only case I bought was Garbage Pail Kids series 1 but they were amazing and I can't wait to get series 2.

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