A Way To Improve The Left JoyCon On The Nintendo Switch

While I would never recommend taking your console or controller apart (unless your son lodged something in the drive) plenty of people seem to be having minor issues with JoyCon connectivity. If you're handy with a screwdriver, this might be a decent solution.

The short of it: this smart dude added a wire to the controller that increases the range of the left JoyCon and also managed to reduce interference. If you're interested in how he managed to pull it off, check out the above video.


    If you also have the correct size drill. It's easy to make a head phone jack.

      And if you use a hack saw to cut some of the pins off the edge connector of your GTX 1080 card, it will fit in an 8x PCIe slot.

      (it will even work if you do it carefully).

    It says right in the opening seconds of the video "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME"...lol

    A firmware fix would do it. The signal strength is to low. In what ever generic chips they're using to drive it they could up the signal strength.

      Placing the antenna next to a big metal shield certainly looks like a design fault to me.

      They might be able to work around this by increasing the transmit power, but that is also going to drain the battery faster.

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